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Questions 1-4

Complete each sentence with the correct ending A - H below.

Write the correct ending A - H in spaces 1-4 below.

1 .One species of the beetle population may spread

2 .You can detect the presence of beetles

3 .You may kill household spiders

4 .Beetles will disappear at a faster rate

  1. If the building is kept in good condition.

  1. If you clog the suspected holes with furniture polish, paper or card.

  1. If the temperature rises to above about 17oC during the emergence season.

  1. If you use a contact insecticide

  1. If it was installed a few decades earlier

  1. if changes in weather patterns continue.

  1. If the use of surface treatments is avoided.

  1. If the wood has a low sapwood concentration.

Questions 5-9
Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage. In spaces 5 - 9 below, write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information

FALSE if the statement contradicts the information

NOT GIVEN If there is no information on this

5.Infestation by beetles deep within modified heart wood can be identified by the type of hole visible.

6.Clogging a hole with furniture polish or paper will trap the beetle inside permanently.

7.Paste insecticides are less effective than any other kind.

8.Surface spray treatments are sometimes effective for the House Longhorn Beetle

9.Heat treatments lend to cause less damage than other treatments.

Questions 10-13

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.

10.The point the writer makes about deathwatch beetles is that A they must be eliminated quickly.

B only natural predation will keep them under control.

C with good maintenance it may be possible to eliminate them.

D they are here to stay and do great damage.

11.One way to trap deathwatch beetles is to attract them to

A daylight. B a totally dark environment.

C a constantly warm environment. D a light trap in a dark place.

12.Surface spray treatments are not effective because

A the beetles are immune to them. B they do not reach the beetles.

C they react poorly to wooden surfaces. D they attract other harmful creatures.

13.Damage by the House Longhorn Beetle is sometimes found further afield than London because A temperatures have increased.

B the timber was not local timber.

C there was no effective treatment previously.

D the type of timber has changed.

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