Schemes of Assistance and Promotional Activities of Raja Rammmohun Roy Library Foundation

RRRLF Award for the Best State Central Library & the Best District Library

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8.7.6 RRRLF Award for the Best State Central Library & the Best District Library

Instituted in 1999-2000. For the best State Central Library in the Country and the best District Library in each of the six zones. The value of the prize for the best SCL is rs.1,00,000 and for esch best DL is Rs.50,000.75

8.7.7 RRRLF Award for best Professional Article
This award for best professional article on public library studies was instituted from the fiscal year 2001-02 with the view to invite and encourage interest towards public library activities. The prize money for the articles selected are as follows:
First Prize: Rs.5,000/-

Second prize: Rs.3,000/-

Third Prize: Rs.2,000/-

      1. National Seminar

The Foundation organized a number of meetings, seminars and lectures during the 7th Plan Period. Eminent scholars in different fields were invited to deliver at the annual Raja Rammohun Roy Memorial Lecture. The following table gives a schematic list concerning the speakers and the theme of the lectures delivered at the annual Raja Rammohun Roy Memorial Lectures.

Of the important seminars and conferences special mention may be made of the following:

  1. National seminar on New Education policy, Libraries and Education System – organized in collaboration with NCERT during February 14-15, 1986.

  2. National seminar on Secularism in India: Rammohun to Nehru, held on May 22, 1988.

  3. All India Public Library Conference on Eighth Plan Perspectives, held during February 24-25, 1989.

  4. National Seminar on Model Public library Act organized in collaboration with Indian Library Association (ILA), held on February 14, 1990.

  5. National Seminar on Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Manuscripts and their Future – organized in collaboration with Asiatic Society, held at Calcutta during March 8-10, 1990. The seminar was inaugurated by His Excellency Prof. S. Nurul Hasan, Governor of West Bengal. The valedictory address was given by Prof. Gaurinath Shastri, Ex- Vice Chancellor, Sampurnand Sanskrit University, Varanasi. Around 70 deligates from different parts of the country attended the seminar. Out of the 30 speakers in various sessions 18 presented papers. The focus of the seminar was on Survey of Sanskrit Manuscripts, Survey of manuscripts in Various Indian Classical Languages, Survey of Manuscripts in Indian Regional languages and Preservation of Manuscripts and rare books and Problem of Cataloguing.

  6. National seminar on The Role of Public Libraries in India in This Age of Rapid Growth of Information Technology at The Indian National Science Academy Auditorium , New Delhi on February 16, 2001.76

Several promotional activities have been undertaken by the Foundation for qualitative improvement of library services in the country. Besides organization of seminars, conferences and work-shops, it has played a major role in the preparation of National policy on Library and Information Systems (NAPLIS). National Seminars organized in collaboration with RRRLF during 2009-10 are77:

  1. The Energy and Resource Institute (TERI), New Delhi. International conference on Digital Libraries. “Shaping the Information Paradigm”. 23-26 January 2010

  2. West Bengal Public Libraries Association. State Central Library, Kolkata. “Librarians’ Day observation. “Role of library associations in the development of library services”. 9th August, 2009

  3. Prof. Kaula Endowment for Library and Information Science in collaboration with Andhra Pradesh Zilla Granthalaya Employees’ Association. Seminar on: “Minimum Facilities in Public Libraries”. Vijaywada, 12-13 March 2010

  4. Delhi University. International Conference of Academic Libraries. “Globalizing Academic Libraries: Vision 2020”. 5-8 October 2009

  5. National convention on Knowledge, Library and Information Net-working (NACLIN). 12th National Conference organized by DELNET in collaboration with A C Joshi Library, Punjab University, Chandigarh, 22-25 September

8.7.9 Computerisation:

The software system in bilingual form developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC), Govt. of India has been functioning satisfactorily in creating database for the Central Selection Scheme of the Foundation.

8.7.10 Promotion and Implementation of Official Language (Hindi)

With a view to create awareness, and also to accelerate the use of the official language Hindi, the Foundation celebrate Hindi Day, usually in the month of September every year. Hindi debate competition, competition on Hindi paragraph reading, Hindi story writing, extempore lecture in Hindi etc. are organized amongst various levels of employees of the Foundation.

Table – 8.1

Summary of the Schemes of Assistances adopted by RRRLF


Schemes of Assistances


  • Assistance to the District Library Centres78

  • Books worth Rs.37,000.00 gifted to Bristol Art Gallery, UK79


  • To the Nehru Yubak Kendras (NYK) 80


  • Rural Library Centres run by Viswa Bharati covring 30 villages82

  • Towards Processing and Binding of out of print and rare books, manuscripts etc. 83

  • Assistance to the Jawahar Bal Bhawans (JBB) 84

  • Assistance to Mobile Library Service85


  • Rural libraries by Voluntary Organisations86

  • Assistance to NSS Centres

  • Assistance to Aurobindo Bal Kendras (ABK)



  • New Scheme: Towards Storage & Display of Books88


  • Towards Town & Rural Libraries89

  • Towards Libraries below District Level90

  • Towards Organization of Workshops, Seminars etc.91


  • Scheme of Assistance to Voluntary Organisations working in the field of Public Libraries was transferred to the Foundation by the Department of Culture, Govt. of India for implementation with effect from 1986-8792


  • Assistance to Public Libraries below District Level towards Increasing Accomodation93

  • Assistance to the State Central Libraries and District Libraries for acquiring TV-cum-VCP sets for educational purposes94

  • Assistance towards Children’s Libraries and Children’s Section of General Public Libraries95


  • Assistance to libraries towards Centenary Celebrations96


  • Assistance to Centrally Sponsored Libraries including Rural Libraries run by Viswa Bharati97

  • Assistance to Mobile Libraries and Rural Book Deposit Centres98


  • Assistance to the State Central Libraries and District Libraries for acquiring TV-cum-VCP sets for educational purposes adopted since 1987-88 amended as “Assistance to Public Libraries to acquire TV-cum-VCP Sets for educational purposes/ Computers for application to libraries”99


  • Establishment of Children’s Corner100

  • Children’s Library Scheme is amended to include provision of assistance towards opening of Women’s Section, Senior Citizen Section and Neo-Literate Section

  • Scheme of assistance towards Celebration of Centenary Years has been amended to include provision for assistance towards 50/ 60/ 75 Years of Existance101


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