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An investigation on the factors that have an impact on e-commerce adoption to small medium enterprises in Zimbabwe: A case of SMEs in Nyanga

Tafangombe Edgar Nyasha

REG Number: C19137781F
Level: 4.1
Programme: BSBE
Module Code: CUEB 426
Module: Dissertation
Contact details: +263785234804

Statement of the problem
Currently, the whole world has been on a streak to ensuring the proper utilisation of e-commerce tools in a bid to come up with better, efficient and effective way to process payments. As a matter of interest, rural businesses have not been following up this and in the long run, these businesses will have to adapt to the ever changing commercial technology so that the firms will also seem relevant in the industry. The ineffective and inadequate commercial technology has made for the consumers to lose confidence in them, and their inability to perform their work with perfection and has in turn led to considerable loses. In this era, most firms are not a going concern due to the fact that they do not embrace e-commerce as a way to boost their firm’s competitive capabilities in the industry, but instead they rely more on traditional ways of operating business which in this case is absurd if they want to sustain the firm’s operations.
Research objectives
The research study main objectives was to analyse the impact of the usage of e-commerce in boosting revenue and ensuring product awareness to rural businesses in Zimbabwe. The Objectives to be accomplished in this study are as follows

  • To investigate the e-commerce strategies that rural businesses in Zimbabwe take into consideration in order to promote product awareness to all customers as well as revenue increment

  • To examine factors that hinder e-commerce adoption in rural businesses.

  • To establish options available to enhance the integration of e-commerce in rural businesses

Research questions
Based on the brief description above, the formulation of the problem in this research outlined in the following research questions:

  1. What are the prospects of using e-commerce in rural businesses in Zimbabwe?

  2. Which strategies best suit rural businesses to increase product awareness and revenue?

  3. What are the challenges that rural businesses are facing in integrating e-commerce?

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