Revision Plan Template

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Revision Plan Template

The revision plan is intended to give you a chance to think through how you will go about improving your paper and to identify any difficulties and potential strategies in advance. You must complete a revision plan and get my feedback on it before you turn in the final draft of the revision paper.

Turn the Revision Plan in inside a folder with the graded essay and grade sheet.

  1. What are the areas that need the most new writing or most intensive rewriting? On the graded essay, highlight at least three of my comments that call for substantial revision with a colored marker or highlighter on the graded essay. Then explain these three problems in your own words below and say how you will revise to fix the problems.

The comments indicated that…

I will try to fix this by…

Example: Comments on the second body paragraph ask “What is the focus of this paragraph?” I think this is because I talk compare Kolbert and Bradbury on several points, but I don’t have one main focus.

Example: I will address this by separating the paragraph into two paragraphs: one on the cause of doomsday in the two stories and one on whether the stories make the reader feel something can be done to prevent doomsday. I will need to find extra examples for both of these paragraphs, so I will reread the two pieces.

  1. List any questions you have about the instructor comments. Highlight any comments that you want to ask about in a different color on the graded essay. Were any unclear to you? Do you need more instructor feedback in order to have enough to work on for this revision?

  2. What strategies will you use in your revision process? Check all that apply.

    • Photocopy the graded essay, enlarge it, and underline and make notes on the instructor’s comments

    • Brainstorm ideas for improving the essay on a separate piece of paper

    • Discuss the revisions with friends or family

    • Reread the text on which the essay is based

    • Work with a reading tutor to better understand the text

    • Visit the Writing Lab early in the revision process to work on the content

    • Visit the Writing Lab late in the revision process to go over grammar

    • Make an appointment with the instructor

    • Use Write OutLoud in Cyberia or the Reading Lab or software at home to listen to the essay and find errors

    • Read your paper out loud to yourself or to a friend.

    • Read your paper backwards sentence by sentence to do a final grammar proofread.

    • Other______________________________________

    • Other______________________________________

Download 11.61 Kb.

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