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Academic Advising

  • Each full-time and part-time student is assigned an academic advisor. It is the goal of every advisor to aid students in their educational journey and help enrich their experience with Ridley-Lowell.

  • It is not enough that our academic advisors take great pride in the assistance they provide to our student body, but students must assume full responsibility in maintaining regular communication with their advisors. Each student must take the initiative to meet with their advisor early and on a regular basis to ensure successful completion of their course of study.

  • Tutoring

  • It is the intention of all students to perform to the best of their ability towards the successful completion of their course. Despite these efforts, some students may require additional assistance. For those who need tutoring services, Ridley-Lowell offers two different types of tutoring, peer and professional.

  • Students who prefer the assistance of a well-trained instructor can utilize our professional tutoring services. Each instructor scheduled for tutoring services can provide structured tutoring lessons and will be directly licensed in the specific subject area.

  • To begin the tutoring process, please inquire with your instructor. The earlier students inquire, the more likely they are to succeed!

  • Academic Technology and eLearning

  • Ridley-Lowell is committed to the successful education of both students and instructors. As an educational facility, we recognize the value in continued education for not only students, but our instructor and administrative staff. Ridley-Lowell incorporates modern instructional equipment to enrich and diversify the learning process.

  • Ridley-Lowell has partnered with McGraw-Hill and Cengage Learning in order to provide students with the Connect and MindTap eLearning services. Both systems are designed to further enrich the learning process with interactive activities, assignments, and lessons. Students will now have additional support through Connect and MindTap services that will assist students in grasping skills and concepts taught and demonstrated in class.

  • Library

  • Each campus has a library on premises stocked with books, texts, articles and magazines representative of each program the school has to offer. Ridley-Lowell also provides online databases and learning resources such as Gale Databases, EBSCO Databases, and Grolier Online. Each database can be found online through the library webpage at www.ridleylibrary.com. For more information, please refer to the Ridley Library page.


    • Clock Hours

    • The Institution awards credit in clock hours. A clock hour is defined as fifty (50) minutes of instruction in a sixty (60) minute period.

    • Attendance and Tardiness

    • Good attendance leads directly to achievement and success. Students are required to maintain prompt and regular attendance in all classes and are responsible for any and all assignments presented in their absence. All students must attend at least 85% of entire program length to meet graduation requirements. The completion of 1,000 hours of training is required for the Cosmetology program and 600 hours of training is required for the Esthetics program. Make-up hours are recorded and maintained in individual student files.

    • Financial Aid Recipients: Failure to maintain school attendance standards can lead to grant or loan disbursements being cancelled for the student. If the student’s grant or loan disbursement is cancelled, the student will be required to pay the remaining financial obligation to the school.

    • Coming late to class or leaving early habitually can be disruptive to the learning environment. The instructor has the right to mark a student absent for a full hour of educational instruction if the student enters a class more than 15 minutes late or leaves more than 15 minutes early.

    • Make-up

    • Make up work can be scheduled at the instructor’s discretion for absences accrued. Please consult individual course syllabi for instructor policies regarding make up hours and work and its impact on grading policies. The completion of 1,000 hours of training is required for the Cosmetology program. Make up hours are recorded and maintained for individual students. These make up hours are accumulated into the student’s overall hours for the program but may not be factored into grading for individual course/module.
    • Attendance Warning

    • An Attendance Warning is a written notice that may be given to any student if he or she reaches a ten percent (10%) absence rate for any course. It is a student’s responsibility to keep track of their hours and to adhere to attendance policies.

    • Leave of Absence

    • A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a temporary interruption in a student’s program of study, and refers to the specific time period during a program when a student is not in attendance. An LOA is not during a scheduled break between academic terms. An LOA is only put into effect when it is approved by the Executive/Campus Director. These conditions are as follows:

    • Requests for an LOA can only be completed for medical reasons accompanied by medical documentation.

    • Students must apply in advance for an LOA (when applicable).

    • All requests for LOA’s must be submitted in writing, signed, dated, and include the reason for the student’s request.

    • There must be a reasonable expectation that the student will return from the LOA.

    • The Executive/Campus Director must approve the student’s request for an LOA.

    • The LOA, together with any additional leaves of absence, must not exceed a total of 180 days.

    • Students may take up to two (2) LOAs during their period of enrollment, including extensions, which count as an additional LOA period.

    • Students must provide medical documentation clearing them for re-entry.
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