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Robyn Schiff University of Iowa Department of English

308 EPB, Iowa City, IA 52242-1492




M.A., Medieval Studies, University of Bristol, UK, 2000

M.F.A., Poetry, University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop, University of Iowa, 1999 B.A., Liberal Arts, Sarah Lawrence College, 1995

Academic Positions

2008- Associate Professor, University of Iowa, Department of English
2008-2013 Director of Undergraduate Creative Writing Track, University of Iowa, Department of English

Fall 2010 Visiting Faculty, University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, Poetry 2004-2008 Visiting Assistant Professor and Artist-in-Residence, Northwestern

University, Department of English
2002-2004 Visiting Assistant Professor and Kidd Tutorial Director, University of Oregon, Creative Writing Program

Editorial Positions

2008- Co-editor, Canarium Books
2002-2008 Contributing Editor, The Canary



Schiff, Robyn. A Woman of Property. New York: Penguin. Forthcoming 2016.

Schiff, Robyn, Revolver. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, Kuhl House Poets Series, 2008. 69 pages.
Schiff, Robyn, Worth. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, Kuhl House Poets Series, 2002. 76 pages.


Schiff, Robyn, Novel Influenza. Iowa City: The Catenary Press, 2012. 12 pages.

Articles and Creative Works Published in Journals

“July 4, 2012,” and “Dyed Carnations.” Poetry, December 2014 (forthcoming).

“Lion Felling a Bull.” Academy of American Poets, Poem-A-Day, September 2014 .

“A Hearing.” Boston Review, (National Poetry Month online supplement), April 2014


“The Houselights.” PEN USA Website, May 2014


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"The Mountain Lion" and "Possession." Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. 51, 2013. 29-38.

"Gardening." West Branch Wired. Winter 2013 <>. "Poets Sampler: Introduction to the Work of Emerging Poet Mary Hickman." Boston Review, January/February 2013.

"Hell Mouth." Poetry, 200:4 (July/August 2012). 380-383. "Amerithrax." A Public Space, Spring, 2012. 116-121. "Nursery Furniture." Harvard Advocate, Winter 2012. 28-29.

"Wolfvision." (Video essay with Nick Twemlow, filmmaker.) TriQuerterly.January, 2012.

“Introduction to the Work of Robert Fernandez.” Poetry Society of America Website.

August 13, 2011


"Radon." (video essay). Blackbird: an online journal of literature & the arts. 10:1 Spring 2011. August 13, 2011

. “H1N1.” Poetry 196:1 (April 2010): 25-28.

“Writers’ Recommend.” Poets & Writers January 19, 2009


“Silverware, by J. A. Henckles.” (reprinted from Revolver) Poetry Daily. September 13, 2008. January 19, 2009 .

“On the Abduction of Calvin Klein’s Daughter Marci: A Captor’s Narrative.” (reprinted from Revolver) Verse Daily. September 16, 2008. January 19, 2009,


“On the Abduction of Calvin Klein’s Daughter Marci: A Captor’s Narrative.” Stop Smiling 36 (2008): 127-128.

“Silverware by J.A. Henckels,” “Iron Door Knocker the Shape of a Man’s Face, by Feetham,” and “Eighty-blade Sportsman’s Knife, by Joseph Rodgers & Sons.” Chicago Review 53:4 & 54:1/2 (Summer 2008): 222-230.

“H5N1.” Octopus Magazine. 10 (Spring 2008). January 19, 2009


“De La Rue’s Envelope Folding Machine.” A Public Space Issue 5 (December 2007): 72-5.

“Dear Ralph Lauren.” jubilat 14 (2007): pp. 10-13.

“Project Huia” and “Reading Gjertrud Schnackenberg on the Way to the Frick Art Reference Library.” The Seattle Review 01:1 (Summer 2007): 55-60 and 61-70.

“Depression.” Quarterly West 64 (Spring/Summer 2007): 41-42.

“Lustron: America’s Prefab House.” A Public Space 3 (Winter 2007): 88-91.

“Vampire Finch.” (reprinted from Worth) American Poet: The Journal of the Academy of American Poets 30 (Spring 2006): 49-50.

“Van Helsing 2003” and “McCormick’s Reaper.” Make 2 (Fall 2005): 48-9.

“Project Paperclip.” The Canary 4 (2005): 116-125.

“Section II, Class 6; Singer Sewing Machine, U.S, Patent No. 8,294.” Court Green 2 (2005): 12-14.

“Dawn of the Dead.” Turbine 5 (2005). January 19, 2009


“House of Schiaparelli.” Columbia Poetry Review 18 (Spring 2005): 8-11. “Multi-purpose Steamship Furniture, by Taylor & Sons.” Kiosk 4 (2005): 39-43.

“Section II, Class 8; Colt Rapid Fire Revolver, U.S. Patent No. 1,304” Denver Quarterly

38:2 (2003): 57-59.

“Celebrating Niedecker’s Centennial.” Poets & Writers (May/June 2003): 12-13. “Woodpecker Finch.” Verse 18:2&3 (2001):100-102.

“House of Dior” and Chanel No 5.”Volt 8 (2002): 87-89.

“Devil Finch.” Fence (Fall/Winter 2000-2001): 128-9.

“Jade Cabinet and One Last Thing, Anonymous” and “Imagination.”3rd Bed 5 (2001): 124-126.

“Morikami Museum Garden.” Black Warrior Review 26:1 (Fall/Winter 1999): 93-95.

Articles and Creative Works Published in Books

“H1N1” and “Multi-purpose Steamship Furniture by Taylor & Sons.” The New Census: Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry. Eds. Kevin A. Gonzales and Lauren Shapiro. Iowa City: Rescue Press, 2013. 260-266.
“Captivated by Syllabics.” A Broken Thing: Contemporary Poets on the Line. Eds. Emily Rosko and Anton Vander Zee. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2011. 215-217.
“Robyn Schiff on Gjertrud Schnackenberg” and “Colt Rapid Fire Revolver.” Women Poets on Mentorship: Efforts & Affections. Eds. Arielle Greenberg and Arielle and Rachel Zucker. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2008. 195-203.
“Poetics Statement” and “Colt Rapid Fire Revolver.” The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century. Eds. William Allegrezza and Ray Bianchi. Chicago: Cracked Slab Books, 2007. 101-4.
“At Shedd Aquarium,” “Chanel No. 5,” “Vampire Finch,” “Woodpecker Finch,” and “House of Dior.” Legitimate Dangers: American Poets of the New Century. Eds. Michael Dumanis and Cate Marvin. Louisville: Sarabande Books, 2006. 322-30.

“Devil Finch” and “Imagination.” Transatlantic Verse: A French-American Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Ed. The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. Duration Press, 2005. Unpaginated chapbook.


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