Response to intervention learning styles

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Tell Me . . .

Which list had the most () checks?

Which list had the fewest () checks?
Did you have any lists that had the same number of () checks?
If so, which ones?
Do you think the list that had the most checks () tells how you like

to learn best?

What Does It Mean?

Visual Learning Style

  • Pictures help you learn.

  • Seeing things helps you organize your

  • thoughts and remember things.

  • You think in images or pictures. Auditory Learning Style

                • It helps for you to talk out loud.

                • Sound and music help you learn.

                • You learn best when you hear things more than once.

Tactile/Kinesthetic Learning Style

  • It helps you to use your body, hands and sense

of touch to learn new things.

  • Writing, drawing and movement help you

remember important things.

Source: Stetson and Associates, 2004
demonstrating or making projects.



DATE: _______________

Student Name: __________________ Grade: ______________

Campus: _______________________

Page 1
For each group of statements, check the box that best represents how you like to learn. Remember to give only one answer for each group.

1. (a) I remember new things best if I write the information down.

(b) I remember new things best if I hear the information.

(c) I remember new things best if I can do an activity with the


2. (a) I prefer reading to hearing a lecture.

(b) I prefer to hear a book on tape rather than reading it.

(c) I would rather play sports than read books.

3. (a) When I meet someone new, I am most likely to remember what they look like.

(b) When I meet someone new, I am most likely to remember what they talked about.

(c) When I meet someone new, I am most likely to remember what they were doing.

4. (a) I use diagrams and scribbles to communicate ideas and information.

(b) I can easily remember what people say.

(c) I like playing card or board games to learn new things.

5. (a) I like new information to be taught by using posters, videos, and pictures.

(b) If I have to learn something new, I learn best if someone tells me how to do it.

(c) I learn new information best by making models, posters, or doing something with the information.

6. (a) When I take a test, I picture my notes or textbook in my head.

_____(b) When I take a test, I do better if I can tell about what I know rather than write about it.

_____(c) I can demonstrate my knowledge best when I can create something that explains what I have learned.

7. (a) I enjoy learning about new things by reading about them.

(b) I can remember more about something new if I can talk about it, rather than read it.

(c) I learn best if I get to make something related to what I am learning.

8. (a) I learn new words and vocabulary best by looking at the words over and over.

(b) I learn new words and vocabulary best by saying the words to myself over and over.

(c) I learn new words and vocabulary best by writing them over and over.

9. (a) I remember new things better if I write them down.

(b) I can remember things best by listening rather than reading.

(c) I remember best if I can do something.

10. (a) I like to make lists of things I need to do.

(b) I like talking better than writing.

(c) I like to write letters or write in a journal.

11. (a) I like teachers who illustrate concepts with lots of diagrams and pictures.

(b) I like teachers who spend a lot of time explaining a concept.

(c) I like teachers who let me practice the content by doing an activity.

12. (a) In my spare time, I would rather read a book.

(b) In my spare time, I would rather watch TV or listen to music.

(c) In my spare time, I enjoy working on jigsaw or crossword puzzles.

13. (a) I like to take notes while I study.

(b) I like to listen to music while I study.

(c) I like to eat while I study and take lots of breaks.

14. (a) If I have to explain to someone how to do something, I like to draw pictures or diagrams to help explain.

(b) I enjoy creating a song or using music to describe what I am learning.

(c) I prefer to act things out, or role-play, to demonstrate how to do something.

15. (a) I can remember information from class if it is written on the board.

(b) I can remember the jingles from TV commercials or advertisements.

(c) If I take things apart, I can remember how to put them back together again.

16. (a) I am good at reading maps and graphs.

(b) I know most of the words to the songs I listen to.

(c) I enjoy dancing or moving to music.

17. (a) I prefer to see a map rather than listen to someone give me directions.

(b) I prefer for someone to give me directions verbally.

(c) I prefer to create a map and write down the directions that people give me.

18. (a) When others are talking, I create pictures in my mind of what they are saying.

(b) I like to talk on the phone with my friends for long periods of time.

(c) I am good at sports and enjoy engaging in many different activities.

19. (a) I like to read magazines that use pictures and diagrams to illustrate the information.

(b) When I am alone, I like to sing, hum or have music playing.

(c) It is hard for me to sit for a long period of time.

20. (a) When I put something together, I always read the directions first.

(b) I enjoy listening to information on the radio or books on tape.

(c) If I have to solve a problem, it helps me to move while I think.


For each group of responses, indicate with an X the item you marked as best representing you. Total each column.


























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