Report on National Moderation

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Report on National Moderation

of the

National Diploma in Business Computing

undertaken by the

National Advisory Committee on Computer Qualifications
September 1996
This was the final round in the first three yearly cycle of NDBC moderation.

The modules moderated were:

Module Number Moderator
DC100 10 Garry Roberton (The Waikato Polytechnic)

IN100 1 Jeff Simpson (Taranaki Polytechnic)

US100 2 Pat Mole (Waiariki Polytechnic)

WX100 5 Trevor Nesbit (Aoraki Polytechnic)

AA210 6 Leonie Bridgeman (Taranaki Polytechnic)

FG200 11 Rudi van den Brink (Christchurch Polytechnic)

MA200 5 Pat Mole (Waiariki Polytechnic)

OS200 9 Jeff Simpson (Taranaki Polytechnic)

OS210 4 Jeff Simpson (Taranaki Polytechnic)

PR20n 1 Jeff Simpson (Taranaki Polytechnic)

TR200 9 Gay Costain (Auckland Institute of Technology)

NE300 2 Garry Roberton (The Waikato Polytechnic)

PE300 4 Leonie Bridgeman (Taranaki Polytechnic)

PR330 0 none received

SA300 4 Gay Costain (Auckland Institute of Technology)

The number modules moderated was similar to past moderation (62 in May 96, 85 in September 95) with sixteen polytechnics submitting material for moderation.

Attention has been paid to supplying all four types of material - Module Outline, Assessment Schedule, All Assessments, All Marking Schedules - but the lack of the latter is still the main concern. There is also concern in that seven modules were submitted without have all their assessments.
One moderator included this comment to one of the larger polytechnics concerning their module: "I really wonder what you expect of a moderator. Am I expected to make sense of some 30 pages of teaching notes/handouts and try and find the assessments?.......Am I supposed to guess.......there is no way that I can compare quantity or difficulty on information supplied."

Moderators stated the following suggested changes to the prescription:

DC100 Update all references to CCITT to ITU-T. Para 1.5 include a reference to the ISO OSI7 Layer Model.
FG200 The term 4GL may no longer mean the same to everyone. Maybe we should rewrite it for Rapid Development Tools?
IN100 The prescription format is different than other prescriptions in that it includes Assessments, Essay Topics and Required Resource. The word "suggested" must be included in the prescription regarding these.
MA200 The prescription is vague. What does "Apply the features of a MM package" mean - AND how does this differ from "Use the features of a MM package to create...". There is no mention at all of the essential task of planning an effective MM presentation nor of the equally essential task of evaluating the finished product. What does "Use of CD-ROM technology" require of the student? The module needs rewriting.
OS200 With the standard that polytechnics' material has got to, particularly regarding multiuser OSs, the word "small" should be taken out of the AIM OF MODULE.
SA300 Delete requirement for data access diagram (DAD) and process file structure chart and replace these with a request to use a method of choice to justify ERDs & DFDs (could suggest that DADs, CRUD matrix, state transition diagram for entity life history as example).
WX100 Perhaps a suggestion of the module needing enough prior modules completed for it to be of use to the employers
The above must be taken into consideration by the NDBC Working Group.
With the completion of the first three yearly NDBC moderation cycle a new list of modules for the next three years has been approved by the NACCQ and is attached.
Due at NACCQ office by 14th March 1997:
AA100 DB100 DT100 PC100 PR11n

BA200 BC200 CA200 DC200 ET200 IO200 PM200 PR22n

AA300 AS300 SD300 HR300

Jeff Simpson

National NDBC Moderator

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