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Broadening your  

degree with music


What  are  
broadening units  and  what  options  are  

An exciting feature of UWAs new courses is the introduction of broadening units. These units are

a requirement of all undergraduate degrees and will provide you with knowledge beyond the fields in which you choose to specialise.

The School of Music offers a

number of stimulating and enjoyable broadening units that will accrue credit towards your degree. Whether or not you have studied music at secondary level, or can read music, you can enrich your degree by including music units in your course of study.
Types of broadening units You will be required to take four broadening units from outside your degree area, including at least

one with a global or cultural focus, known as a Category A unit. The remaining three units can be taken from Category A and/or Category B. Category B comprises an extensive range of electives from any discipline outside your degree (subject to

meeting unit prerequisites).

Whats  on  
offer  in  the  
School  of  
1. Category A units

There are two Category A music broadening units: MUSC1350 Popular Music in Global Perspective; and MUSC2350 Music in World Cultures.
2. Category B units

The School offers a number of Category B broadening units, some of which are specially designed to give students the opportunity to play in music ensembles. All levels of musical experience are catered for through ensembles for experienced musiciansand ensembles for all. For a full list of available units please see page 5.
There are four Music Ensemble units which enable students to develop practical music making skills at progressively advanced levels: MUSC1981 Music Ensemble 1 (Music Ensemble, Contexts and Concepts); MUSC1982 Music Ensemble 2 (Music Ensemble, Repertoire and Analysis); MUSC2981 Music Ensemble 3 (Music

Ensemble, Reflective Ensemble Practices); and MUSC2982 Music Ensemble 4 (Music Ensemble Projects).
There are a number of different ensemble options within these units. Enrolment in some ensembles is subject to audition. The requisite standard is listed under the entry requirements for each ensemble. Visit

for information about the audition process.

What ensemble options are available within the Music Ensemble units?

Auditioned ensembles for experienced musicians:

Ì Symphony Orchestra (page 2)

Ì Wind Orchestra (page 2)

Ì Winthrop Singers (page 2)

Ì Opera Scenes (page 2)

Ì Big Band (page 3)

Ì Medieval and Renaissance

Ensemble (page 3)

Ì Brass Ensemble (page 3)

Ì Guitar Circle (page 3)
Non-auditioned ensembles for all:

Ì Djembe Circle (page 4)

Ì Symphony Chorus (page 4)

Ì Show Choir (page 4)

Ì Campus Band (page 4)

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