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We at BPS envision a robust, vibrant and holistic education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavor. We are committed to provide quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners. It works towards evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers the future citizens to become global leaders in the emerging knowledge society. We advocate Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation with an emphasis on holistic development of students. We commit ourselves to develop competent, confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace. The Annual Report showcases the achievements and glories of our institution, undoubtedly, but also makes us contemplate about our shortcomings. We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking and holistic development of the child’s personal.

I take great pleasure in presenting the 36th Annual Report of Bhadrachalam Public School documenting its development and achievement for the year 2014 – 2015. This year ushered us into one more evolutionary year with splendid glimpses of success. This year is marked with many events and success stories.  This can be attributed to the dedication and team spirit of the staff, students and members of the management.

School Strength

We have seen exponential growth of our school in the last few years. We are on the progressive front. This year 262 students joined in our school at the pre-primary level and into other classes. As of now our school strength is 1892.We have 12 sections at the Pre-Primary level,23 sections from Ito V and 21 sections from VI to XII and we are growing at a fast pace.

Staff Recruitment

In order to cater to the increased sections and facilitate the teaching learning process school teaching faculty has been strengthened by 14 new teachers joining the school. Mr. YVVSN. Rama Raju-Art, Mrs.K.Sandhya-Computer science and mathematics, Mr.K.Naresh-P E T, Ms.K.Kusalatha-Mathematics,Mrs.S. Chaitanya Deepthi, Mrs. Archana Singh & Mrs.I.Prasanna Lakshmi -Science, Mrs.M.Manju Vani & Mrs.Hasmath Hazra - Social Science, Mr.Jilani Shaik, Mrs.P.Mallika & Ms. Jareena-Hindi, Mrs.K.Janani-English and Mrs. V. Gayathri for the preprimary. All of them have been given the initial training in handling smart classes. They also attended the orientation sessions. We wish them all the best and welcome them to BPS family.


“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings”.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr.V.Prakasam, our Hindi teacher and Mr.A.Mangaiaha, our support staff who have rendered their long and dedicated services for 30yrs and 23 yrs respectively. They were duly super-annuated with great love and gratitude by all the school fraternity. We wish them a happy and contended retired life and God’s blessings on them and their families.
Board Exam Results

“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning”.

Our school has been performing consistently well in the board exams. In class X, 64 students appeared for the CBSE examinations and all of them came out in flying colours making our school proud by securing once again 100% pass in the board examinations. I am happy to share with you that two students 1) Ms.K. Mohana Kavya and 2)Ms.Bhumika Satpathy secured 10 CGPA,12 students secured CGPA between 9 and 9.8 and most of the students secured good grades. Congratulations and we wish them all success in their future endeavors.

Senior Secondary has been revived in our school once again after a gap of 15 years. Last year our first batch of class XII students appeared for the AISS examinations. We had 100% pass in the XII Public examinations with all of them securing first division.Ms.Divya secured 444/500 and topped the class and N. Sri Lalitha secured 411/500 and stood in the second place. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the students, their parents and the staff for these achievements.

Staff training:

“Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource”.

There was an enriching two day workshop on ‘Inter-personal skills’ conducted by Mr.KJA Swaroop, GM, HR from Dhq in the month of June with an attempt to improvise the work environment and build up team spirit among the teachers in the school. There was an encouraging participation in the workshop by all the teachers. He also assists us in staff recruitments.Thankyou Sir for your valuable services for the development of our teachers.

Reinforcement in everything that we do enables us to become more professional in our work. Two of our teachers Mr.Rajasekhar and Mrs. G. Sree Deepa attended a workshop in Khammam at the Training and Technology centre. They were enlightened on ‘building science concepts’ through practical experiments, classroom effectiveness, and application based child friendly interactive learning processes.

A workshop on ‘Innovative teaching methodologies in Mathematics’ was organized by ‘Oxford University Press’. Two of our teachers Mrs. Prashanthi and Mrs. Rehana of the Maths dept. attended this workshop and found it to be very useful. The

resource person for this programme was Mrs. Ashalatha Badami, a renowned trainer and advisor to the CBSE board in curriculum development. The workshop basically stressed on class room strategies, concept building, reinforced drilling and problem- solving abilities. They shared their valuable lessons with other Math teachers.

