Scholarships and Opportunities Horatio Alger Association

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Scholarships and Opportunities
Horatio Alger Association: Must be pursuing a four year degree (may start at a two year college and transfer) Specific colleges and degree requirements are on the website. GPA: 2.0 Must be involved in co-curricular and community activities. Due 10-30-2008.
Will to Win: High School senior with asthma. Must excel in one of these 5 areas: Performing arts, visual arts, community service, athletics, or science. Demonstrate performance, document of achievements, GPA: 3.5-4.0 Have at least one award related to entry category Due 08-31-08
First Freedom Student Competition: National essay contest online registration deadline is Nov.24, 2008. Postmark deadline is Nov. 29, 2008.
United States Senate Youth Program: Tuition based program for students interested in the workings of the government.
Presidential Classroom: Tuition based program for Washington DC. Classroom programs.
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Based on community volunteering. access key: spirit Due 10-31
2009 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest: Write an original essay on the political courage of a US elected official. 01-10-09
Illinois Dollars for Scholars: High school junior or senior Essay contest to honor a leader who has made an impression upon them and has made a significant difference in the community 19 winners in the state.

Write a little win a lot. Essay to answer the question “Why are you the most deserving person on the planet to win a scholarship?” 01-31-09

Letters About Literature Contest: Grades 9-12 Write a letter in an author (dead or alive) describing how a book positively impacted their life. 12-6-08
SAE Engineering scholarships: 12-01-08
National Young Leaders Conference: If interested please see guidance
Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship program. Must see guidance to be nominated. Due 11-13-08

Auto Show Scholarship: will have worked or had a relative work at least one year at a new car dealership in one of eighteen counties (check in guidance for the list) High school senior. Essay required, 3 letters of rec, extracurricular activities and volunteer experience, academic achievement, 01-05-09
AXA: 12-15-08
Illinois PTA: Upper 25% of class, senior preparing to enter an education or education related degree program requiring certification from a state board of education. Due: 12-01-09
Nashville Auto Diesel College: Testing day Oct 11, 8:00am-12:00 1-800-288-6232
Comcast Leaders and Achievers: GPA 2.8 or higher on 4.0 Demonstrate leadership abilities in school activities, community service, See guidance. Due: 11-13-08
North Central Bank: Local and State Essay Competition. Two page essay on the following theme: How community banking has impacted my life and that of my family. Guidelines for the essay will be available in guidance by January 23. Students in English IV will also be receiving the information packet.
McKelvey Foundation Scholarship: Own your own business for at least one year, have at least 1 paid employee, graduate in 2009, attending a four year institution. Due: 01-25-09.
Horatio Alger Scholarship: Elibibility: planning to enroll in higher education, have critical financial need, involved in community and co-curricular activities, minimum GPA 2.0 on 4.0 scale.
Colonel’s Scholars: GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Online only applications at Due 02-10-09
Toyota Community Scholars: Outstanding academic record, effective leader, well documented record of service both within and outside the school setting. The distinguishing characteristic will be the overall impact of the student’s contributions in the area of community service. Please see guidance before the Thanksgiving break if you are interested.

Hegeler Carus Foundation: Annual Essay Contest- $1000.00 scholarship.Topic: “ A Person of Historical Impartance in the Illinois Valley” Illinois Valley High School Senior, Suggested length is between 2500-3000 words. Due at the HegelerCarus Foundation by 01-16-09
Flint Hills Resources Discovery Scholarship: Min: GPA 3.7 on 4.0. Grades in science and technology are important, Leadership skills, interest and ability in entrepreneurship. Essay (1-2 pages) Give a specific example of a time during you high –school career that you took leadership and ownership over a project or an event. How were you incorporating the principles of entrepreneurship. Explain how the experience helped you to grow and develop , Explain how the project or event benefited your community or school. Due in the Guidance office by 01-09-09
The Secretariat: U of I , pursue a higher ed in office professional, secretarial, or business related field in Illinois, activities , academic achievement, See guidance for application; Due: 02-13-09
Bureau County Farm Bureau. Essay questions, academic achievements, community involvement, agriculture related activities. See guidance for application Due: 02-27-09
Body By Milk: web only : Academics, involvement in sports and extracurricular activities. Due: 03-06-09
AXA Achievement: Ambition, drive, determination. Web only Due: 02-15-09
Cargill: web only Applications require the signature of a Cargill employee. We will find you one if you are applying. Due: 02-15-09
Illinois AMVETS:

Service Foundation: High School Senior, ACT

Sad Sacks Nursing: Accepted into nursing program,academic record, character, interest and activity record and financial need.

Junior ROTC: Participate in ROTC program

Trade Scholarship: Accepted into pre-approved trade school

Ladies Auxiliary Memorial: Child or grandchild of a VET, ACT

Worchild: Child of a deceased father or mother who was a Veteran (does not need to have been killed in action, ACT

Due 03-01-09

Odd Fellows-Rebekah: Provide proof of financial need by submitting a current 1040 form. “C” average, completed application Due: 03-01-09
Discover: Award for HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS for their exemplary achievements in, leadership, community service while overcoming an obstacle. Applications available at Due: 01-31-09

