Rooted & Rising Lutheran Student Movement-usa 2015 Alternative Spring Break

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Rooted & Rising

Lutheran Student Movement-USA 2015 Alternative Spring Break

The Lutheran Student Movement - United States of America (LSM-USA) is a student led, Christ driven organization of Lutheran college students, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Mission Statement

Called by the grace of God and nurtured in a community built around the Word and Sacrament, we, the Lutheran Student Movement - USA, join together to serve God and Minister in Christ's name. Through this ministry and in the Lutheran tradition of reform, we explore social and spiritual concerns and accept the challenge to unite with all the people of God.

Rooted & Rising

Lutheran Student Movement-USA 2015 Alternative Spring Break

What:   Lutheran Student Movement-USA is offering an alternative spring break trip to Detroit, Michigan in advance of next summer’s youth gathering. With the help of local ELCA congregations and community organizations, students will be immersed in the issues that face urban Detroit through accompaniment and service learning. Participants’ transportation, room, and boarding will be covered by LSM-USA.

When: LSM-USA is offering three separate weeklong opportunities.

  • March 2nd-6th, 2015

  • March 9th-13th, 2015

  • March 16th-20th, 2015

Where: Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Who:   College students from around the country are encouraged to apply. However, spots are limited to 1-2 students per campus.

Why:   In addition to offering a unique and powerful spring break experience, LSM-USA is also hoping to identify new national and regional leadership.

How:  Students must submit the following by January 7th, 2015 to;

  • Completed application form

  • Letter of reference from a pastor (preferably a campus pastor).

    • Be sure your letter of reference is emailed directly from your reference to

Participants interested in attending this Alternative Spring Break should possess the following strengths and interests:

Students selected to participate in Rooted & Rising will be notified by January 15th, 2015
Rooted & Rising: LSM-USA Alternative Spring Break 2015 Application
First Name: _____________________           Last Name: _______________________
Address: _______________________________________ City: ____________________
State: ___________ Zip Code: ______________           Phone: _____________________
Gender:______________       Ethnicity: __________________________
E-Mail: ____________________________________  

School:_______________________________________    Year:_________________


Major/Interest(s): ______________________________ Undergrad/Grad: __________

Campus Ministry: ___________________ Home Congregation/City: ________________

Week in which you can serve (please circle one):

  • March 2-6

  • March 9-13

  • March 16-20

Essay Responses: (Each response should be approximately 350-500 words.)

  1. Why are you applying for a faith-based service-learning trip?

  2. How do you see yourself as a part of a church without walls?

  3. What does “God’s Work, Our Hands” mean to you?

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