Sax Quartet: Buchholz, Gierke, Granfor, and new member Bommersbach Flood insurance on Foss Hall

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Music Department Meeting – Friday, January 28, 2011, 10:00 am

Attendance: Adams, Hagen, Klingenstein, Larson, Levy, Namminga, Skroch

Sax Quartet: Buchholz, Gierke, Granfor, and new member Bommersbach
Flood insurance on Foss Hall: $200,000 of flood insurance on the building.  Coverage is limited to mechanical/electrical items, drywall in basement, flooring and drywall on the upper floors (except in the rooms that slope down below ground), and cleanup expense.
Alumni Bulletin:

  • CSA Director article in

  • Levy-ACDA Chicago info turned in

  • Hagen-composer’s contest/grant

  • Levy/Hagen state president position?

  • Ramos-bike racks?

Hall of Fame in ’11 or ’12

  • Discussed nomination brought over by Kim Hesch -Letter for Bill Lydell as possible candidate from Bob Lentz and EBCs

  • Hesch suggested place requests for nominations in the Bulletin

  • Discussion held on merits of every year vs. alternate years

  • Event requires faculty supervisor (Adams a possibility) – Larson would assist

  • Group decided to announce Hall of Fame fall 2012

Summer Registrations:

April 8 pm-Whitney

April 29 pm-Whitney

June 17 pm- Adams, Whitney

June 27 am- Adams, Whitney

Tiers of scholarships:

Tier 1: Full tuition for 1st rate brass quintet members stellar musician and good academics

Hager @ $5882, Burgess @ $7554

Tier 2: $1500-2500 good musician and good academics

Good, Nelson ($2000), Reynolds (?weak audition)

Tier 3: $1000 good musician OR good academics

Hahn (GPA is 2.0)

Tier 4: $500-800 promising musician, good academics

Jordan ($700)

Tier 5: participant awards: Booth, Hoover, Lemer, Meyers

Brass Quintet members: Trumpet: Nelson, and Reynolds or Phillips; French Horn: Zinke; Trombone: Burgess, Tuba: Hager
Auditioned Prospects/Scholarships Determined:

Burgess, David, AK, trombone, brass scholarship app, music ed major

  • VCSU app-AP NO TRANSCRIPT yet, no $ yet Have $ app, ref letter, essay, ACT 27; SAT 1860; GPA 3.93, Tier 1 Brass Scholarship

  • Needs to take placement exam – Hagen

Geffre, Jennifer- Volga, SD, alto-soprano, alto/tenor sax, 9 yrs piano, 4.0, 26 ACT, mus ed major (+ theatre) no $ at this time

  • No VCSU app, no $ app, ref, essay

  • audition Nov. 18th for BGK and SH -only band parts audition again with voice/piano if seeking scholarship $

Good, Bradyn-Rolla, Music Ed/F & W, Saxophone, voice; 3.67, ACT 20. 50% theory exam, rec. 101 for summer Tier 2

  • Rec’d essay, $ app, 2 ref letters, VCSU app-admitted , Scholarship $1500 Tharaldson

  • Well-prepared audition – a lot of potential for either voice or instrument. No piano.

Hager, Lyle-transfer MSUM, Mus Ed. / Minor Mus Business, 2 yrs theory (3 cr no aural), 3 sem class piano, GPA 3.41, Tier 1 Brass Scholarship

  • VCSU app, admitted, have $ app, ref, DVD audition , release from MSUM

Hahn, Rebecca- Pierre SD, Voice, Mus Ed, VCSU or Northern, taking HS theory spring semester, almost no piano Tier 3

  • VCSU app-admitted V-500 $2500 w/ ACT 23 (AK checking on this?). Have $ app, essay, theory exam-no pass. GPA 2.095, ACT 22 or 23

  • Audition Jan 24, Hagen acc

Hoover, Danae, VCHS, sax, band participant band $100; or band + lessons $200

  • VCSU app admitted, have scholarship app

Jordan, Matt – transfer, Mus Ed, French Horn, voice, Audition 1/22 acc Hagen $700 with horn & voice lessons

  • VCSU app-NOT ADMITTED, NO $, have $ app, ref, essay; 70.5% theory exam, ____ GPA No transcripts yet

Lemer, Deven, VC-Tuba, participant,– no $ OR $150 if lessons + band

Nelson, Alec-Jamestown, trumpet/tenor , Mus Ed, History Ed Tier 2 Consider - $2,000-$2,500 VCSU or NSU

  • VCSU app-admitted, V-500 $2500; have $ app, 2 ref letters, 75% on theory placement, rec. 101 for summer

Reynolds, Benjamin, AKtrumpet, baritone, guitar, Mus Business; 1750 SAT; 4.00 GPA (eligible for Presidential), Tier 2

  • VCSU app, admitted, have $app, ref letter, DVD audition , need theory exam - Hagen