Florence A Cook Recruitment Grant: For high school students planning to enter the field of education. Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria: academic excellence, leadership qualities, participation in school activities, contribution to the community and church, recommendation letters and an essay. Available from the forms section at Due 01-15-09
CO-OP National Scholarship Program: Apply and be accepted at one of the ten NCCE schools: CW Post Campus of Long Island, Johnson and Wales, Northeastern Univ., Rochester Inst of Tech, Univ of Toledo, Drexel Univ, Kettering Univ, Pace Univ, Univ, of Cincinnati, Wentworth Inst of Tech. Due: 02-15-09
Burreau County Farm Bureau Foundation: Criteria: application, essay questions, academic achievement, community involvement, agriculture-related activities. Must be Bureau County Farm bureau members or dependents of Bureau County Farm Bureau members. Applications must be typed. Due: 02-27-09
Best Buy: Criteria: grades, volunteer community service and/or work experience, apply on-line at or Due: 02-15-09
Illinois Governmental Internship Program: More information and application material available at
1ST Farm Credit Services: Agriculture or agricultural related curriculum, attend high school within 1st Farm Credit Services service territory. Selection based on academic achievement , community and agricultural youth organization involvement and brief essays. Application may be obtained at
Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers: Typed personal essay, outline of proposed program to substantiate your intent to pursue a degree in lumber and building materials or an allied field, letters of recommendation, Due: 04-01-09
Sons of the Confederate Veterans: Graduating senior who resides in Illinois, Must be a descendant of a male who served honorable in the Army, Navy, Judicial Executive, or Civil Service of the Confederate States of America. Lineal or collateral family lines must be documented genealogically with a descendency chart. Essay required. Due prior to 03-15-09
Opportunity for agriculture related employment: Students looking for summer employment in the agriculture field should put their name in the labor pool list. Form is available in the guidance office, more information available at 1-815-875-6468.
Zearing Scholarship: Student who has been accepted at the University of Illinois is eligible to apply. To obtain a Zearing Scholarship brochure and application, call the Regional Office of Education 309-936-7890. Due on or before 05-01-09
Zonta Club: 1) Two $500.00 scholarships Application, Letter. Please pick up complete instructions in the guidance office. Due: 03-02-09

  1. Young Women in Public Affairs ( YWPA) Senior female, intending to major in law, political science, medicine, social policy or public service. Please pick up application in the guidance office. Due: 03-12-09

St. Mary’s Hospital Chad Scoles Scholarship: Available to students accepted or currently enrolled in an accredited health care professional sequence. Must reside within a 30 mile radius of of St. Mary’s Hospital 30. GPA Due: at the front desk of hospital by 04-10-09 questions call 815-673-4535
Dana Collins Prairie Arts Council: Art Student who will be an art major, portfolio of between 5-10 original works, a statement of intention. Get policies and procedures in the guidance office. Due: 05-06-09
ILAVESNP Scholarship: Student with special needs, ( physical, economic, academic, limited English, non traditional) must be interested in pursuing a post secondary education. See guidance for form. Due 03-01-09
Kohl’s Scholarship: Outstanding volunteers; see guidance for nomination form. Scholarship due 03-15-09, so see guidance to allow time to fill out the form.
Sammy Body by Milk: Scholar athletes, based on academic performance (35%), athletic excellence(35%), leadership(15%), community service (10%) and milk experience (5%). Application is only available at Due 03-06-09
Illinois Valley Cellular: 2.5 GPA, parent or legal guardian should be a current Illinois Valley Cellular customer, will enroll as a fulltime college student. Due: 04-06-09
Marine Corps Scholarship: parent is current or former Marine, parent or guardian was killed in terrorist attack on 09-11-01, parent or current was killed in combat while participating in the “war on terrorism” parent was a Marine was killed in training after 09-26-09, parent was a Navy Corpsman who was attached to a Marine unit, parent was a Navy Corpsman who was attached to a Marine unit and killed in combat in response to the 9-11 attacks , GPA of at least, 2.0 . Due: 03-01-09
IVCC Foundation Scholarships: Available on line at Due: 02-27-09
Trovillo Scholarship: Any senior wishing to pursue a four year university program leading to a Bachelor’s Degree Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00 am
Kleinfall Scholarship: Same as the Trovillo but must live in the corporate city limits of Spring Valley. Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00am
Franckey Scholarship: students who intend to enroll in the two year secretarial program at IVCC. Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00am
Baker Scholarship: for students pursuing a career in nursing. Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00 am
Power Mechanics club Scholarship in honor of Dominic Rochetto: for student pursuing a degree or certificate in automotive technology. Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00 am
Power Mechanics club scholarship I Honor of Patrick Mahoney: for students pursuing a career in engineering, preference to those in auto technology. Due in guidance on March 6th before 10:00 am
Jennifer Robinson Memorial Scholarship: graduating senior and continuing her/his education. Due in guidance by April 10th.
LeRoy Bertrand Memorial Scholarship: Graduating senior, any major, any college. Due: 04-20-09
Perry Memorial Hospital Auxiliary of Princeton: students who will be attending school to study for a health career, must be from Bureau County and are judged on academics, financial need and sincerity in pursuing a health career. Application available in guidance Due: 05-01-09
Elks Children’s Care Program: Physical/Occupational Therapy Scholarship. Application available online

Due: 03-13-09

Ameren Illinois Minority Scholarship Program: Relatives of Ameren are not eligible to receive this scholarship, Engineering discipline , GPA: 2.667 on a 4.00 based on academics, need, career choice. Due: 04-10-09
St. Margaret’s Stanmar Healthcare Scholarship: Must be accepted into or currently enrolled in a health care related professional curriculum, 2.75 on 4.0 scale or 3.75 on a 5.0 scale. Resident of Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall or Putnam counties. Due: 04-27-09.
HBO Scholarship : Any high school senior wishing to further their education, essay, Due: in guidance 04-01-09 by 3:00pm
Helen Koch Scholarship: Typed, based on merit with an emphasis on volunteerism. Due: 03-30-09
Opportunity: Rotary Youth Leadership Conference, if interested see guidance.
Will to Win: High School senior with asthma. A level of excellence in one of the following categories: performing arts, community service, athletics, visual arts or science.

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