School of humanities undergraduate Student Handbook 2014–2015 film studies

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Undergraduate Student Handbook

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in this Handbook and in all other documentation provided by the School is correct at the time of publication, the University does not accept liability for any inaccuracies.
The Handbook does not replace the entries in the University Regulations, which are authoritative statements. In the case of a contradiction or other discrepancy between information in this Handbook and the Regulations, the Regulations shall be authoritative, unless approval has been given for a variation. We would however, be grateful to you for drawing any sources of contradictory information to our attention.
The statements of policy in this Handbook are made in good faith. In exceptional circumstances the University reserves the right to vary programmes, procedures, and other arrangements at any time. It may be helpful to remember that Schools sometimes operate different procedures and you are advised to refer to the relevant School Handbook for modules being taken in another School.


Film at Keele Introduction 4

Film as Part of a Joint Honours Degree 4

Where are we? 4

Contacting Us 4-5

Staff Contact Details and Administrative Roles 5

How We Contact You 5-6

Personal Tutors 6

Director of the Film Programme 6

Online resources: Blackboard (KLE), SCIMs,

E-Vision, Personal Tutors 6

Chapter 1: Your degree: modules assessment and feedback

Undergraduate Degree Structure 7

Teaching and Attendance 8

Assessment 8-11

Feedback 12-13

Publication of Results 13

Chapter 2: Written Work: Guidance and Advice

Rubrics 14

Student Learning and Support 14

Research and Resources 14-15

Essay Writing Guidelines 15-17

Referencing 18-21

Further Guidance in Writing Essays 21

Exam Preparation 22

Chapter 3: Academic Procedures

School of Humanities academic procedures 23

University Academic Procedures 24

Chapter 4: Feedback to Us
Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching 25

Staff-Student Liaison Committee 25

Chapter 5: Study Abroad 26


Download 245.31 Kb.

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