Rocks do not have a ph value acid rain solution has ph paragraph 1: Introduction (22 points)

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Acid Rain Persuasive Essay see pages 727(acid precipitation) and

794 (combustion)



Paragraph 1: Introduction (22 points)

1. What does pH stand for?

2. What does pH measure?

3. Show the relationship between the value for the concentration of Hydronium ions and

the pH of the solution.

4. What is the pH scale?

5. Give and example of an acid, neutral, and base on the pH scale.

6.. What is the difference between an acid and a base. Show the “seesaw” model

7. Write out the equation for an acid ionizing in water.

8. Explain how the hydronium ion forms.

9. Explain “acids ionize in water”,

10. Explain “ bases dissociate in water”.

11. Write out the equation for a base dissociating in water

Paragraph 2 Body (16 points)

  1. What is acid rain?

  2. How is the combustion reaction responsible for acid rain? See page 727(Acid Precipitation…) and page 794(Combustion realeases….)

  3. What are the reactants and the products of the combustion reaction?

  4. What are the consequences of acid rain to plantlife, wildlife?

  5. What are the consequences of acid rain to buildings, and highways?

  6. What are the consequences of acid rain to the economy?(how will damage due to acid rain be paid for?)

Paragraph 3 Conclusion (30 points)

  1. Restate your “task”

  2. Answer the task problem/Persuade the audience to choose a stone for their monument.

  3. What was the evidence(which rock caused the increase in pH of the ACID RAIN SOLUTION ) to support one rock for the monument.

  4. Why is the evidence(change in pH of the ACID RAIN SOLUTION) crucial to determine the type of rock for the monument?

  5. State which rock would be the worst rock(which rock didn’t cause a change the pH of the ACID RAIN SOLUTION or which rock caused a LOWER pH in the ACID RAIN SOLUTION ) for a monument, and explain WHY.

  1. Is your data valid???? (number of trials performed – class data)

A mineral in the rock(or lack of mineral in the rock) is reacting with the Acid rain solution to “buffer” the acid; like an antacid buffers the acid of your stomach. This causes the pH of the acid rain solution to change.

Download 6.29 Kb.

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