Scholarships – applications available in S3 or online at

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SCHOLARSHIPS – applications available in S3 or online at

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship (Grades 9-12) - $1,000, 140-character message required. Deadline: 1/30/17

Point Foundation Scholarship (12th) - $10,000, must be an “out” person who identifies as LGBTQ, must be available 4/20-4/22. Deadline: 1/30/17

AV Optimist Essay Contest (9-12) - $2,500, 700-800 words on “Chasing Optimism in the face of Challenges”. Deadline: 1/31/17

Schwartz Scholarship Fund (11/12) - $500 - $1000, 3.0 + GPA, essay required, income of $150,000 or less. Deadline: 1/31/17

APCA Scholarship (12th) - $1,000, 3.4+ Unweighted GPA, Essay, Letter of Rec, List of Activities. Deadline: 1/31/17

NHA Scholarships (12th) - $2,000 - $30,000, a natural/step/adopted child or grandchild of active duty/former/retired Navy, Marine, Coast Guard rotary wing aviator, air crewman or maintenance/support personnel. Deadline: 1/31/17

REDFIN Scholarship (12th) - $2,500, 3.0 + GPA, 800 words essay on keeping affordable housing w/in city limits. Deadline: 1/31/17

Agriculture: Food For Life Essay/Video Contest (9-12) $1,000, Essay OR Video entry required – theme Ag: Food for Life. Deadline 1/31/17

AWM Essay Contest (9-12) – Essay on an interview with a woman currently working in a mathematical career. Deadline: 1/31/17

Princeton Prize in Race Relations (9-12) - $1,000, all expenses paid trip to Princeton for a symposium, volunteerism on race relations. Deadline: 1/31/17

SJU John P McNulty Scholars Program (12th) Full & Partial Tuition, female, 3.5 +, going into specified STEM fields. Deadline between 11/15-2/1/2016

Engineer Girl Essay Contest (9-12) – Essay explaining how engineering might improve life for an animal of your choosing. Deadline: 2/1/17

Edison Scholars (12th) $40,000, 3.0 +, plan to major in STEM field, financial need. Deadline: 2/1/17

XAP Scholarship Contest (9-12) $250, Must complete tasks on the website to enter. Deadline: 2/3/17

UFC College Sponsorship Program (12th), Up to $3,000, current/former LA County foster youth, ILP eligible. Deadline: 2/3/17

Drive2Life Contest (9-12) - $1,000 and a trip to NY City, make a 30 second PSA to help prevent distracted driving. Deadline: 2/3/17

LA Air Show STEM Scholarship (12th - AV Residents ONLY) - $2,500, STEM major, essay. Deadline EXTENDED: 2/5/17

We the Students Essay Contest (9-12, 14-19yrs old) – Up to $5,000, Essay about peaceful resistance. Deadline: 2/5/17

ExploraVision Science Competition (K-12) – Up to $2,000, group project, requires students to complete a science project. Deadline: 2/6/17

Courageous Persuaders Video Contest (9-12) – Up to $2,000, video about the dangers of underage drinking or texting and driving. Deadline: 2/9/17

The Levin Firm Scholarship (currently or planning to attend US college) - $1,000, 500+ word essay required. Deadline: 2/15/17

MEEC “The Steward Squad” Essay Contest (9-12) All prizes are gift cards – Max prize of $100. Environmental Essay - 1000 words or less. Deadline: 2/17/17

Shelly Speigal Coleman Scholarship (12th) - $500, student going into courses leading to teaching/counseling promoting bilingual education. Deadline: 2/17/17

Military Commanders’ Scholarship Fund (12th) - $5,000, Dependent of active duty, reserve, retired military, 3.5 + GPA. Deadline: 2/17/17

Sleep Recharges You Video Contest (9-12) - $1,000, 30 second – 2-minute video on prioritizing sleep. Deadline: 2/20/17

UCLA Freshman Alumni Scholarship (12th) – Up to $20,000. Must have applied to attend UCLA in the Fall. NEW Deadline: 2/20/17

