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Argument Essay Student Sample

Directions: read the sample paragraphs and compare them to the Essay Format Mr. Gardner has given you. Highlight, underline, or circle the 3 requirements for each paragraph.

Sample Introductory Paragraph:

The School Board has recently proposed a bond levy to add new facilities as well as conduct some major repairs to the school. The bond includes building a new gymnasium, a new science room and lab, a new Media Center/Library, a new Chapter 1 and Special Education classrooms, and other facilities such as more parking space, an increase in storage area, and new locker rooms. Along with new construction, the board is proposing to remodel facilities such as drama/music areas, the entire roof, the heating system, the school kitchen, and present gym as well. Several arguments have been made brought up concerning the bond since it failed in the March election. Some say that the school doesn’t need to have brand new facilities and better classrooms. Another issue that people may be concerned with is the money that taxpayers have to put up for the building. However, this bond allowing the School Board to add more facilities should be passed in order for young students to be provided a better education.

Sample Body Paragraph:

Many good reasons exist for funding this construction now. For one, better facilities will be made available to everyone: staff member, students, and community members. The new gym will allow student athletes to have earlier practices and more time for homework. With only one gym in a K-12 school system, the junior high has to practice in the morning before school, starting at 6:30 am, meaning both of the girls and boys’ teams have to practice at the same time, with half of the court for the girls and half of the court for boys. After school, the high school girls practice from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. The varsity boys would then start at 5:30 or 6 and go until 7:30. After that, the junior varsity boys come in for an hour and a half. It’s absurd to think that student athletes can make good use of their time with a schedule like that. If the bond passes, both the new gym and the present gym would be used for practices and athletes wouldn’t have to wait so long to practice every day.

Sample Concluding Paragraph:

It is clear our school needs significant improvements in which case the bond must be passed. Just this year the school had to shut down for days at a time as a result of a malfunction of the heating system. The roof of the library also had a leaking problem all winter long. If something isn’t done now, then the facilities will continue to grow steadily worse. The construction and remodeling needs to be done eventually, so why not now, when interest rates are low and expenses are also low. As a community, education is an essential part of the future. In the past, our community has relied on the timber industry for employment, but times are changing and the younger generations need to be better prepared to meet the challenges that arise. For example, they need to be able to take part in a variety of activities and be able to achieve in many different areas. If the school in inadequate, how can the younger generations be provided with the education and training they need to be successful in the future?
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