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My Essay Title

My Name

My School Name


My abstract starts here. Once I replace this place-holder text, it will be a paragraph of about 150-250 words. It will be awesome.

My Essay Title (Again!)

My essay starts here. Yeah! Notice that each paragraph is indented one tab space. So if I just keep typing and then press Enter …

I will start a new paragraph here!1 By the way, if I’m going to use headers I will use the following format for organizing information:

First Level Header (Bold, Centered, and in Title Case)

Second Level Header (Bold, Left Aligned, and in Title Case)

Third level header (indented, bold, and lowercase), ending with a period.

Fourth level header (same as the third level, but now in italics!).

Fifth level header (same as the fourth level, but not in bold).


First Citation. Right now the Paragraph Setting is set to hanging indentation, which is why as you keep typing each line after the first is indented. To start a new entry simply …

Press Enter.

1 This is a sample footnote. According to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (p. 229), the first line of each footnote should be indented one tab space.

Download 6.31 Kb.

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