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Level 2: MUSC2981 Music Ensemble

3 (Music Ensemble, Reflective

Ensemble Practices) and MUSC2982

Music Ensemble 4 (Music Ensemble

Within these units, students can enrol in a number of different ensemble options depending upon their ability and experience. The offering of

some ensembles is contingent upon student enrolments.

Ensembles for experienced musicians: Advanced performers can continue their musical journey whether or not they are taking a major in music. By enrolling in such ensembles as the Symphony Orchestra, Guitar Circle, Wind Orchestra or Opera Scenes, students can continue to perform great repertoire with other talented musicians.
Ensembles for all: Would you like to be involved in music making even if music is not your primary academic interest? Do you love

music, but have never learned to play or sing? Interested in music from other cultures? Ensembles including the Djembe Circle, Show Choir,

Symphony Chorus and Campus Band welcome students from all musical backgrounds.

Renaissance to modern times, the group has also performed concerts in Albany, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie

and Beijing.
Entry requirements: Students need to be fluent sight-readers with the ability to study and prepare repertoire in preparation for rehearsals.

Audition required: Yes Contact hours: Two 90-minute rehearsals each week for 10

weeks; additional pre-performance

rehearsals as required; concert attendance; 3 x 2hr seminars.*

* Students must also be able to commit to weekly performances at St Georges College Chapel.

Opera Scenes Performing scenes from the masterworks of Western opera, this ensemble combines non-music specialists with students enrolled in

Ensemble  options  for  

experienced  musicians

the School of Musics vocal studies program. Recent performances include Mozarts Bertulia Liberata, Pergolesis Stabat Marter and Sondheims Into the Woods.

Symphony Orchestra

With a reputation for excellence,

the Symphony Orchestra has been integral to the experience of UWA music students for many years. Recent repertoire includes Poulencs Gloria, Beethovens Eroica Symphony and A German Requiem by Brahms.
Entry requirements: The minimum level of performance required is AMEB grade 7. Enrolment is subject to audition and the requirements

of the orchestra. In most cases, students will need to have their own instruments.

Audition required: Yes

Contact hours: One 2-3hr rehearsal each week for 10 weeks; additional pre-performance rehearsals as required; concert attendance;

3 x 2hr seminars.

Wind Orchestra

Performing a wide range of styles and repertoire, the Wind Orchestra is one of the cornerstones of music studies

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