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  • Taught mathematics to Juveniles, through the Bennion Center, U. of Utah, for one quarter, evening classes, twice each week, 1995

  • Served as a mentor for the School-to Careers program that aims to provide high-school students with hands-on look at their chosen career.

  • One high-school student from Brighton High, Eight weeks, Fall Semester, 1998

  • Volunteer to help students in High School, who live in buildings owned by the Housing Authority of Salt Lake (HASL). Helped with homework in Math and English, Two Hours each week at Granite Park Junior High School, 450E 3700S, SLC, Utah 84106, Spring Semester, 1999.

  • Served as a judge in the First Annual Western Washington State, First Lego League Tournament, Held in the International School Gymnasium, Dec 7th 2002.

  • Served as a judge for evaluating Student Presentations at the CH2M HILL Mock Project Management Contest organized by CH2M HILL and the UW Diversity and Student Services, at UW, 5.30pm-8.00pm, Feb 27th 2006. Student Teams included: (a) Society of Women Engineers; (b) Civil Engineering Student Group, (c) Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers; and (d) American Indian Science and Technology Society.

  • Served as a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professional advisor for the Partnership for Science & Engineering Practices program with Seattle Public Schools, Renton School District, the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) and the University of Washington’s College of Education. A core component of the project is to adapt the school districts’ current science instructional materials to align with the national Next Generation Science Standards. Issues included integrating the claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) model and Engineering Design into the classroom. Summer 2013.

Panel Member to Review proposals:
1 NSF ENG/DMII Division, 1997.

2 NSF ENG/DMII, 2000.

3 NSF ENG/DMII Division 2000.

4 NSF CMS Division, 2001.

5 NSF ENG/DMII Division 2001.

6 NIH Tissue Engineering Panel for SBIR/STTR Proposals from NHLBI, 2001.

7 NSF DUE, 2002.

8 NSF SBIR Proposals, ENG Division, 2002.

9 NIH Musculo-skeletal and Dental Sciences Special Emphasis Panel, ZRG1 SSS-M, 2002.

10 NSF CMS Division, 2003.

11 NIH Microscopic Imaging Study Section, ZRG1 M1 01, July, 2004.

12 NSF, CMS Division, Winter Quarter, 2006.

13 NIH, Confocal Microscopy Shared Instrumentation Panel, ZRG1-CB-F, September 2006.

14 NSF, CMII Division, Fall Quarter, 2006.

15 NSF, DGE Division, Spring Quarter, 2007.

16 NSF, CMII Division, Spring Quarter, 2007.

17 NIH, I-START Program, Summer Quarter, 2008.

18 NSF, CMII Division, Fall Quarter, 2008.

19 NSF, CMII Division, Spring Quarter, 2010.

20 NSF, EEC Division, Spring Quarter, 2011

21 NSF, CMII Division, Fall Quarter, 2012.

22 NSF, CMII Division, Spring Quarter, 2016.

23 NSF, Committee of Visitors (COV), EEC Division, Summer Quarter, 2016.

24 NSF, CMII Division, Fall Quarter, 2016.

25 NSF, CMII Division, Fall Quarter, 2017.


Graduate Program Co-ordinator (GPC) at UW
UW, Mech, Eng, Dept., May 2001-May 2002.
Student Fellowships: Worked to increase the number of students applying for national fellowships from the ME department. This was done through the following:

  1. Generated a list of fellowships (with fellowship amounts, timelines, and web-pages for more information) , which was provided to entering graduate students.

  2. Met with and encouraged newly admitted graduate students in Autumn 2001 to apply for these fellowships.

  3. Met with (and provided the list of fellowships to) seniors who are interested in graduate school. Encouraged them to apply for Fellowships.

Admission Process: Revived the Graduate Admissions Committee: Members included W. Li, J. Riley and S. Devasia who helped to make the admissions and fellowships decisions.

Recruitment: Worked with faculty to increase RA offers to incoming graduate students. Students were made RA offers in combination with TA offers.


UW Mech. Eng. Dept., (2010-2013)

New Research Collaborations: Faculty research exchange with the medical school (Dental school), which led to new research collaborations. Developed handouts of faculty research in main research thrusts for the department, i.e., in Energy and Health.

  • Graduate Seminars: Developed a weekly departmental graduate seminar series that is well attended by graduate students. Brought top researchers to UW to increase visibility.

  • Visibility: Helped to organize and upgrade research-related webpages for the Department. Helped to develop a unified format to display departmental research in the ME building’s main hallways, and worked with faculty to update the displays.

  • Faculty Awards: Reinitiated the departmental awards committee and successfully nominated faculty to national awards to increase departmental visibility.

  • Other Tasks: Updated a database of faculty space usage. Consolidated printer rooms and storage rooms to free office spaces in department. Upgraded the departmental seminar room and student lounges. Managed staff associated with infrastructure such as the machine shop, and departmental labs.

  • Professional Masters: Brainstormed with the Chair and Associate Chair for Academic Affairs in initial stages of designing a professional master’s program for the department.


UW, College of Engineering (COE), UW, (2013 onwards)

  • Faculty Hiring: Developed a streamlined process for speedy review and approval of faculty offers, and worked to leverage departmental, college, and university funds for startups.

  • Student Recruitment: Developed a new process to substantially increase the number of successful top students recruitment with multi-year Department/COE fellowships.

  • Center Organization: Worked with the center director of the UW Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JCATI) to develop a rigorous review process that addressed potential conflict of interests, and included feedback to proposal writers.

  • Industry Relations: COE lead for developing a Boeing Master Agreement to promote research projects with industry. Worked on a range of issues that included timely publications, and managing (background and project-related) intellectual property.

  • Boeing Center Development: Worked with Boeing and Per Reinhall (ME Chair) to put together the Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Pre-packaged IP: COE lead to develop, with the UW Center for Commercialization, a pre-packaged Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement to foster industry-funded research. UW officially launched this program in 2015.

  • College of Engineering (COE) Research Thrusts: Planned and held a UW COE leadership retreat to determine strategic thrust areas for the college. These were identified to be: (i) Engineering and Health; (ii) Engineering and Environment; (iii) Infrastructure and Smart Cities; (iv) Engineering and Energy; and (v) Manufacturing/Aerospace.

  • COE Strategic Research Teams, 2014-15: Brought together key faculty in research thrust areas to identify and launch COE-level strategic initiatives in five major thrust areas: Energy, Environment, Health, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing. These initiatives include: (i) multi-departmental cluster hiring of faculty; and (ii) a COE-level Strategic Initiatives Fund for seeding funding high-impact faculty-led research initiatives.

  • Industry-focused Center Development 2014-15: Organized the NASA-Industry-UW Workshop on Manufacturing Innovation, October 2nd, 2014. The workshop identified needs and gaps for a potential industry-focused center at UW. Developed a white paper for this center. We submitted a request for information (RFI) towards a potential center.

  • Nano Engineering and Sciences Visioning Committee 2015-16: Ex-officio-member. Develop a vision for the new NanoES facilities to enable UW faculty to take the lead in and make an impact on areas of strategic interest to the college such as health care, energy, and manufacturing.

Data are extracted from the Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index Databases of the Institute for Scientific Information, Inc., ISI, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA,

** Some of the conference papers are preliminary versions of later archival journal papers

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