Room 23 News Mrs. Majuri and Miss Salkowski

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Room 23 News

Mrs. Majuri and Miss Salkowski

October 2014

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Boston Plenty October 4th

Important Reminders

--Donations: We are in need of snacks for our snack bin. If you could, please send in something that is nut free. Thank you! Also, we have a nut allergy in our classroom, so please do not send in any individual snacks with your child that have nuts like granola bars, almonds, walnuts, etc.

--Conferences: If you didn’t sign up for conferences, please let us know so we can set up a time.

--Multiplication: Please continue to have your child practice their multiplication facts. Don’t forget, the FastMath program can be accessed at home now.

--Classroom Website: Don’t forget to check the our website for upcoming tests and links to helpful websites.

What we are learning:

Reading – We will be starting our first novel, Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. Every student will have a copy, and we will read it together.

Writing: We have been busy writing in our Writer’s Workshop since the first day of school. So far, here are the essays we have written: Daily writing in our writer’s notebook, an essay on something meaningful in our life, an opinion essay on who helped Lewis and Clark more, Sacajawea or York, and currently we are beginning to write a personal narrative.

MathWe are working on place value and rounding in Topic 3. The next topic will be estimating and subtraction with regrouping.

Science/Social Studies We are just finishing up studying properties of matter. In Social Studies, we are moving onto our new Weekly Social Studies newspaper. It covers various topics like regions of New Jersey, early explorers, and the Lenape people.

NEW!!! PARCC testing has replaced NJ ASK. It will take place in March and May and will be all on the computer. Please have your child practice typing as much as possible. Their spelling homework is a great place to start.

Upcoming Events:

Pumpkin Carving Night: October 30

Halloween Parade and Party: October 31 Parade: 1:30, Party to follow parade. Our head room parent along with four other room parents will be chosen to help with the party. You will be contacted by the head room parent.

Character Education Student of the Month

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