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State of Arizona

Department of Education

Request For Proposal Cover Page

supplemental educational services


Solicitation Number: ED07- 0019

Solicitation Due Date / Time: November 16, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time
Submittal Location: Arizona Department of Education

Attn: Andrew Wilson

Contracts Management Unit/3rd Floor

1535 West Jefferson Street, Bin #37

Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3209

Description of Procurement: The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) seeks to contract with qualified entities to provide Supplemental Educational Services to include tutoring, remediation, and other educational interventions.

A Pre-Offer Conference will not be held in conjunction with this procurement.
NOTE: Those entities that were awarded a contract under RFP ED06-0045 DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS SOLICITATION.
Commodity Code: 0924-0074, 0924-0078, 0924-0080, 0952-2100, 0952-2105, 0952-2155
In accordance with A.R.S. § 41-2534, competitive sealed proposals for the materials or services specified will be received by the Arizona Department of Education’s Contracts Management Unit at the above specified location until the time and date cited. Offers received by the correct time and date will be opened and the name of each Offeror will be publicly read.
Offers must be in the actual possession of the Arizona Department of Education’s Contracts Management Unit, on or prior to the time and date, and at the submittal location indicated above. Late offers will not be considered.




All offers must be completed in ink or typewritten. Additional instructions for preparing an offer are included in this Solicitation.

Persons with disabilities may request special accommodations such as interpreters, alternate formats, or assistance with physical accessibility. Requests for special accommodations must be made with 72 hours prior notice. Such requests are to be addressed to the Solicitation Contact Person or Procurement Officer.

Andrew K. Wilson

October 17, 2006

Procurement Officer



E-Mail Address

Telephone Number



Contract Management Unit – Bin # 37

1535 West Jefferson Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3209



The Undersigned hereby offers and agrees to furnish the materials, service(s) or construction in compliance with all the terms, conditions, specifications and amendments in the solicitation.

Company Name

Name of Person Authorized to Sign Offer

Street Address

Title of Authorized Person

City State Zip

Signature of Authorized Person Date of Offer

Telephone Number Facsimile Number

E-Mail Address

Offeror’s Arizona Transaction (Sales) Privilege Tax License Number:

Offeror’s Federal Employer Identification Number

Acknowledgement of Amendment(s): Amendment No. Date Amendment No. Date

(Offeror acknowledges receipt of amendment(s)

to the Solicitation for Offers and related

documents numbered and dated)


(For State of Arizona Use Only)
Your Offer, dated _____________________________, is hereby accepted as described in the Notice of Award. You are now bound to perform based upon the solicitation and your Offer, as accepted by the State.
This Contract shall henceforth be referred to as Contract Number ED07-0019-
You are hereby cautioned not to commence any billable work or provide any material, service or construction under this contract until you receive an executed purchase order, contract release document, or written notice to proceed, if applicable.

State of Arizona
Awarded this day of , 2006.

Douglas C. Peeples, MBA, CPPB, CPCM

Chief Procurement Officer

Department of Education



Section Title Page

Solicitation Cover Page

Offer and Award Form 1

6.1 Fee Schedule 32

6.2 Sole Proprietor Wavier 33

6.3 Substitute W-9 34

6.4 Offeror’s Organization 35

6.5 Offeror’s Personnel Qualifications 36

6.6 Offeror’s Financial Disclosure 37

6.7 Offeror’s Response Checklist 38

Attachment SES-I Provider Application 40

Attachment SES-II Provider Program Profile 43

Attachment SES-III Title I LEA Checklist 48

Attachment SES-IV Statement of Assurances 49

Attachment SES-V Internet Statement of Assurances 51

7 Exhibits

    1. Certificate of Insurance 52

RFP ED07-0019



RFP ED07-0019

1. background / purpose
With the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), schools and teachers are to be given assistance in helping students perform at high academic levels. In addition, parents now have the option of utilizing Title I Supplemental Educational Services Providers (SESP) if their children are enrolled in any school receiving Title I funding that is in its second year of Title I School Improvement, Corrective Action, or Restructuring.
For purposes of the Title I School Improvement program, Title I Supplemental Educational Services are defined as tutoring and other supplemental academic enrichment services that are in addition to instruction provided during the school day and are of high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of eligible children in attaining proficiency in meeting Arizona’s Academic Standards, especially in reading and mathematics.

 A. what is academic tutoring?

Academic tutoring:
1. Includes instruction/tutoring before school, after school, weekends, intersession, late start and/or summer school.

2. Is of high quality, research-based, and specifically designed to increase the academic achievement of eligible children on assessments and attain proficiency in meeting the Arizona Academic Standards, as measured by Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS).

  1. who are eligible students?

Eligible students are those attending those Title I schools that have failed to make adequate yearly progress for three (3) consecutive years or more in the areas of reading, language arts and mathematics and are from a low-income family as determined by the Local Educational Authority (LEA).

  1. what is an alternative tutoring provider?

An alternative tutoring provider is a non-profit or for-profit entity that:

  1. Has a demonstrated record of effectiveness in increasing student academic achievement,

  2. Is capable of providing tutoring that is consistent with the instruction of the Public Education Agency (PEA) and the State Standards, and

  3. Is financially sound.

RFP ED07-0019



RFP ED07-0019

  1. what entities are eligible to apply?