In November Mrs. Priyadarshini,English Language trainer visited our school .She came all the way from Kolkata to spend some time with the English faculty of our school. She appraised them about the changing trends in the learning and teaching of English and also provided them with the latest techniques in developing English speaking skills.
A teacher must be a learner first. Our Primary teachers got together for a phonic session organized by the teachers for the teachers on 18th October. This refresher program was very useful to all the teachers.
I attended a 3 day “Strategic Leadership” workshop conducted by Australian Commission for Education Research (ACER) in Hyderabad from from 8th to 10th October. Twenty five

Principals from all over India attended the workshop. The sharing sessions and input sessions were highly educative and enriched all of us.

I have been nominated as the District Examination Committee member by the CBSE Board to look into the various aspects of the Board Exams to be held this year.

I have been serving as a member of the inspection panels to conduct CBSE affiliation Inspections in the applicant schools. I am a regular member of the CBSE committees and mentor for some CBSE schools in this region.

I have been conferred with Acharaya Devo Bhava award by Brainfeed magazine, Hyderabad in October, 2014 for the meritorious services in the field of education.
School Functions

Aiming at holistic development of children, we endeavored on a variety of programs, trying to involve as many children as possible.

Investiture Ceremony

We try to inculcate democratic principles and practices among our students. High School students cast their votes on 21st July to elect their representatives to form the School Cabinet for the year 2014-15.Master Ch.Charan Teja ,X was elected as the Head Boy and Ms.Madhu Latha ,XII was elected as the Head Girl. In an impressive ceremony conducted on 23rd July all the cabinet members took the oath administered by Mr.Prakash Reddy, Asst Supt of police, BCM. They promised to abide by the rules and regulations of the institutions. They have set an agenda for themselves and are striving hard to abide by the same. We wish them all the best.

Foundation Day

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” Mahatma Gandhi

This year we celebrated our foundation day in the month of August in a very unique way. The Divine Charitable Trust for the blind, aged &orphans, Secunderabad was invited to present a two hour musical orchestra clubbed with variety entertainment in our school. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the program given by the visually challenged .We felt fortunate for having such highly talented people like them.

In response we collected a fabulous amount of Rs. 4, 02,269/- as a charity for the Divine Charitable Trust. And 118 students contributed more than Rs 1000/ each. The following 5 students, whose names I would like to mention contributed the highest individual amounts:

1)V.katyayani Pavan ,IC – Rs 3630

2)M.Niharika Sai IIIB – Rs 3610

3)M.Jayavanti,VID – Rs 2910

4)D.Vyshnavi,VIIA – Rs 2810

5)M.Katyayani,VIB – Rs 2800

I thank all the parents and well wishers who encouraged our students to donate this massive amount to be given as charity to this trust and proved that ‘Charity begins at home’.

Independence Day

On August 15, 2014 we celebrated the 68th Independence Day with great pomp and show. Our students exhibited the love for our country in the form of patriotic songs and dances. All of us felt proud of our country and proud to be Indians.

Teacher’s Day

“If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people”. It is a special occasion for all the students to show their love and warmth for their dear teachers.

In the primary wing of our school the children celebrated the ‘Pre- teacher’s Day’ to avail the opportunity to shower their love on their beloved teachers.

In the high school wing ‘Teacher’s Day’ was celebrated with fits of enthusiasm. The children put their heads and hearts together to entertain their teachers with variety of games, songs and dances to their brim. They captivated the audience with their ecstatic talents.

Mrs. Girija Raju, Mr.A.V. Varma and Mr. M.S.R. Anjaneyalu were awarded mementos for their dedicated service for 25 years. Mrs. P. Suvarna Kusuma Kumari was also recognized for putting in 10 yrs of devoted service in our institution.Mrs.J.Victoria has been awarded for putting in 100% attendance last academic year. She came to school on every working day. Congratulations and keep it up.

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Mrs.VSM Lakshmi was given the Best Teacher award by Rotary Club Inbhadra, Sarapaka and was honored for her dedicated services.

Mrs.Girija Raju,Mrs.Suma Bidu,Mrs.PSK Kumari,Mrs.N.Meena Kumari and Mr.Venka Reddy were given Best Teacher awards by Rotary Club,BCM.Congrats and keep it up.

