Sages university Seminar Essay Awards 2013-2014

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SAGES University Seminar Essay Awards


The Department of English, SAGES, and the Center for the Study of Writing are pleased to announce the AY 2013-2014 SAGES University Seminar Essay Awards, which recognize the best essays produced by our students enrolled in SAGES University Seminars. Each selected essay will be published in a prize booklet; student authors will receive a cash prize. Note: students who will graduate in the current academic year are not eligible for this award.

Award Procedure:

  • Faculty and/or Writing Instructors in SAGES University Seminars may nominate up to two essays from their courses by completing this form and returning it to by or before the date that grades are due each semester (December 20, 2013 & May 30, 2014).

  • Students will be contacted and asked to submit final, electronic copies of their essays by the end of the drop/add period of the following semester (January 24, 2014 & September 5, 2014). Essays composed in fall semester will be held for judging until the following spring semester’s essays have been received.

  • Essays will be judged by writing faculty and awards will be announced in time for the publication of the prize booklet, which will be distributed at the fall Celebration of Student Writing (December 2014).

SAGES University Seminar Essay Award Nomination Form

Faculty Name:

Course Number & Title:

Student Name & CWRU Network ID:

Essay Title:

Please describe the assignment for which this essay was written (≤100 words):

Please explain briefly what makes this essay outstanding (≤100 words):

Please note: Faculty assignment descriptions and evaluations of student writing may be published in the prize booklet alongside the winning essays.

Download 5.8 Kb.

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