Teen Drive 365 Teen Video Challenge (9-12) - $15,000, Create a 30-60 second video for safe driving. Deadline: 2/23/17

UNCF STEM Scholars (12) – Up to $5,000, African American, 3.0 + overall GPA and in all math/science classes, pursuing STEM. Deadline: 2/23/17

Tesoro Youth Leadership Awards (12th) - $2,500, 3.0 +GPA, Financial Need, transcript, 500 word response, headshot, LOR Deadline: 2/26/17

Discover Student Loan Scholarship (Seniors) - $2,500 Sweepstakes, enter for a chance to win. Deadline: 2/28/17

SETLA (12th) - $500, 500 words or less essay, transcript, service record, extra-curricular activities. Deadline: 2/28/17

Get Up! Get Active! (15yrs or older) - $1,000, Form and 3-5 sentences required to enter. Deadline: 2/29/17

National Co-Op Scholarship Program (12th) Up to $6,500 per year at Partner Institutes, 3.5+GPA Deadlines vary: 11/15/16-3/1/17 by school

Directing Change Program & Film Contest (Ages 14-25) – Up to $500, 60-second film about suicide prevention. Deadline: 3/1/17

Tim Breslin Memorial Scholarship (9-12) $7,500, Essay about a hardship you’ve overcome and how it affected you. Deadline: 3/3/17

AVC Foundation Scholarship (All) – Over 200 scholarships can be accessed by completing this one application. Deadline: 3/3/17

Religious Liberty Essay Scholarship Contest (9-12) - $2,000 + a trip for 2 to Washington DC, essay required. Deadline: 3/10/17

AV Hospital Scholarship (12th) - $1,000, 3.5+, Has been accepted to study a health-care curriculum at an accredited college. Deadline: 3/10/17

National High School Essay Contest (9-12)($2,500, trip to Washington DC, semester at sea) Essay required. Deadline: 3/15/17

Youth Free Expression Film Contest: Watch What You #Tweet (19yrs old or younger) – 5 minute video. Deadline: 3/15/17

MEEC Scholarship (12th) – $2,500, 500 word essay about a career in Enviro, Science, or Engineering. Deadline: 3/17/17

Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship (12th) – 2.75 + GPA, leadership through community services or extracurricular activities. Deadline: 3/24/17

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (12th) – 3.0 +, Hispanic, planning to attend a non-profit 4-year. Deadline: 3/30/17

CAC Educational Scholarship (11th/12th)Up to $2,500, 700-1,000 word essay required. Deadline: 3/30/17

SleekLens Academic Scholarship (12th) - $2,000, essay requirement regarding social media. Deadline: 3/30/17

LPAC Performing Arts Scholarship (12th) - $5,000, 2.75+ GPA, plan to pursue a performing arts major or minor. Deadline: 3/31/17

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Awards (9-12) – Up to $10,000, Original piece of art expressing patriotism. Deadline: 3/31/17

Palmdale Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship (12th) – Amount TBD. Must be pursuing a human health degree. Deadline: 4/7/17

A Voice For Animals Contest (14-18 year olds) Up to $5,900 in prizes. Essay or video about animal suffering & solution. Deadline: 4/10/17

E-Waste Scholarship (9-12) - $1,000, 140 characters addressing “The most important reason to care about e-waste is….” Deadline: 4/30/17

ACF Visionary Scholarship Program (9-12) - Up to $5,000, application, transcript, essay about the importance of college. Deadline: 5/1/17

Cottage Inn Scholarship (12th) – Up to $2,500, essay, transcript and 3.0+ GPA required. Deadline: 5/31/17

Odenza Vacations Scholarship (17-24) – ($500) 2.5+ GPA, must submit an essay. Deadline: 6/1/17

Check out – Micro-Scholarships!

