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School of Geography, University of Leeds

GEOG1300 Geography Tutorials

Semester 1
Skills Portfolio Workbook

Skills Portfolio Submission Date:

2.30pm, Friday 20th November 2009 (End of Week 8)

Name: ………………………………….. Programme: ……………………….

  • This workbook is available as an electronic document in the Blackboard VLE

  • You should use the ISS Student IT Induction online tutorial in conjunction with this workbook


Week One – Introduction and Skills Baseline

1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 Drop-in Sessions

1.1.2 Preparation and Submission of your Skills Portfolio

1.2 Assessing Your Baseline Skills

1.3 A Different Learning Environment

1.3.1 Differences between School and University: Dispelling the Myths

1.3.2 How about Geography?

1.3.3 Comparing Timetables with Other University Subjects

1.3.4 The Importance of Level 1

1.4 Thinking about Study Time

1.4.1 Some Tips on Personal Organisation at University

1.5 Introduction to the Student Portal and E-mail

1.6 Windows and File Management

1.7 Word Processing

1.7.1 Copying and Inserting Images

1.8 Using Excel

Week Two – Using the Library at Leeds

2.1 Library Tour

2.2 Developing Library Skills

2.3 Other Library Tutorials and Training Resources

Week Three – Reading Skills
Week Four – Citing and Referencing
4.1 Reference Lists

4.2 Some Definitions

Week Five – Writing Skills
5.1 Example Essay: A Very Bad Example?

5.2 The Road Map
Week Six – Reflective Learning

6.1 Reflective Learning and ‘My Progress File’

6.1.1 Academic and Pastoral Tutoring

6.1.2 Writing-up Self-reflection

6.2 End of Portfolio Reflection

References and Other Resources

Appendix: Pro-forma to use for Task 16

List of Tasks

Week One

Task 1: Self Assessment of Skills at the Start of the Year

Task 2: Study Time

Task 3: The Student Portal

Task 4: E-mail

Task 5: Exploring Windows and File Management

Task 6: Practicing Word Processing

Task 7: Excel

Week Two

Task 8: Library Tour

Task 9: Online Library Tutorials and (in Week 3) Assessed MCQs

Week Three

Task 10: Reading into a Reference List

Task 11: Reading an Academic Journal Paper

Week Four

Task 12: Creating a Reference List

Task 13: Citations and Reference Lists

Week Five

Task 14: Evaluating an Essay

Week Six

Task 15: Identifying Strengths, Weaknesses and Development Needs

Task 16: Preparing for Individual One-to-one Meetings with your Tutor

Task 17: End of Skills Portfolio Reflection

Note: You must work through all the tasks, but you only need submit answers to the tasks which have the portfolio symbol printed next to them: .

Week One – Introduction and Skills Baseline

1.1 Introduction

The aim of this workbook is to bring you up to speed in the ways of doing things here at University. It is designed to help you develop some important skills for geographical scholarship:

  • Some Information Technology (IT) skills

  • Library Skills

  • Communication, scholarship and writing skills

  • Reflection skills – helping you identify things that you need to develop further.

Getting skilled now will save you lots of time later, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your academic studies. This workbook includes a number of tasks that need to be completed by the end of Week 8. We recognise that different people will arrive in Leeds with different degrees of experience in IT. Similarly, different students will have developed communication, scholarship and reflection skills to different levels. What is important is that you demonstrate development/improvement in your skills during the coming semester.
Use this workbook in conjunction with the University of Leeds ISS Student IT Induction online tutorial available at:
This comprises four elements: Getting Started; ISS Services; Student Systems; and Software Applications. These cover the following:


Sample content

Getting Started

Usernames, security, University desktop, printing and file management etc

ISS services

information about the Information Systems Service (ISS), Helpdesk, IT clusters, Wireless, & IT Shop etc.

Student Systems

Using the Student Portal, Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (BB VLE), email and using Student Services online (registration details etc)

Software Applications:

Word, PowerPoint & Excel

You need to work through and familiarise yourselves with all four modules. With respect to the third module “Student Systems”, you can ignore the section on the “Old VLE (Bodington) as you are using the new “Blackboard VLE”.
Additionally a useful downloadable overview document is available in Acrobat PDF file format. You may find it useful to download and print out this document and carry it around with you until you are at ease with all the University’s computer and information systems and services. The overview is available at:

Satisfactory completion of the Skills Portfolio is compulsory. Moreover, you must pass this module (GEOG 1300) to progress to Year 2 of the BA/BSc Geography, BA Geography with Transport, BSc Geography-Geology and all variant programmes.

Download 285.5 Kb.

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