Schemes of Assistance and Promotional Activities of Raja Rammmohun Roy Library Foundation

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8.6.1 Assistance towards Organisation of Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses (Orientation/ Refresher), Awareness Programme and Book Exhibitions53

The objective of the programme is to give reorientation training to the librarians and to promote the use of books with a view to inculcate reading habit among the public. The Department/ Directorate of Library Services of the states/ union territories, State Central Libraries, Library Associations of the states and institutions imparting training in library services under the purview of this scheme. The state of West Bengal is organising Book Fairs in all the districts of the state with assistance from this scheme. The southern states are imparting training to the librarians with this scheme of assistance. The organisations recommended by the SLPC/ SLCs of the respective states and union territory administrations are assisted in this scheme out of Matching Fund.

8.6.2 Assistance towards Organisation of Seminar/ Conference by Professional Organisations, Local Bodies, NGOs engaged in Public Library Development and University Department of Library Science54

This non-matching scheme is designed with the objective of assisting professional organisations including library associations, local bodies, NGOs engaged in public library development and library movement and university department of library science to held professional seminar and conferences. Organization of annual professional seminars and conferences for the development of library services in the country are laid special emphasis by the Foundation.

A maximum amount of Rs.50,000/- is the extent of annual assistance to a national level library organization registered under the Registration of Societies Act.

      1. Assistance towards Supply of Storage and Display Materials & Reading Room Furniture55

This Matching Scheme was adopted in 1979-80 in order to assist the libraries to store and display increasing number of books received from the Foundation. However, the scope of the scheme has been widened since 2005-06. Financial assistance is given to the libraries under this scheme from matching fund for purchasing steel almirah, book shelves, racks, storage materials and reading room furniture worth not more than 20,000 rupees per library on recommendation of the State Library Planning Committee/ State Library Committee of the respective states/ union territory administrations. Electronic/ electrical items, typewriters, fans are excluded from this scheme. There is also provision of Rs.50,000/- per library once in two years, Rs.1,00,000/- per library once in five years. In case of State Central, Divisional/ District/ Sub-divisional libraries and selected rural libraries an equal to market price of a copier is also provided if recommended by the SLPC/ SLC of the respective states/ union territory administration. Provision of one-time special grant not exceeding Rs.3,00,000/- is also there for a newly constructed library.

      1. Assistance towards Development of Rural Book Deposit Centres & Mobile Library Services56

Libraries situated in small towns and villages dominated with less educated and neo-literate people require special attention to extend library services to them. Established libraries of the area are encouraged to organize such services to deliver books on subjects of popular interest at their door steps.

Assistance under this scheme is extended to the libraries for purchasing books, bi-cycles, rickshaw vans, trunks, bags, loudspeaker, microphone etc. for not more than Rs.50,000- per library on recommendation of the SLPC/SLC of the respective states/ union territory administrations. The recipient libraries are entrusted with the task of circulating from one book deposit centre to another with the help of cheap mode of transport.

      1. Assistance to Public Libraries towards Increasing Accommodation57

This scheme was adopted since the year 1989-90. The objective of this matching scheme is to extend financial assistance to government-run or aided public libraries for the purpose of construction of new building or extension of the existing library building. From the financial year 2008-09 the extent of assistance has been has been increased to Rs.25 lakhs for Divisional/ District Libraries, Rs.15 laks for the Sub-divisional/ Taluka/ Mandal libraries and Rs. 6 lakhs for the Rural Libraries subject to the recommendation of the SLPC/ SLC of the respective states/ union territory administrations.

      1. Assistance to Public Libraries to Acquire TV-cum-VCP Sets for Educational Purposes/ Computers for Application to Libraries58

This matching scheme of assistance was initially adopted by the Foundation to help the libraries to acquire TV-cum-VCP sets for educational purposes to diversify the services of the public libraries through audio-visual materials. A TV-cum-VCP set on current market price with accessories including installation charges and for purchase of educational cassettes (not more than five cassettes) is granted per library on recommendation of SLPC/ SLC of the respective state/ union territory administration.

During the financial year 2000-01, the Foundation amended the scheme as “Assistance to Public Libraries to Acquire TV-cum-VCP sets for Educational Purposes/ Computers for Application to Libraries” to cover District Libraries and Libraries Below District Level having the resources both in manpower and finance, under computerization programme of the Foundation. Modernization of public libraries with modern technology and to equip the libraries with devices so as to satisfy the ever increasing thirst for knowledge of the reading community and easy access to information in intended by the scheme. Either of the following items is granted for purchase to the extent of current market price for a library once in ten years on the basis of the recommendation of the SLPC/ SLC of the respective states/ union territory administrations.