Dusshera programme

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

We rendered an exquisite program as a part of the Dusshera celebrations held in September, 2014 in ITC PSPD colony. The Primary wing of the school presented an excerpt from Ramayana to match the occasion depicting the ‘Nava Durgas,’ whom Lord Rama worshipped to attain more valor while the High School wing presented ‘Subramanya Vaibhavam’. It was a very colorful and thrilling performance by our students.I thanks each and every one who dedicated their valuable services and worked as a team to make it a grand success.

Co-Curricular Activities

The essence of education is to help students to discover their innate talents. We teach every child to develop talents not only in academics but also in other spheres of life. We extract

and expose this through a series of activities, competitions round the calendar. As an integral part of unearthing the talents within, this year too, we have conducted number of competitions

at every level like essay writing, elocution, dance, music, quiz, simulation etc. to bring about all-round development in the students. A special feature this year is that our children participated in

the All India Radio programs twice and conveyed the message to save our environment. It was a vibrant performance from the students. More than 500 prizes have been announced. Yoga and Karate have been included in the school curriculum and all the students in HS are given training to keep themselves fit and agile.

I pledge and believe that we’ll put in a better show and create a better learning environment in the years ahead.

Mock Parliament

On 17th November, students of classes VIII to XII organized an intra-school Mock Parliament session. They simulated the Question Hour. The Prime Minister and his cabinet gave their statements and responded to questions raised by other members. The way the speaker presided over the proceedings resembled the original parliament session. The presence of Mr.

Makarand(GM,MO) and Mr. Ashish Gupta (GM,Engg)as the day’s chief guests made the entire event even more vibrant. They congratulated the participants and urged them to pledge for working for the well being of the nation.

Sports and Games

“Gold medals aren't really made of gold. They're made of sweat, determination, and a hard-to-find alloy called guts”.

Our school students participated in the District Badminton selections in the month of July. A.Nikhil of class VIII and P.Sumanth of class IX bagged the first place in doubles in U-15 and were eligible for the state selections held at Nandyal. A.Nikhil and N.Akash played in the under-15 category and stood in the second place while in the girls’ section K.Indira of class IX and Harshitha of class IX played in the under-15 category and stood in the second place. Dear parents this is the 8th consecutive time that we have succeeded in these selections.

The Khammam District Chess selections were held in the month of August for the under-9 category and under-12 category in which N.Meghana of PP-II E and N.Meenakshi of class II B from our school participated. I am elated to share that N.Meenakshi bagged the 3rd

Place in U -12 categories and Meenakshi won the I place in U-9 category.

The CBSE Athletic meet was held in the month of October at Bidar, Karnataka. Our students B.Nikhil Reddy, A. Mohan Sanjay, Y. Sanjeeva Reddy, Aman Singh and Ankur Singh secured the silver medals in 4x100 mts relay in the under-14 boys category.

In November three of our students from class XI showed their mettle by participating in the State junior Athletic meet held at Hanmakonda, Warangal organized by the Telengana Athletic Association. N.Amrutha bagged the silver, B.Sandeep and Md. Nizamuddin got the bronze in the medley relay.
We celebrated the Annual Sports day on 30th November, which added that extra flavor; we also had the inter-house sports and games events in full vigor and an extravagant sports day in which every house put in their best performance. The rainbow drill comprising of around 900 students joining their hands together with absolute synchronization was the highlight of the day. The Shastry house broke the ice and bagged the championship trophy after 14 years with 234 points. Nehru house followed them with the runners’ up trophy with 218 points. Kudos to all the winners.

Children’s Day

“Pleasure is a shadow, wealth is vanity, and power a pageant; but knowledge is ecstatic in enjoyment, perennial in frame, unlimited in space and indefinite in duration”.

Given an opportunity, children would love to play unendingly in the fresh flowing water irrespective of how old they are. As usual we celebrated Children’s Day in the form of a picnic at Venkatapuram vagu. A massive number of 945 children along with 120 staff enthralled themselves in the shallow waters and the shade of the Palmolive trees in the loving company of

Their friends and teachers. They also relished quite a good variety of sumptuous meals and snacks. It was a memo

School initiatives

“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men”.

Let me start with the tiny tots, we had initiated the play-way method with a motive to attract them to school environment. These mainly include classroom activities and art activities. We have also started celebrating the various festivals in the school to inculcate the love for our culture and tradition.


“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence”.

We embarked on a number of activities to augment the inert skills of our children. The Gateway IIT foundation has taken up the task of IIT foundation course for classes VI –X with special instructors from their main branch this year. The students are really taking the benefit from them. We hope more students will join this program and we appeal to the parents to encourage their wards to join this program and reap the fruits.

