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Literature and Language

Veena Khan
Khan, V. Research completed “The Fiji Form 7 Prescription and the Language Needs of First Year Tertiary Students”

Kirti Sharma
Editor, text-processor and page-setter of Lahar (Waves) a monthly Hindi newsletter of the Hindi Section of the Department. Kirti is also responsible for its typesetting, proof reading and publication and distribution.
Sharma, V. & Sharma, K. 2001, Hindi Upanyaas: Ek Samalochnatmak Adhyayan (Hindi Novels : a Critical Appreciation) (compilation).

Prepared in manuscript form for LL272 Hindi Prose-Fiction
Sharma, V. & Sharma, K. 2001, Compiled reading and guide materials for LL215 Teaching of Hindi.

Ian Gaskell

Gaskell, I. Ed. Beyond Ceremony: An Anthology of Drama from Fiji. IPS and PWF, USP, Suva, 2001.

Gaskell, I. “Framing Reality: Action and Scenography in the Plays of Larry Thomas,” SPAN 50/51 (April & October, 2000): 47-56. [Note: this item and the following one were actually published in 2001.]
Gaskell, I. “Conspicuous Consumption: Kava as Device and Symbol in Local Drama,” SPAN 50/51 (April & October, 2000): 100-119.
Gaskell, I & Robin Taylor, “An Analysis of the Wan Smolbag Theatre Company’s Impact on its Audiences”, SOH Research Project, June 2001.

France Mugler
Mugler,F. 2001. Dravidian languages in Fiji: survival and maintenance. In Linguistics Structure and Language Dynamics in South Asia, ed. by Anvita Abbi, R. S. Gupta and Ayesha Kidwai. Proceedings of the South Asian Language Analysis (SALA) Eighteenth Roundtable, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, 6-8 January 1997, pp. 21-40. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.
Mugler,F. Forthcoming 2002. The spice of life: Borrowing and Fiji's Indian languages. In Borrowing: A Pacific Perspective. Jan Tent and Paul Geraghty, eds. Pacific Linguistics. Canberra: ANU.
Mugler,F. and Jan Tent. Forthcoming 2002. Language shift in Fiji? A survey of language use and attitudes. In SPAN.Suva: USP.
Mugler,F. and John Lynch Forthcoming 2002. Pacific Languages at the University of the South Pacific. In Current Issues in Language Planning. Special issue on "Language Planning and Intellectualisation". Tony Liddicoat, ed.

on the web
(as member of an international team) Evaluating English Accents Worldwide, an international accent attitude survey, coordinated by Donn Bayard, Department of Anthropology, Otago University, New Zealand.

book review
Mugler,F. 2001. Review of The Enquiring University Teacher. Stephen Rowland, 2000. Buckingham and Philadelphia: The Society for Research into Higher Education & Open University Press. In HERDSA News 23.1:26-7.
Mugler, F 1999. Review of Rajendra Singh, ed. 1997. Grammar, Language, and Society. Contemporary Indian Contributions. New Delhi/ Thousand Oaks/London: Sage Publications. In Canberra Anthropology 22.2:111-112.
Landbeck, R & Mugler, F 1999. Studying by Extension in a remote area. Pacific Curriculum Network 8.2.20-2. USP: Department of Education and Psychology and Institute of Education.
Mugler, F & Landbeck, R. Learning, memorisation and understanding among distance learners in the South Pacific. Learning and Instruction 10/2:179-202.
Landbeck, R & Mugler, F. South Pacific distance learners: study strategies, learning conditions and consequences for course design. Journal of Distance Education 15.1.63-80.

Editorial work

Mugler,F. and Frances Pene, eds. Directions 43 Vol. 22 No. 2. December 2000 (special issue on work by Linguistics students).

Editorial Advisory Board, Directions.

Vivekanand Sharma

Publisher and Chief Editor of Lahar (Waves) a monthly Hindi newsetter of the Hindi Maha Parishad Fiji and the Language and Literature Department.

Sharma, V. 2001, Hindi ke Mahakavya (Hindi Epics) Vol. 1 (compilation).
Sharma, V. 2001, Hindi ke Mahakavya (Hindi Epics) Vol. 2 (compilation).