Special Program Information – Volunteer information website for the Antelope Valley
GetSchooled TODAY and help our school win a $5,000 grant and up to $10,000 in scholarship money!
Mercy College Summer Leadership Academy (11th) – GPA of 3.5+, demonstrated leadership, Excellence in public speaking. 1-week program. Apply @ Deadline: Admission is on a rolling basis.
Inspiring Girls Expeditions (16 or 17 yr. old girls) – Unique, tuition free, summer wilderness expeditions in Washington and Alaska, exploring glaciers. Apply @ Deadline: 1/31/17
Yale Global Scholars (10th/11th) – Summer experience includes living in residence halls at Yale, engaging with professors, etc. Apply @ Deadline: 1/31/17
Harvard Pre-College Program (At Least 15) Two-week residential experience. Apply @ Early and Financial Aid Deadline: 2/17/17
Jackson Lab Summer Program (11th/12th) For students who want to immerse themselves in genetics and genomics research. 10 week program, includes $5,250 stipend, room and board, and travel expenses. Apply@ June 3rd – August 11th Deadline: 2/2/17
George Washinton Carver Summer Research Internship (16 years old +) 3.0 GPA, 6 week “science with practice” program. Room and board, meals, and a $1,750 stipend included. Apply @ Deadline: 2/10/17
A2mend Conference (AVC students) Empowering Conference. Wednesday, March 1st – Friday, March 3rd. Register after logging in to your MyAVC account @ Deadline: 2/14/17
FBI 2017 Spring Westwood Teen Academy (15-18yrs old) 3.5+ GPA, learn about how the FBI functions. One-day event on March 11th, 2017 from 8:30AM – 4:00PM. Must be accepted to participate. Apply @ Deadline: 2/15/17
Ronald Reagan Student Leadership Program – 5 day leadership program. $400. Application required. Early Deadline: 2/15/17, Final Deadline: April 12th. Apply @
COSMOS (CA State Summer for Math and Science) (9-11) – Application opens 1/17 and closes 2/17. Four-week summer residential program for students with an aptitude in STEM. More information available @ DEADLINE: 2/17/17
Destination X (9-12) All-expense paid trip for low-income, underrepresented, and/or minority students in CA to travel to New Zealand. Summer 2017. Apply @ Deadline: 2/24/17 (Former SOAR student, Joshua Mendoza, endorsed)
Engineering Summer Academy at Penn (9-11) – 3- week program. Program dates: 7/2/17-7/22/17. Apply @ Deadline: 2/24/17
CSSSA (California State Summer School for the Arts) (9-12) – Application available @ Deadline: 2/28/17
Cal Tech Field Trip (9-11) – March 1,2017 - 30 spots, first come, first served. See Mrs. Chainey in room S3 for the permission slip.
SMASH (Summer Math and Science Honors) (9th ONLY) FREE 5-week, STEM intensive college prep program for underrepresented students of color. Apply @ Deadline: 3/1/17
NASA Internships – (10-12) Summer Internship @ Edwards Airforce Base. AFRC Internship, Robotics Internship, Prandtl UAV Aero Project Internship. Applications available @ Deadline: 3/1/17
USC Summer Programs - 2 or 4 week programs in a variety of subject areas. 1st Application Deadline is 3/1/17 Apply @
Carnegie Mellon SAMS Program (12th) – Six-week program for underrepresented, low-socioeconomic, first generation student. Apply @ Deadline: 3/3/17
Cornell University Summer College (10-12) – Live on campus, take Ivy League level courses and earn credit, etc. Apply @ Deadline: 3/10/17
RISD Pre-College (c/o 18 and 19, 16-18 years old) – 6 week art program, personal statement explaining why you want to attend required. Apply @ Deadline: 3/10/17
Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program (10th/11th Females) FREE 7 Week Program for girls interested in computer science. The program runs 6/19-8/4. Deadline: 3/17/17
Questbridge College Prep Scholar Program (11th) – could receive a full scholarship to a summer program, an invitation to a QB National College Admissions Conference, laptop, college visit, personal essay review, and more! Apply @ Deadline: 3/22/17
CDC Disease Detective Camp (10th/11th) Held at the CDC Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 5 day camp. Apply @ Deadline: 4/1/17
High School Summer Conservatory (9-12)Study, train, rehearse, perfom and live on ADMA’s campus in LA or NY. Apply @ Deadline: Admission is on a rolling basis.
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