Entities eligible to apply for providing supplemental educational services (SES) may include, but are not limited to a:

  • School District*

  • Community Based Organization

  • Public School*

  • Faith Based Organization

  • Charter School*

  • 21st Century Community Learning Center

  • Private School

  • Library

  • Individual

  • Distance Learning Service (Internet based service)

  • Institution of Higher Education (University or College)

*Any district, public school or charter school identified for Title I School Improvement, Corrective Action or Restructuring, is

not eligible to be a Title I SESP. If a school that is making adequate yearly progress (AYP) within a district that is identified for improvement, the school may apply to be a Title I SESP.

2. provider responsibilities

  1. Provide supplemental educational services outside the regular school day (tutoring that occurs before school, after school, weekends, intersession and/or summer school);

  2. Ensure instruction, content, and curriculum are consistent with the school/district the student attends and aligned to the Arizona Academic Standards;

  3. Ensure that instructional strategies are of high quality, based upon research, and specifically designed to increase the achievement and proficiency of low-income students in meeting Arizona Academic Standards in the areas of reading and/or mathematics;

  4. Demonstrate a record of effectiveness in improving student academic achievement in reading and/or mathematics;

  5. Provide appropriate accommodations and support to students with disabilities to ensure such students benefit from supplemental educational services;

  6. Ensure that eligible students with disabilities and students covered under Section 504 may participate with necessary accommodations, are consistent with a student’s individualized education program under Section 614 of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), or a student’s individualized services under Section 504, supplemental educational services program may not discriminate against these students;

  7. Comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local health, safety, and civil rights laws;

  8. Provide services in accessible locations;

  9. Ensure that all instruction, content, and curriculum are secular, neutral, and non-ideological; and

  10. Provide evidence that applicant is financially sound.

RFP ED07-0019



RFP ED07-0019

3. provider requirements

  1. Approved providers are required to attend a mandatory meeting regarding Title 1 SES in January 2007.

  2. Providers are required to use the ade approved SES Services Agreement provided by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) with the parent(s) of eligible students.

  3. The services agreement includes:

  1. A statement of specific achievement goals for the student based upon the child’s specific educational needs, developed in consultation with the student’s parents and the school/district; in the case of a student with disabilities, is consistent with the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 plan;

  2. A description of the assessments and the instructional program to be used;

  3. A description of how the student’s progress will be measured;

  4. A description of how each eligible student’s parent(s), teacher(s) and the district will be regularly informed of the student’s progress in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language or other mode of communication that parents can understand;

  5. Attendance requirements;

  6. The provider must have planned on-site supervision (If a provider intends to offer services at the school, the district is not required to provide space or resources, i.e., staff, computers, copies, facility.

  7. The provider must have a separate agreement with the LEA to use school facilities;

  8. The amount of time supplemental educational services will be provided;

  9. A provision that the term of the contract agreement shall terminate immediately upon the provider’s removal from the Arizona Department of Education list of approved supplemental educational services providers;

  10. A provision for termination of the agreement if the provider fails to meet student progress goals;

  11. An assurance that all employees who will interact with eligible students have undergone background checks and have a valid fingerprint clearance card with the Arizona Department of Public Safety Contractor personnel, whether paid or not, and who are required or allowed to provide services to juveniles shall have a valid fingerprint clearance card that is issued pursuant to Title 41, Chapter 12, Article 3.1.

  12. Provisions with respect to the making of payments to the provider by the district;

  13. An assurance from the provider that prohibits them from disclosing to the public the identity of any student eligible for, or receiving, Title I SES without the written permission of the student’s parents.

RFP ED07-0019



RFP ED07-0019

4. per pupil spending limit
determining the per pupil allocation for supplemental service recipients
Public law 107-110, Section 1116(e) SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL SERVICES
Section 1116(e) (6) Amounts for Supplemental Educational Services
The amount a local educational agency shall make available for supplemental educational services for each child receiving those services under this subsection shall be the lesser of –

  1. the amount of the agency’s allocation under subpart 2, divided by the number of children from families below the poverty level counted under section 1124(c)(1)(A);


  1. the actual costs of the supplemental educational services received by the child.

The formula amount for (A) above would be:

LEA/District Title 1 Allocation plus any transferability funds divided by the number of children ages 5 through 17 who qualify for Free Lunch.
The district is limited in how much it can spend to provide supplemental educational services for each eligible student. Specifically, the per pupil spending limit allocated to each district for supplemental educational services is as shown in their Title I allocation notice.

Districts are not required to provide funds for transportation related to supplemental educational services, nor are they required to provide funds beyond the minimum funding allocated under Title I, as set forth in federal law.

Districts are not required to provide space or resources (i.e., computers, copies, and /or instructional staff). If a provider intends to offer services at the school, the provider must have planned on-site supervision and a separate agreement with the LEA to use school facilities.
5. monitoring and evaluation of approved providers
The purpose of providing Title I SES for economically disadvantaged students in schools that fail to make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) is to help them meet Arizona's Academic Standards. Determining whether students who participate in these services are meeting these standards then becomes the paramount evaluation objective. Secondary objectives relate to the degree to which criteria specified for Providers have been met, and their relationships to increasing student mastery of standards.

The ADE, in cooperation with applicable schools/districts, is required to monitor the quality and effectiveness of services offered by approved providers. ADE is required to withdraw approval from providers that fail, for two consecutive years, to contribute to increasing the academic proficiency of students to whom they provide services or that fail to meet any of the other eligibility requirements or assurances (see P.L. 107-110 Section 1116(e)(4)(D)). In order to fulfill these requirements, the ADE has established the following three components:

RFP ED07-0019



RFP ED07-0019

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