Review for the essay portion of the exam

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English CAHSEE Prep

Writing an Essay




CAHSEE review for the essay portion of the exam.


30 Minutes


Accountability Sheet and CAHSEE packet.


Group discussion


Self-directed learner and critical thinker.

  1. Pass out students Accountability Sheet and CAHSEE packet.

  1. Briefly review the top of page 469 as a class. Explain to the class that organizing their thoughts before writing is an important strategy. Once they have put their thoughts on paper then they can critically evaluate their work. To write effectively and clearly, they must engage in a drafting process. The chart on this page is one strategy they can use.

  1. Ask the students to complete the chart on page 469 using the outline they created on page 466.

  1. Pair students up and have them discuss what they wrote on their chart. Once the students have come up with their reasons and details have them write it on their Accountability Worksheet.

  1. Briefly review page 470 as a class. Emphasize the three things that make a strong conclusion are: restating the thesis, summarizing the reasoning & details, and pointing forward.

  1. Review page 472 as a class. Ask the students to proofread the paragraph on the page and circle any errors they find.

  1. As a class go over the errors that are in the paragraph.

Download 54 Kb.

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