We introduced the SPACE IIT Foundation program in our school in 2010. Due to the strong foundation laid by this initiative for the first time 6 of our students from 2012, X Class batch have been selected for the IIT&NIT programs.

1)K.venkat Teja –IIT Chennai

2)P.Snehith – IIT,Kharagpur

3)N.Monica Stella – NIT,Trichy

4)A.Sreekar Roy – NIT,Jamshedpur

5)B.Rugveda – NIT,Warangal

6)K.Madhu Bal – NIT,Suratkal

Congrats and all the best.

Daily Class Tests

“Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource”.

With an aim to amplify their academic performance we started off with the remedial classes and daily tests for classes IX, X and XII students. We do hope all our students will take advantage of this initiative.

One Nation Reading Together

To inculcate the habit the reading of reading among our students “The One Nation Reading Together’ program was organized under the aegis of e Scholastic Book Club, Gurgaon 0n 5th of December for classes VI and VII .The graffiti wall for writing inspirational thoughts was arranged for the higher classes.


Along with good reading, it is of utmost importance to have a neat hand writing too. This is a big asset to the students. Thus we had a ten day calligraphy course in which around 150 children participated enthusiastically. We can see many of these students writing neatly and beautifully.

With practice they will surely perfect this art.

Visit to old age homes

India is known for strong family ties and joint family system. With the change of times this seems to fall apart. In order to inculcate love and respect for the senior citizens and for life itself we organized trips to orphanages and old age homes in the neighborhood.

Humane attitude is what we need to possess to accept such a way of life. Our students of classes IX and X were taken for a visit to the old age home in October. They spent some time interacting with them and shared their joys and sorrows. It was a nice feeling. They also contributed voluntarily for their medicines and food. It was a touching experience for many students.

Mr. Vyasa Murthy Memorial Painting Competition:

In fond memory of our former art teacher Late Mr.Vyasa Murthy, an art competition was conducted in October and November in our school. It is sponsored by one of our ex-students Mr.Muralidhar from USA. There was an active participation from all students. The winners were given handsome prizes.

Regular PTMs

In the cause of education, we have conducted regular and special PTMs to discuss the problems and suggest solutions on the academic and the behavioral front. The response from parents was overwhelming sometimes. It will be continued. We do hope that our parents will help us build a strong rapport to understand our students better.

Green Corps

Reduce, reuse, recycle and repair is the main motto of Green Corps. Putting the R’s into action, many programs were organized this year. In April, Earth Day was celebrated by conducting poster competition on ‘Save the Earth’. People were urged with some handouts to use eco-Friendly Ganeshas to curb Godavari pollution. A workshop was conducted for the children to make paper files for their daily work. As a part of wealth from waste, our students of class VI

made beautiful flowers with polythene covers. During Diwali our children also sensitized people on safe and friendly Diwali.

Butterfly Fields Activities

It is time education became as joyful as flying kites, as interactive as video games, as memorable as cycling. Our school had introduced building projects and learning games developed by Butterfly Fields last year and we have continued with it this year too. They provide us with mapped activities linked up with our curriculum which are enabling children to virtually enjoy every bit of their science and Math lessons.

Inter-school competitions

“While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it”.

Our school students took active participation in the Bhadradri Balotsav Inter School competitions conducted from 12th to 14th October, 2014.Our students participated very enthusiastically and bagged 6 prizes.

1) Master Satyam Pandey, XA – II prize in Picture Analysis, seniors

2) Ms.B.Supraja, VI D –I prize in Singing, juniors

3) Master J.Tarun Sainath, VIII C – I Prize in Modern dance

4) Ms.D.Pratysha, VII A – II Prize in Picture analysis, juniors

5) Ms.G.Sreeja, VII C – II Prize in Story Writing, juniors

6) Master P.Sailesh, XA – II Prize in drawing, seniors

Congratulations to all.

In Pragna, 2014 Inter School Competitions our school students participated enthusiastically and brought laurels to our school by winning medals in almost all the events.