Prepared the above 2 volumes in manuscript form for LL372 Culture, Literature and Language
Sharma, V. & Sharma, K. 2001, Hindi Upanyaas: Ek Samalochnatmak Adhyayan (Hindi Novels : a Critical Appreciation) (compilation).
Prepared in manuscript form for LL272 Hindi Prose-Fiction
Sharma, V. & Sharma, K. 2001, Compiled reading and guide materials for LL215 Teaching of Hindi.
Dr. V. Sharma promoted writing of 15000 words dissertation on various topics of interest in Fiji situation for LL309 Cultural Studies. 21 Students participated successfully

Dauka Puraan ( New Delhi : Star Publications, 2000)

‘The Oceanic Imaginary’ , The Contemporary Pacific, Spring 2001, pp. 149-162.
‘A Response to Oceanic Imaginary’, The Contemporary Pacific, Spring 2001, pp. 163-177.
Pacific, Spring 2001, pp.184-198.
‘Variety is a Spice of Life’, The Daily Post, October 4, 2001, p. 6.

Larry Thomas
Preparing manuscript for my new collection of three plays to be published by PWF.
My play “Just Another Day” appeared in Beyond Ceremony: An Anthology of Drama from Fiji edited by Ian Gaskell.
A short story called “Coming Home” appeared in Niu Waves: Contemporary Writing from Oceania edited by Robert Nicole.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Public Addresses

Rajni Kaushal Chand
Attended the 14th International conference on the 1st-year experience in conjuction with 5th Pacific rim 1st year in higher education conference (July 9-13th 2001 in Hawaii). Presented a conference paper titled: Examination of Potential Influence of Distance and Online Learning on 1st Year Students.

Veena Khan

Linguistics Seminar Series – presented research paper “The Fiji Form 7 Prescription and the Language Needs of First year Tertiary Students”

Curriculum Development Unit – Fiji Form 7 English Teachers Workshop (September) presented the same paper as above.

Mohammed Sameer

a) Presented a seminar on "Teacher Questions in Fiji's English Classrooms: A Look at five English Teachers". This was part of his MA research.

b) Represented the Pacific Writing Forum (PWF) at the 12th Triennial ACLALS Conference in Canberra, Australia (July 9th - 14th).

‘The Location of Language. The Bilingual Double Vision’, A paper presented a the Indian Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, University of Rayasthan, Jaipur (India), 4-6 January, 2001
‘A Writer’s Perspective. Towards a Culture of Peace’, Ecumenical Centre for Research. Education and Advocacy, National Workshop, Suva, 1-5 October, 2001.
‘The Bilingual Writer’ seminar on Pacific Literature, Alliance Francaise, Suva, 31 October 2001.

Conference attended, ‘Indian Women’s Writing at the turn of the Century’ Sahitya Academy, New Delhi, 22-24 February 2001 and 12 Triennial Conference of the Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, Canberra, 9-14 July 2001.

Vivekanand Sharma
During Dr. V. Sharma's December 2001 visit to India he attended and addressed a conference of Senior Citizens of Nainital in relation to promotional support for Hindi in Fiji.
While in Delhi, Dr. V. Sharma was provided with the opportunity of meeting several renowned writers, authors and poets. He addressed a gathering of eminent Hindi writers and spoke on the 'Great Hindi Poet of Fiji Pt. Kamla Prasad Mishra and his Poetry'.
In early March Dr. V. Sharma addressed a convention in Brisbane on the importance of the Ramayana in Indian way of life. The convention was attended by over 100 participants in Robertson, Queensland.
Organised and addressed a folk-song evening - Lokgeet Sandhya and Ek Rangeen Shaam at the University Lecture theatre U8.
Organised an evening with Head of the Department as Chief Guest to hand over a scholarship fund to a Fijian student pursuing course in Hindi Diploma.
Dr. Vivekanand Sharma with Kirti Sharma and Harinandan Singh participated in Open Day programme at the Western Centre of the USP to promote Hindi Studies.
Dr. V. Sharma wrote and presented regular radio programmes esp. on Alha Khand (Hindi Epic which is also a part of the LL372 syllabus) on various issues and chapters and gave talks on several topics on culture and language.

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