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PART 4: Listen to a recording about a growth mindset and complete the summary by writing NO MORE THAN THREE words and/or a number in each gap. (20 points)

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PART 4: Listen to a recording about a growth mindset and complete the summary by writing NO MORE THAN THREE words and/or a number in each gap. (20 points)

Growth mindset has acquired 1.________ these days with studies indicating greater success for those who

embrace efforts and learning than those who are merely supportive of 2. __________. Similarly, deceptive

behaviours are found in companies encouraging talent game while higher rates of innovative developments, greater 3. _________ as well as more dedicated staff are reported in companies supporting growth. However, a growth mindset can also be misinterpreted.

One common misconception is to dismiss the evolutionary nature of growth and to mistake features such as a 4.________ or receptiveness for a growth mindset. Next, people might misinterpret endeavors as a sure

component of a growth mindset while not attaching enough significance to 5. _______ which involve the lessons

learnt, progress made and processes engaged in. Finally, organisations may solely announce their goals to achieve 6. _________ without 7. ______ and _________.

All in all, organisations that encourage a growth zone value learning and support certain levels of 8. ________.

In such environments, not 9._________ but ________ is espoused, and the concept of “growth” must be truly

delivered to employees through actions. The fixed mindset that triggers 10.__________ in response to negative

feedback might be an obstacle to growth thinking; therefore, the key is to get insight into what a growth mindset truly means and how to put it into practice.


Part 1. Choose the best option A, B, C, or D to complete the following sentences. (20 points)

  1. - Why didn’t you stop the car? There’s a ‘stop’ sign over there! You _______ us all!

A. could have killed

B. can’t have killed

C. will kill

D. mustn’t kill


Not only _______more brittle than hard maples, but they are also less able to withstand high winds.

A. soft maples are

B. soft maples

C. they are soft maples

D. are soft maples


That book is by a famous anthropologist. It’s about the people in Samoa _______ for two years.

A. that she lived

B. that she lived among them

C. among whom she lived

D. where she lived among them

4. _______ in this national park declined from a few thousand to a few hundred in ten years.

A. For a number of tigers

B. That the number of tigers

C. The number of tigers

D. A number of tigers


The shapes of snow crystals depend largely _______ temperature and humidity are.

A. how high its

B. on how the height of the

C. on how high the

D. that the height of the


The runner was far ahead for most of the race, but at the end she won only _______ .

A. larger than life

B. on the dot

C. by a whisker

D. a notch above

7.The luxurious office accentuated the manager’s position ____. It enhanced his power and his sense of his

own worth. And it made other people feel small.

A.on the pecking pole B.in the nibbling line

C.at the nipping post D. in the packing order

8.I was in the ______ of despair before I heard the good news.

A. depths B. profundities C. bottoms D. holes

9. This is the _________timetable for the conference. It may change later

A. conditional B. indefinite C. provisional D. indeterminate

10.Some find it hard to _____ themselves to the new working condition.

A. apply

B. accommodate

C. habituate

D. conduct

11. The contemporary dialogue for me struck a slightly _______ note.

A. disembodied

B. discordant

C. dismissive

D. disconcerting

12. Both of the jobs I’ve been offered are fantastic opportunities – I’m in such _______!

A. a constituency

B. a deviation

C. an arrhythmia

D. a quandary

13.The starter motor was _________ again, which got on my nerves.

A. firing away

B. playing up

C. sounding out

D. harping on

14. By now the passengers were getting _________ with the delay.

A. palmed off

B. fobbed off

C. browned off D. nodded off

  1. The immigrants from this country will not be given the right of ________ in Britain when the new legislation comes into force.

  1. The President has gotten used to being _________ by his political opponents whenever a new policy is proposed.

A blasted off

B ripped off

C zonked out

D sniped at


Breaking his leg dealt a ______ to his chances of becoming a professional footballer.

A. thump

B. strike

C. hit

D. blow


Having lost her home, Lucy got _____ a gang of people who hang around causing trouble.

A. in with

B. up to

C. on with

D. by on


I forgot my glasses so I'm as blind as a(n)_______.

A. bat

B. owl

C. racoon

D. beaver


I didn’t ________ to be a millionaire- I just wanted to run a successful business.

A. crop up

B. wind down

C. set out

D. tide over

Part 2: Give the correct form of each given word to complete the following sentences. (10 points)

1.He was made headmaster as a ________ till a new man could be appointed. STOP

2.Yet again, it was a ________ which she would need to explain and correct. FALSE

3.Sometimes, the leaves of ________ plants clash with the colours of their own flowers. VARIANT

4.Roads became ________ for lack of maintenance. PASS

5.I've not been sleeping well since the house was ransacked, and it's made me very ________. EDGE

6.It occurred to him that it might be easier to find ________ employment in Cornwall. GAIN

7.His ________ towards other people had made him very unpopular. CIVIL

8.In Paris, proud _____ never went out of fashion. INTELLECT

9.I met my old friend at the supermarket this morning, which was quite ________. FORTUNE

10.It has the effect too of keeping to the ________ the meanings recognized by participants. FRONT

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