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CAH/ENA Revision overview

ProFiles 1:

  • 3I/39 Food and drink idioms

  • 5E/52 Make or do?

  • 6F/62 House and home idioms

  • 11G/99 Body idioms

  • Grammar: verbs in general, including conditionals and auxiliaries (would, can etc)

ProFiles 2:

  • 5E/60 Nationality words

  • p.193 List of European countries and nationality adjectives

  • 7H/86 Travel words

  • 10H/112 Internet vocabulary

  • p.124 How to structure your essay

  • pp.194-196 Differences between British and American English

  • Grammar: personal pronouns (he/she etc, myself...), the genitive, it/there, the passive, adjectives, adverbs

ProFiles 3:

  • 4A/35 School-related vocabulary

  • p.189 Educational systems of Finland, UK & US

  • Text 7 Work-related vocabulary

  • 7G/66 Work, job, trade etc...

  • 9F/83-84 List of occupations and professions

  • 10H/94 Work-related vocabulary

  • p.112 Formal vs informal writing styles

  • Grammar: Singular and plural, the article (a/an/the), reported speech, indefinite pronouns (anything, none...)

ProFiles 4:

  • 2I/26 Religion-related vocabulary

  • Text 5 Crime-related vocabulary

  • 6D/60 Australian English

  • 8G/75 Media-related vocabulary

  • 8I/76 Writing a letter to the editor

  • 9A/79 Political vocabulary

  • p.81 Finnish political system

  • 9C/81 Political vocabulary

  • 9D/82 UK & US political systems

  • 10G/91 Press-related vocabulary

  • p.110 Writing an argumentative essay

  • p.111 Linking words and phrases

  • Grammar: modal auxiliaries (can, may...), expressions of quantity (much, quite a few...), relative pronouns, tricky adjectives (definitely worth a check!)

English Update 6

  • p.17 Music vocabulary

  • p.33 Musical idioms

  • p.36 Cinematic vocabulary

  • pp.58-59 Visual arts vocabulary

  • p.87 Literary vocabulary

  • p.104 Theatrical vocabulary

  • Interspersed throughout the book phrasal verbs

  • Grammar: review of the articles, adjectives and adverbs, numerals and expressions of time and punctuation.

English Update 5

  • p.14 Every-day words to do with technology

  • p.20, pp.24-25 Prefixes

  • p.33 Car parts

  • p.42 Linking words

  • p.76 Media vocabulary

  • pp. 96-97 Economic vocabulary

  • Grammar: shortened sentences, the infinitive, Latin and Greek words in English, the odd plural

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