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You will be writing a type of essay called an expository essay on a person of your choice. That person must be somebody that people can admire because of his or her accomplishments and contributions to society. People from the sports and entertainment fields are specifically excluded from this assignment. You must choose, instead, somebody from one of the areas below:

1. Law enforcement

2. Politics/government

3. Science

4. Technology

5. Medicine

6. Philosophy

7. Religion

8. Education

9. Business

10. Social justice

In addition to being someone who has accomplished something from one of the listed categories, your person must be from the same background as you are. For example, if you are a girl who comes from Native American ancestry, the role model you choose must also be a female from Native American Ancestry. If, as many of us do, you come from a mix of backgrounds, you may choose which one you wish to focus on.

One final rule: The person chosen must have lived and made his or her contribution either in this century or the last one (1900 to 2012).



I. Introduction (Early Life)

Hook: Write something that will really grab my interest, and make me want to read

everything else you have to say about your role model.

A. Name of role model

B. Location and date of birth (and death if needed)

C. Names of parent(s) and sibling(s)

D. Education

E. Important accomplishment

F. Definition of the term role model: Role models are people who are admired because of the things they have accomplished in their lives, or the important things that they have done.

G. Thesis statement: ________________ made important contributions to the world, and because of his/her words, thoughts, and actions was an excellent role model.

II. First Body paragraph

A. Topic sentence: Because of his/her words, ________________ was an excellent role model.

B. An example of something that ______________said is, “______________________.”

C. In addition to the one already given, another example of something that _____________said is, “___________________________”.

D. These examples show that _____________ was a role model because ____________


III. Second Body Paragraph

A. Topic sentence: Along with his/her words, ___________ was a role model because of things that he/she thought.

B. An example of this is, “______________________________________________.”

C. Explanation.

IV. Third Body Paragraph

A. Topic sentence In addition to his/her words and thoughts, _________________ was a role model because of his or her actions.

B. An example of this is _________________________________________________.

C. Give another example

D. Explain how both examples show that your person is a role model.

V. Conclusion

A. Repeat A from Introduction.

B. Repeat B from introduction.

C. Repeat Thesis Statement.

D. Tell something new that you learned about your role model.

E. Tell how this role model’s accomplishments have influenced you in choosing how to live your own life.
Download 10.88 Kb.

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