    1. One TV set with accessories together with CD/ DVD Player along with CD/ DVDs.

    2. Computer – one server with nine clients for State Central Libraries and one server with three clients for other libraries. One UPS ranging from 0.5KVA to 3KVA with 30 minutes backup and one Laser Printer, one Inkjet Printer and two Dot Matrix Printers together with software for State Central Libraries; one Laser Printer and one Dot Matrix Printers together with software for other libraries. Anti-virus, SQL Server, Network Equipment like – Modem, HUB

      1. Assistance to Voluntary Organisations Providing Public Library Services59

This is a non-matching scheme. This scheme is extended to registered Voluntary Organisations (NGOs) on 75:25 sharing basis for promotion of public library services. The beneficiary library/ organization under the scheme are required to provide 25 per cent of the total estimated cost of the proposal. The scheme was operated by the Department of culture, Government of India till 1985-86; afterwards it was entrusted with the RRRLF. In this scheme financial assistance is rendered to the registered voluntary organisations/ institutions working in the field of public library services for purchase of books (including binding, furniture and equipment, computer with accessories and also for construction of buildings including addition and alteration of the building of the library wing of the organization. Maximum extent of assistance is Rs.4.50 lakhs for construction of building and Rs.1.50 lakh for other purposes. The gran is released on the recommendation of the Grant Committee constituted for the purpose by the Foundation, normally to such organisations as are recommended by the state governments/ union territory administrations.

      1. Assistance to children’s Libraries & Children’s Section of General Public Libraries60

The object of this non-matching scheme is to promote and support children’s libraries all over the country with the view to develop reading habit among the children. The scope of assistance of this scheme has been widened to cover the Women’s Section and Senior Citizen’s Section and the section of the Neo-Literates of the general public libraries. The revised extent of assistance to the Children’s Section is Rs.25,0000/-; for the Women’s Section Rs.15,000/- and for the Senior Citizen’s Section and Neo-Literate Section Rs.10,000/- respectively.

For the Children’s Section assistance is available for the purchase of reading materials, audio-visual materials for educational purposes, racks, almirahs, reading tables and chairs for the children. For the Women’s and Senior Citizen’s Section assistance is available for the purchase of reading materials, audio-visual materials for educational purposes, racks, almirahs, reading chairs and tables.

      1. Assistance to Libraries towards Celebration of Golden Jubilee Year/ Platinum Jubilee Year/ Centenary Year/ 125 Year/ 150 Year/ 175 Year and like61

It is non-matching scheme introduced during 1990-91. The objective of the scheme is to render financial support towards celebration of Golden Jubilee/ Platinum Jubilee/ Centenary Year/ 125 Year/ 150 Year/ 175 Year and like. Assistance under this scheme is given to old reputed libraries which have been providing public library services to the pupil of the locality with dedication and bears the credit of developing reading habit and enrichment of culture of the local community. The extent of assistance under the scheme is maximum amount of Rs.50,000/- for organization of seminars/ workshop befitting the occasion, purchase of books, furniture and equipment, renovation of library building by means of painting, white wash and repairing, organization of cultural function, debate, essay competition on a topic of library movement, national integration, publishing centenary volume of educational and cultural value, felicitation of distinguished and/ or veteran library professional in the area and award to staff of the library as mark of dedication, efficiency and trustworthiness.

      1. Assistance towards Collection and Compilation of Library Statistics through Official and Non-Official Agencies62

This is a non-matching scheme introduced during 1994-95. The objective of the scheme is to collect annual statistics of public library services through library associations or other such suitable agencies by paying grants to the concerned institutions/ organisations.

      1. Assistance towards Establishment of R.R.R.L.F. Children’s Corner63

The objective of this non-matching scheme is to promote and support children’s libraries and children’s section of general public libraries all over the country to attract the children to the library to inculcate reading habit in them, to eqip children with lifelong learning and literacy scheme and to enable to participate and contribute to the community. The extent of assistance under this scheme is limited to Rs.1.5 lakh for building of infrastructure and purchase of audio-visual

materials, especially designed book racks, chairs and tables for the children and computer with multimedia kit. The 30% of the total grant is meant for purchase of books, toys, periodicals, comics, learning games etc. for the children.


8.7.1 Birth Anniversary Celebration of Raja Rammohun Roy & Celebration of Foundation Day

The birth anniversary of Raja Rammohun Roy and the Foundation day of RRRLF have been celebrated in a simple but auspicious manner since 1972-73, the year of its inception without break till date. Normally, the anniversary celebration is observed on 22nd May every year, the date of birth of Raja Rammohun Roy at different important cities of the country. To propagate the activities of the Foundation the Foundation organizes “Raja Rammohun Roy Memorial Lecture” as part of the anniversary celebration which has now become an annual ceremonial event.

      1. Library Legislation:

The Foundation impressed upon different states and Union Territories who have not yet adopted library legislation, the desirability of library legislation on any model considered suitable for their States or Territories64.

Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation and the Indian Library Association call upon all the states and union territories which have not yet enacted public library law to adopt library legislation by the year 1992, the birth centenary year of S. R. Ranganathan, as a tribute to the great champion of library movement in the country.65 This call was given at a national seminar Model Public Library Act held under the joint auspices of the Foundation and the Indian Library Association in New Delhi on February 14, 1990. The seminar was inaugurated by Prof. K. A. Issac, Gandhiji University, Kottayam, Kerala. Prof Krishan Kumar, President, ILA presided over the inaugural function. Dr. B. P. Barua, President, RRRLF, coordinated the Seminar. The working document on the model public libraries act was presented by Dr. V. Venkatappaiah. The resource persons were: G.V.S.L.N. Raju of Andhra University, Prof. P. S. G. Kumar of Nagpur University, Prof. Navlani of Punjabi University, and Sri K. M. Ujlambkar, president, Indian Public Library Association, Sri C. P. Vashishth, General Secretary, ILA acted as the rapporteur. Among other important speakers mention may be made of Prof. P. B. Mangla of Delhi University and Vice President of IFLA, Shri Subhas Biswas, President-Elect of ILA and Shri N. B. Inamdar of Osmaniya University and a member of the Foundation.

Representatives of different state governments, and those of the state level Library Associations were also participated. The representatives of the state governments spoke on the status of the library legislation in their respective states, while the representatives of the Library Associations deliberated on the working document.

It was felt that the Model Public Libraries Act drafted by Dr. Venkatappaiah needed more time for critical analysis. Therefore it was resolved that the draft document be circulated to the experts for their comments their comments. On receiving the comments and in the light of the deliberations of the seminar the working document would then accordingly be revised and be formally adopted by the Indian Library Association.

The seminar then called upon all concerned to make all efforts for the adoption of library legislation by the states and union territories which did not adopted the same till that time, by the by the year 1992, the birth centenary year of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan.

Till 2009-10, seventeen states – 1) Tamil Nadu (1948), 2) Andhra Pradesh (1960), 3) Karnataka (1965), 4) Maharastra (1967), 5) West Bengal (1979), 6) Manipur (1988), 7) Haryana (1989), 8) Kerala (1989), 9) Goa (1993) 10) Mizoram (1993), 11) Gujrat (2000), 12) Orissa, 13) Uttarakhand (2005), 14) Rajasthan (2006), 15) Uttarpradesh, 16) Bihar (2008) and 17) Arunachal Pradesh (2009) have adopted library legislations66.

      1. Collection of Statistics:

In the year 1992-93 an ambitious project has been taken up to have survey of the public libraries spread over all the states and union territories of the country. For this purpose, it was decided to mobilize the resources of the state library associations. During 1994-95, Maharastra, Manipur, and Tamil Nadu. The magnitude of the task being enormous it was expected that it would take two to three years to complete the compilation work. After the compilation work being complete it would be required to make processing of data and this task would also take more time. However, the present venture once completed, the Foundation certainly claim to come up with a real life data of the activity level of the numerous public libraries of the country.

Collection of data on public library services all over the country has been going on through the resources of the State Govt./ library Directorates and library Associations. Data entry work has been in progress in Application Software developed by NIC67.

      1. Special Library on Public Library and Information Services

A Special Library on Library and Information Science was opened in the Foundation. Selected newspapers and journals are regularly subscribed. It started functioning since 1981-8268 in the headquarters of the Foundation. Many important books and journals on library and information science have been acquired in Special Library. The collection strength of the library increased from 401 volumes of books and 10 subscribed periodicals to 1,315 books and 43 journals during the 7th Plan period. Some preliminary statistics on public libraries have been collected. A Directory of Indian Public Libraries was published in 1986. The research project for the preparation of Guidelines on Public Library Systems and Services was completed during this period. During 2009-10, the last annual report published by the Foundation, the collection strength of books of the Special Library of the Foundation goes up to 12,186 including 6883 books accessioned from Central Selection Scheme. The library also possesses 42 video cassettes on library and information science and some CDs. At present it subscribes to 5 Indian journals and receives 3 as complimentary69. It also receives one foreign journal from IFLA and three Indian journals, one each from BLA, ILA, and IASLIC against institutional membership70.

Catalogue of books of the Special Library of the Foundation and books selected under the scheme of Central Selection of Books is available on the website for public access and the location of the libraries in which the selected books could be available71.

      1. Research and Advisory Functions72

A research cell along with a Special Library on Library and Information Science and a statistical unit was opened up in the Foundation office.

In the 4th meeting of the Research Committee of the Foundation held in Calcutta on August 4, 1990 the Guidelines for Public Library Systems and services has finally been approved.73 The committee, among other things, discussed organization of the proposed National Seminar on Public Libraries, Literacy and Adult education in the month of February 1991.

Efforts were on to collect data on public libraries covering the whole country, the resources of the State Governments and the Union Territory Administrations, Directorate of Libraries of the states, and State Library Associations74. Data entry has been going on in application software developed by NIC.

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