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Sample Essays from Released WESTEST 2 Online Writing Prompts
WESTEST 2 Online Writing Released Passage and Prompt

Grade 6 – Persuasive

WESTEST 2 Online Writing

Sixth Grade Passage and Prompt

DIRECTIONS: Read the passage and prompt and type a composition in the box below.



Every day, we are exposed to an enormous amount of advertising. In the course of a year, the average student watches almost 40,000 television commercials. No matter what we do or where we go, we are almost certain to find advertisements of one type of another. Whether we like it or not, these advertisements play a very important role in our lives.
Your class has been discussing the power and influence that advertising has upon us. In class, you have focused on the ways that television commercials can affect our daily lives. By telling us what to buy, what to wear, what we should look like, and, in a way, even how we should act and feel, these commercials shape our everyday behavior. They give us ideas about what is and is not important, the sorts of lives we should lead, and the types of people we should admire. In this way, the advertisements we see on television may influence our goals and dreams. They may even change the way we think about everything.
Your teacher has asked everyone in the class to write a composition that could persuade advertisers to change just ONE thing about the way they promote their products. She will be posting the compositions on the class website.


Write a composition for the class website that will persuade advertisers to change ONE thing about how they advertise their products. Be sure to include reasons that will convince the advertisers that the change you suggest is important.

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6th Grade Essay – Persuasive – Advertising – Sample
Those commercials that you see on tv they can tell you what places have the stuff you see on tv.It is really important watching commercials because they help us advance in our everyday lives.Every year some people watch thousands of tv commercials and they are also important because when you are sick there can be a commercial that could talk about a certain type of medicine that can help people get better soon, and there could be a commercial that shows people kinds of exercise equipment that people can go and buy that stuff if they are really overweight.There could even be a advertisement about the news and it's really important to watch the news because there could be a type of weather warning that might come in your town like a massive hail storm,or there could be a really bad flooding.And that is why I think that it should be really important to watch advertisements.

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