1) Ms.AVN Manasvi,VII B – I Prize in English Essay writing

2) Ms.Tumul, XA – I Prize in Hindi Essay writing

3) Master Satyam Pandey,XA – II Prize

4) Master M.Pranav,XA – II Prize in English,Extempore

5) Master Shivam Pandey,VIII D – I Prize in Hindi,Extempore

6) Group Dance – III Prize

7) Quiz – III Prize

8) Science Fair – III Prize

9) Ms.J.Anusha,XB – I Prize in Spell Bee

10) Master.Nataraj Pillai,XB – II Prize

Very Well done students!!!!

On 31st October, we celebrated National Unity Day (ie) the birthday of Sardar Vallabhai Patel. 48 students from our school participated in various cluster competitions held at Harvest Public School on this occassion. We bagged the following Prizes:

Ist place in painting in Junior Category

IInd place in collage in Jr. Category.

IInd place in collage in Sr. Category

IIIrd in debate, Sr. Category

IInd in poster making, Sr. Category

And a consolation in painting.

Their performance was quite impressive.

Recently, at a state level painting competition held at Hyderabad, by the Dept of Energy one of our students Ms.Neha Singh of class VI bagged a cash award of Rs.1000 and was recognized as one of the best artist among the top ten paintings selected at the state level. She is a keen observer and fast learner. Congratulations!!


Ample opportunities in the form of mock PSA tests, GK Olympiad, Mathematics Olympiad, Science and English Olympiads and other talent tests were provided for the children to participate so that they are exposed to the outside competition. This will encourage children to read beyond the textbooks and compete in full vigor. Results are awaited.

In the mock PSA-I test Master.Sangeeth, Darshith and Mohan Pranav bagged Ist, IInd and IIIrd places respectively. From our school 86 students appeared for the Chekumukhi talent Test out of which Satya Aravind of VIII, B. Saranya of class IX and M. Darshith of class X were selected for the district level which was conducted in Burgampahad.

Swatchh Bharath

Following the footsteps of our esteemed PM Mr. Narendra Modi, we too took up the ‘Swatchh Bharath drive both in our school and in our ITC PSPD colony .With the help of our Classes IX and X children we cleared the wastage lying around in the staff colony on the day after Diwali celebrations. Our students had a very good experience of dignity of labour. We have been continuing with it since then in the school premises.


“Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts”.

Our school NCC cadets have once again proved that their motto is ‘Unity and Discipline’. Around 35 boys and 25 girls participated in the combined Annual Training Camp held at Medikonda, Warangal from 21st to 30th June 14’. They bagged fabulous prizes for ‘Best in Drill in both Jd-Jw and ‘best school in cultural performance’ in JW. In solo singing, Laxmi Narayana bagged the Ist place and Udaya Krishna was awarded the ‘best weapon firer’. At present we have a total of 150 cadets among whom 50 JD and 25 JW are going to attend the ‘A’ certificate exam in this month. Three cheers to our NCC First Officer Mr.A.V.Varma for all the excellent guidance and training that he has imparted to the children all these years.

Scout and Guides

“Be Prepared... the motto of a scout is always practiced by our scouts by coming to the rescue of the needy in every situation. They are ever prepared to help. They helped in the smooth conduct of Bhadradri Balotsav and Mukkoti Ekadasi celebrations.They had a camp in our school premises in December.

We have the scouts and guides wing from Class V to VIII. At present Mr. S. Ramesh,who has succeeded Mr. Prakasam in training the children in being prepared for any situation.

All these achievements were possible because of the commitment of all concerned, the Management, Teaching and Non-teaching staff and the students. Though we are proud of our many successes, we cannot be satisfied by simply resting on our laurels.  Indeed, it is our mission to strive higher, no matter how many goals we reach along the way.  This true and indefatigable spirit of lifelong progress runs through the very core of our school.

For education to be complete, it must include not only the training of the intellect but the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the spirit.

Through explicit and Implicit School based activities we provide opportunities to enable our young learners to acquire knowledge, skills and the habits of mind and heart that will develop them into creative, confident individuals as well as active informed citizens.

This annual report apparently seems a summary of the year that was, highlighting excellence of performance, but it conveys a great deal more. It is a reflection of school ethos, a statement of our unwavering personal commitment, the conviction and faith with which we pursue our goals and the very spirit with which we at BPS work.

In Einstein’s words we believe that “the most important motive for work in school is pleasure in work, pleasure in its result, and the knowledge of the value of the result to the community “

Lord grant me the courage to change the things I can, humility to accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference.
Thank You
Wish you all a very happy Sankranthi!!!
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