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2.2 Developing Library Skills

Developing bibliographic skills properly is an essential pre-requisite for studying at University. There are five online tutorials that are linked to Week 2’s lecture on library skills (Task 9). These tutorials cover a number of important skills including:

  • searching for information (two tutorials)

  • the Web of Science - to search databases for academic journal information

  • how to reference using the Harvard system

  • plagiarism and copyright.

 Task 9: Online Library Tutorials and Assessed MCQs

  • You MUST complete all of the five following online library tutorials:

#1 Understanding your reading list:

#2 Web Searching Tutorial:

#3 Web of Science:

#4 References and citations:

#5 Plagiarism and Copyright (For Students):

Links to these tutorials are also provided in the VLE.

You may find that you need to switch off the ‘pop-up blocker’ in your web browser to use tutorials (#5).

    • Complete the online MCQ test once you have worked through all 5 tutorials listed above. The MCQs are located in the VLE (see Skills Portfolio Workbook and All-Class Lectures).

    • Remember that the MCQs test must be completed by the date of your portfolio submission (Friday 20th November 2009 - end of Week 8). However, they WILL NOT be made available until Tuesday 13 Oct, Week 3. This will give you to first work through online tutorials, repeating them more once if necessary. Don’t forget to make notes.

Having learnt how to search and find bibliographic resources in Task 9, you will shortly undertake a literature search in Task 12. You will submit the results of your search as part of your skills portfolio.

2.3 Other Library Tutorials and Training Resources

There are lots of other library tutorials and resources you can look into either now or at any time during your studies at Leeds, these can be found in the Getting started section of the Geography subject page (under ‘Develop your skills’).

Geography subject page

Online tutorials:

Make sure that you have a quick look at what is on offer for future reference. Follow up anything that you think will be useful to you. For example, you might want to look at the ‘Catalogue Tutorial’ if you are still unclear about the University Library Catalogue.

Week Three – Reading Skills

This topic is covered in the Week 3 lecture. During this session you are introduced to approaches and best practice in reading journal papers and other academic material.

 Task 10: Reading into a reference list

from GEOG1200 Changing Worlds, Changing Places/ 1290 Global Perspectives

Ackleson, J. 2005. Constructing security on the U.S.–Mexico border. Political Geography 24:2, 165-184.

Andreas, P. 2005. U.S.-Mexico Border Control in a Changing Economic and Security Context. US-Mexico Policy Bulletin, Issue 1. Available online at:

Falah, G. 2005. The geopolitics of ‘enclavisation’ and the demise of a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Third World Quarterly 26:8, 1341-72.

Flint, C., and P. Taylor. 2007. Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State, and Locality. 5th ed. Harlow: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Gellner, E. 1983. Nations and Nationalism. Oxford: Blackwell.

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Said, E. 2000. Palestinians under siege. London Review of Books 14 December, pp. 9-14.

Storey, D. 2001. Territory: The Claiming of Space. New York: Prentice Hall.

from GEOG 1210 Environmental Systems and Processes/ 1100 Ecology and the Changing Climate

Anderson, D.E., Goudie, A.S., and Parker, A.G. (2007) Global environments through the Quaternary: exploring environmental change. Oxford University Press, Oxford.

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