Region 10 thru the Golden Gateway

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Accommodation & Dining
BAHAY-BAKASYUNAN SA CAMIGUIN Batbagon,Mambajao (088)3870278

CABUA-AN BEACH RESORT Cabua-an, Mambajao (088)3872103

CAMIGUIN HIGHLAND RESORT Orasan, Soro-soro, Mambajao (088)3870516

CAVES BEACH RESORT Agoho, Mambajao (088)3879040

J&A FISHPEN RESORT&RESTAURANT Benoni,Mahinog (088)3874008

MAMBAJAO BEACH RESORT Balibagon, Mambajao (088)3871059

PARAS BEACH RESORT Yumbing, Mambajao (088)3879008

RJ FASTFOOD & PENSION HOUSE Mambajao (088)3870089

SECRET COVE Yumbing, Mambajao (088)3879084

TIA’S BEACH RESORT&PENSION HOUSE Poblacion, Mambajao (088) 3871045


Accomodation & Dining
Asian Tourist Inn Parojinog cor. Capistrano, Ozamis City (088)5211424

Beb’sPalace Barangay 3, Tangub City (088)3953045

Cebuano Lodge Mabini Ext., Ozamis City (088)5211704

Century Pension House Independence St., Oroquieta City (088)5311225

Chopstick RestoBar Independence St., Oroquieta City (088)5311225

Country Lodge Ledesma Ext. Annex, Ozamis City (088)5210472

Dad’s Pension House Las Aguada’s St., Ozamis City (088)5212058

Dajao Lodge Pastrano St., Poblacion Oroquieta City (0910)6030492

Daminar Riverside Garden Villaflor, Oroquieta (088)5311998

DDC Noodle House Pastrano St., Oroquieta City (0906)9130071

Dikyu's then Baboy Fastfood Haus (0921)8122768

D’Palace Banadero, Ozamis City (0920)5461683

Emily's Lodge Lower Langcagan, Oroquieta City (088)5311505

Emerald Pension Abanil St., Ozamis City (088)5214636

Executive Hotel Gallardo St. cor.Cebedo St. Ozamis City (088)5210360

Kamayan sa Oro Pastrano St., Oroquieta City (088)5310155

Irene’s Lodge Parajinog cor. Burgos St. Ozamis City (088)5212444

Johann’s Cuisine Don Anselmo Bernard St., Ozamis City (088)5214351

Minerva Tourism Inn Washington St., Ozamis City (088)5210065

Naomi’s Tourist Inn Banadero, Ozamis City (088)5212441

Palace Hotel Valconcha St., Ozamis City (088)5210573

Plaza Beatriz Hotel Port Road, Ozamis City (088)5211394

Rhapsody Inn Layawan, Oroquieta City (088)5311594

Rosales Traveller’s Lodge Ledesma Ext., Ozamis City (088)5210359

ROYAL GARDEN HOTEL Burgos cor. Zamora St. (088)5212888

Rhovic’s Place Hotel and Restaurant City Plaza Blvd., Oroquieta City (0918)5801906

Sheena’s Inn Barrientos St.cor.Del Pilar.,Oroquieta City (088)5311158

Tatine’s Food House Independence St., Oroquieta City (088)531-131

Tatong’s Beach Resort and Restaurant San Vicente Bajo, Oroquieta City (0919)2457305