  • DVD – trumpet scales need work; has range and sound; no vocal audition, but good recommendation from instructor for voice

Wolf, Allison-Bismarck, Voice, Music Business, 84% theory exam, GPA 3.6, ACT 16-no $, recommend bus courses + 131, 170, 102

  • VCSU app, admitted V-500 $2500; have no $ app, essay, ref, Audition Jan22 , Elissa Berg acc

Auditioned Prospects/Scholarships TBA:

Booth, Kyle-MN, baritone, participant, Auditioned 12/2010, VCSU app, admitted, Choir only –Levy decide on scholarship

Clifton, Ben-Cooperstown, Mus Ed or Rasmussen, baritone, Audition Jan 22, mother acc

  • Need VCSU app, have $ app , ref, essay,81% theory exam, GPA 3.65, ACT 20 NO APP YET, so NO $, AK will call him

Hoffman, Samantha-choir participant, poss. minor- Levy decide on scholarship

Myers, Preston-bass- Levy decide on scholarship bass lessons + choir
Coming Auditions:

Berntson, Sarah-Kulm

  • Mus Business – Hagen

  • VCSU app-admitted $1500 V-500 – Needs to audition, submit $ app, take placement exam, GPA 2.26, ACT 18

Bloomquist, Krystin-Tower City, trombone, art ed major, band participant, poss. Music minor

  • VCSU Admitted, $2500 V500, Need $ app , ref, essay, GPA 3.3

  • Audition Feb 15-16

Pederson, Courtney, W Fargo, Mus Ed, flute

  • VCSU app-admitted , $5000, GPA 3.8 ACT 25

  • Need $ app, essay, theory placement, have ref letter, audition Fri Jan 28, 3:30 pm

Ritten, Samantha, Wyndmere-valve trombone, poss. major, piano acc, starred vocal Solos (cousin of J Halvorson)

  • Adams will contact – spoke with mother – not sure on which college to attend. V500, but no app yet

Smith, Pierce-Alexandria, SD, flute/sax/voice, Levy left message 1/9/2011, Adams contact

Swenson, Leif, Shelly MN, baritone, No app, Adams will contact

Woolworth, Eric-Hayti, SD-Trumpet, Tenor, Mus Business – Adams contact – sent him info

  • Need VCSU application, $ app, audition, essay

Other Prospects:

Allensworth, Laib– Adams

Anderson, Alison, sax-Adams

Anderson, Candice– Adams

Anderson, Carley-Levy

Ayre, Morgan-Winnipeg, Levy

Barker, Lauren- Fr Horn, Adams

Betterly, Kassandra- Levy

Bruno, Anthony,Transfer from American River College, CA

  • Music business (and track &field), Guitar

  • Levy contacted 1/14/11

Clark, Trever– Adams

DeVito, Shaynee– Adams

Fisher, Kaylee- Levy

Gagundes, Anthony

  • American River College, CA, 27 credits, 3.0

  • Levy telephoned Fall ‘10

Hepp, Joshua– Adams

Herrera, Sharlene??- Levy

Holkesvig, Alayna-E Grand Forks, MN

  • Levy contacted 1/19/11

Iputi, Lave– Adams

Jarland, Kate – Jamestown , clarinet, Adams

Johnson, Aislynne- Levy

Kieper, Ashton- Levy

Lawson, Alexia– Adams

Lorig, Alisha– Adams

Mattson, Saydee-flute-Adams

Meath, Breanne– Adams

McCombs, Mariah– Adams

Noeske, Nick- bari sax-Adams

Ohlhauser, Jocelyn- Levy

Paradeis, Paul-Spencer, SD-Tuba, Trumpet, Tenor

  • Levy left message 1/9/11

  • Adams contact

Phipps, Christina- Levy

Pryce, Hannah– Adams

Puffe, Alisha-Levy

Ringle, Elizabeth– Adams

Ross, Adelyn- Levy

Samson, Afton- Levy

Sandborn, Sara– Adams

Scharpen, Emily- Levy

Schwab, Kaley- Levy

Smith, Pierce-Levy

Smith, Sylvia– Adams

Sortland, Samantha- Jamestown, vocal Levy

Stiel, Courtney- Levy

Swanson, Kayla, Crookston , Levy emailed 1/14/11

Toney, Brandie– Adams

Tretter, Logan– Adams

Volk, Shana- Levy

Wollan, Briana- Levy

Wright, Joseph– Adams

Other Business:

Current VCSU student scholarship scoring:

  • Discussed the scoring for these students – faculty have varying opinions about interpretation of categories

  • Levy discussed possibly having a different/clearer scoring – or more clarification on the current

  • Take into consideration attitude of student inside and outside of class

  • revise rubric for next year

Minutes submitted by Paula Larson

cc: Music Department, Dahlberg, Shirley, Henjum

Download 30.31 Kb.

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