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Category A  Music units

Category A broadening units in music can be taken by students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Design (BDes), Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil[Hons]). Students enrolled in BPhil(Hons) can chose their broadening units from a degree other than the one housing their

degree-specific major. These same units can be taken as electives by students enrolled in any one of the five undergraduate degrees.
Level 1: MUSC1350 Popular Music in Global Perspective

Level 2: MUSC2350 Music in World


Popular Music in Global


Ever wanted to know more about globalisation and popular music? By analysing texts, technologies and audiences, this unit provides an understanding of popular music within a global context. From rock to hip hop, flamenco to Bollywood,

reggae to Afro-pop, this unit crosses borders and boundaries to present a unique global perspective on music

as a social and cultural phenomenon.
Assessment: Online quizzes (10%); Coursework essay (30%); Examination (60%). Prerequisites: None

Contact hours: One 2hr lecture per week; one 1hr workshop per fortnight.

Music in World Cultures

All cultures use music in everyday life to construct and contest notions of identity, community, ethnicity, gender, race, tradition and history. Music in World Cultures provides students

with an introduction to the theory and practice of world music through lectures as well as participation

in a world music ensemble. The unit examines the social contexts of musical performance and the

functions, philosophies, techniques and organising principles of diverse musical traditions. Case studies, which may include West African drumming, Irish folk and Balinese dance, are used to examine a range of musical practices.
Assessment: Coursework essay (30%); Reflective ensemble report (30%); Examination (40%). Prerequisites: Any Level 1 music unit or ANTH1101 Being Human: Culture Identity and Society or ANTH1102 Global Change, Local Responses: Anthropological and Sociological Perspectives.

Contact hours: One 2hr lecture per week; one 1hr workshop/ensemble per fortnight.

Category  B  Music  Ensemble  units

Winthrop Singers

The Winthrop Singers perform every Thursday at 6.00pm in St Georges College Chapel. Boasting a broad range of repertoire from the

There are four Category B Music

Ensemble units:

Level 1: MUSC1981 Music Ensemble

1 (Music Ensemble, Contexts and Concepts) and MUSC1982 Music Ensemble 2 (Music Ensemble, Repertoire and Analysis).

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