Triple K Barangay 3, Tangub City (088)3953149


Accommodation & Dining
Alson's Palace Maranding, Lala (063)3887142

AUNTIE MANNIE'S PLACE Tubod (063)3415126

Auntie Manies Place Poblacion,Tubod (063)3414003

BAROY FARMERS TRAINING CENTER (BFTC) Bagong Dawis, Baroy (036)3736398

Bebeth's Casserole Crossing Baroy (063)4980179

Calao Beach Resort Maigo (0920)3560208

Dimavivas Residence Poblacion,Kapatagan (063)3828020

Duhaylungsod Residence Poblacion, Kapatagan (063)4970082

Farmer'sTraining Center Bag-ong Dawi, Baroy (063)3416398

Hyksos & Dreams Maranding, Lala (0920)3655062

JULTIRS LODGE Tubod (063)3415131

Mindanao Civic Center Sagadan, Tubod (063)3415471

MOFECC Catering Baroy (063)3736398

Polka Dots Marauding, Lala (063)3887140

Quirong Residence Poblacion,Tubod (063)3415990

Rianas Snack and Catering Services Tubod (063)3415557

Xenus Pensionne House Poblacion, Tubod (063)3415471

Accommodation & Dining
Cafe Hermoso Tino Badelles St., Ext. (063)2213675

Casa Palmera Lluch Park, Pala-o (063)2212014

Casa. Royale Tino Badellies St. (063)2213324

Cheding Peanuts SabayleSt. (063)2215164

Cheradel's Suite Bro. Jeffrey Road (063)2238118

Corporate Inn Isabel Village (063)2214456

Crystal Inn Tibanga Highway (063)2212779

Elena Tower Inn Tibanga Highway (063)2215995

Esmeralda Isabel Village (063)2213065

Famous Pension House Brgy. San Miguel (063)2254780

Farrah Hotel Sabayle St. (063)2216985

Fleckstone Inn Tibanga Highway (063)221-927

Jalexis Inn Cors. Juan Luna And Zamora St. (063)2238907

Josefa’s Guesthouse Seminary Road, Pala-O (063)221813

Jy Dimsum Gen. Aguinaldo St. (063)2213654

Kingway Inn Tibanga (063)2233937

Maria Cristina Hotel Gen. Aguilnaldo St. (063)2215308

Maria Cristina Lounge Gen. Aguinaldo St. (063) 2215309

Patio Alejandra San Miguel St. (063)2212754

Rene’s Pension House Mahayahay (063)2213701

Sunburst Fixed Chicken House T. Badelles St., Mahayahay (063) 2213401

The Guesthouse Brgy. San Miguel (063)2217013

Tip- Top Restaurant Torralba St. (063)2217653

Tom's Diner De Leon St. (063)2238270

Zoey Café Gen. Aguinaldo St. (063)2212876

Accommodation & Dinning

BOONDOCKS TRAVEL AND TOURS G. Lavina Ave., Valencia City (088)8284288

Chardy’s Seafood And Grill M. Fortich St,,Valencia City (088)8284098

Dotz Lodge Valencia City, Bukidnon (088)8284146

DRV TRAVEL AND TOURS Plaza Villahermosa Bldg., Valencia City (088) 8284184

G & H Pension House Purok 7, M. Fortich St., Valencia City (088)8281292

Halfway House Dalirig, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon (0915)4546022

Haus Malibu Bonifacio Drive cor.Comesio St.Malabalay(088)2212714

Hotel Valencia Hagkol, Valencia City (088)2222442

Imee’s Lodge Valencia City (088)8280472

Jocel’s Fastfood and Garden Pob. Valencia City, Bukidnon (088)8281247

Kusina sa Valencia P-13 Hagkol, Valencia City, Bukidnon (088)8284150

MGM MOUNTAIN SPRING RESORT Dologon, Maramag (0920)4225611


Mindy’s Malaybalay City, Bukidnon (088)8281151

Mindy’s Valencia City, Bukidnon (088)8133893

Plaza View Tourist Inn Malaybalay City, Bukidnon (088)2212503

Pine Hills Hotel P&T Town Center, Fortich St., Malaybalay (088)2213211

Royal Hotel G. Lavena Ave., Guinoyuran Rd. Valencia(088)8283490

Small World Travels Inn Rizal St., Malaybalay (088)8131206

Taipan Restaurant Hagkol, Valencia City (088)8282007

Villa Alemania Moreno St., Fortich cor., Malaybalay (088)8132301

Waig Crystal Spring Resort Purok 8-A, North Poblacion, Maramag (088)3561111

Important Tourism – Related Offices

Cagayan de Oro City
Department of Tourism – 10 Gregorio Pelaez Sports Center Tel/fax:(08822)

Veles St., Cagayan de Oro 7263947/



Philippine Tourism Authority Gardens of Malasag Eco-tourism Village(088)855-6183
Department of Foreign Affairs Geleng Bldg., Lapasan (08822)726578


Bureau of Immigration and Deportation Osmena St. infront of (Gordiel AutoParts)(08822)726517
Police Assistance Centers

Divisoria: (08822)728602

Cogon: 117

Carmen: (08822)728604

Lapasan: (08822)728603

Fire Station, Cogon: 112

City Tourism Offices

Cagayan de Oro City (088)8573164

Gingoog City (088)8614219


Iligan City (063)2214342

Malaybalay City (088)2212267

Valencia City (088)8282015

Ozamis City (088)5210270

Oroquieta City (088)5311516

Tangub City (088)3951591

Provincial OfficesTourism

Bukidnon (088)2213272

Camiguin (088)3871091

Lanao dal None (063)3415467

Misamis Occidental (088)5311419

Misamis Oriental (08822)727275


Source: GO 10 TRAVEL GUIDE AND TOURISM DIRECTORY FOR REGION 10, published by Tourmakers, Philippines, 2007

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