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Cultural Reconstruction of the Huluga Site Complex

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Cultural Reconstruction of the Huluga Site Complex.

From the archaeological finds in Huluga site complex, it can be inferred that Ca­gayan de Oro was inhabited from prehistoric times (ca. 2000 years) up until the advent of the Recollect missionaries in 1622.The physical environment then around Huluga was believed to have been heavily forested and rich in biodiversity, which could have

enticed early human populations to live in the area where they could hunt wild game and forage the forest for wild edible plants.The presence of pottery in the site assemblage could indicate that they had subsisted on food crops that were planted. It is probable that they were engaged in simple horticulture through the slash-burn technique (kaingin) to clear areas to plant their crops.

Like many early prehistoric societies in other parts of the world, caves had served not only for habitation, but internment of the dead. In Huluga,the limestone caverns served that purpose wherein their dead were placed inside the caves along with their personal possessions/effects. This prac­tice was common among many societies in the past, which had been interpreted by scholars to be related to the belief in life after death.

The water level of Cagayan River then was higher than it is now and abounded in aquatic life, including several varieties of fresh-water fish, mollusks, and edible plants that grow along the banks of the river. Because of the rich natural resource, Huluga area became a haven for human habitation. It was probably occupied in different time periods from the late Neolithic (new stone age) around 2000 years ago up until the onset of the Spanish regime in the Philippines. The earlier groups intermittently inhabited the area since they were more nomadic hunters and gatherers; but the later occupation seems to point a more semi- sedentary life to more sedentary station, wherein houses were permanently built. It is highly probable that the open site was occupied in different periods by different groups of people.

It is also evident that the inhabitants in the open site manufactured pottery of varied forms and types, such as cooking pots,jars, and dishes.Although the obsidian flakes and chips were found intermixed with the pottery materials, however, it does not necessarily mean that the bearers of obsidian materials were contemporaneous with the pottery making people; they could be older. Moreover, the great bulk of pot­tery shards collected from the open site could attest to the presence of a community, a settlement or village, not merely as a camping site as contended by a group who conducted an excavation in the open site two years ago.

Where is Himologan Village?

One of the crucial questions frequently asked: Is Huluga site complex linked to

the existence of the earliest settlement called Himologan as cited in the oral history of Cagayan de Oro? In the account of the Recollect missionaries who visited Himologan in 1622,they related that the place was a steep inaccessible rock along the Cagaiang River (where the name Cagayan was perhaps derived). It had no way of approach or mode of ascent but ladders made of rattan and was fortified and protected. Himolo­gan was under the leadership of Salangsang with five hundred followers. The account continues on to tell that the site was perched on top (of the promontory) with a large house resembling a cloister (a long house) where many families dwell. In the middle of the place was a structure called diwatahan, a house of worship. (Blair and Robertson, The Philippine Islands:The Early Recollect Mission. 1624,Vol.21).

Moreover, according to the oral history of the Cagayanos that the place was also called Huluga, another derivative term from Himologan because of the trees that were felled or cut were dropped into the river to be carried by the current down to the mouth of Cagayan River.The activity of cutting down trees was on going during the Spanish regime when timber were needed to build ships and even for residences in the village of Cagayan de Oro.

The beginning of Cagayan de Oro is not merely based on myth or legend It is supported by historical accounts and ­attested by the presence of archaeo­logical eviden-ces in the open sites. Himologan tells the ethnohistory of the Cagayan de Oro City-its origin, peoples, events, and cultural develop­ment. Its destruction also meant the loss of the cultural heritage of the Cagayanos.

In 2001, the National Museum declared 26 Spanish colonial-era churches in the country as "National Cultural Treasures. Of the twenty-six, 'wo are found in Min­danao. One is the church of San Juan de Bautista in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental built by the Recollects and the other one is the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental built by the Jesuits.

These churches, constructed prior to 1898, were both found to have kept intact much of their church complex (church, convento, church yard), preserved much of their pre-1898 interiors including furnishings and even ambience; and their respec­tive architecture and chosen locations were representative of some artistic style of the origi-

nal church-building orders, such as the Recollects and the Jesuits in Mindanao.
Church of San Juan de Bautista
This church, located on high grounds, was said to have been built in 1862 by the Re-collects headed by Fr. Roque Azcona. Other priests who succeeded him and continued the building were Fr. Jose Abad in 1886 and Fr. Constancio Asencio in 1891.Fr. Asen- cio was the parish priest until 1898 and it was said that it was during his term that beau-tiful icons and painting works were done on the ceiling, that the imposing 19-meter high bell tower with a clock was built, and that the most beautiful ornaments, including the pipe organ which arrived from Spain in 1894, were received.

A tremor sometime in 1976 was said to have damaged the church causing some major repairs to be done until 1977.The exterior walls, except the front wall, were reinforced by adding a layer of hollow blocks and cement plaster. Potico openings were braced with reinforced con­crete.

In 1995, the bell tower base, formerly the baptistery, was renovated and converted into a chapel for St.Jude.

In 2002,the nave and chancel ceiling paintings on canvass were restored by the National Museum.

Church of the Immaculate Conception
This church was built in the latter part of the 19th century by the Jesu­its. The church complex is located on high grounds near the sea. Its old convent found on its right side is still being used as a convent. Recorded renovations start in the 1950's when portions of the chancel and central aisle floor was replaced by granolithic marble finish and cement tiles.

In the 1980's up to the 1990's, renovations in the exterior and interior parts were made. Included here was that of the wooden pediment of the fa­cade which was replaced by a concrete wall.The bell tower walls were covered by galvanized iron sheets and concrete plaster.

The grill-covered windows - each opening is 1.20 m. wide and 2.45 m high, and is 1.63 m above the nave floor level.

The church's facade.

Old Houses
Old houses, dating back to the Spanish and American period still exist in various municipalities or cities.

These houses, are usually a two-storey rectangular building with a balcony or a balcon from where one can watch processions or parades passing the street.

Some of these houses follow the style of bahay na bato, or "house of stone" which is made of stone and wood. This style, an improved version of the bahay kubo in terms of materials and space allocati­on, is also labeled a Spanish style house displaying influences Spanish art such as tiled roof, wooden spindles, iron grills and latticed upper wall above the window transom.

Every 1st Saturday of March

Kaamulan is an indigenous term for "gathering"-whether for a datuship ritual, a wedding ceremony, a thanksgiving festival during harvest time or a peace pact. In November 1977, the provincial government spearheaded the annual celebration of Kaamulan Fes­tival which includes a street parade participated in by various indigenous commu­nities, a trade fair, and a rodeo. Main venue for the celebration is at the Kaamulan Park located at the back of the Provincial Capitol.


3rd or 4th week of August (28th of August ­Feast of St. Augustine)

This festival is celebrated in honor of St. Augustine, the patron saint of the city. The celebration starts around the 3rd week of the month of August.There are trade fair events at the Capitol Grounds like "salo-tabo"where different producers from the province gather to sell their agricul­tural products; river festivities such as long boat race, white water rafting competition, and a fluvial parade, dubbed"Sakay-sakay sa Lambago"

and a food festival called "Kumbira." Highlights of the festival are street dancing and the Search for Ms. Kagay-an Tourism.

KALIGA FESTIVAL, Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental

23 July

This is a thanksgiving festival with a street dancing perfor­mance to celebrate the city's charter day every 23rd of July. Activi­ties include the Search for Binibining Gingoog Tourism, skim board­ing competition and annual mountaineering climb of Mt. Lumot in Bgy. Lunotan


Every 3rd week of October

This is to celebrate the bountiful harvest of lanzo­nes, locally called,"buahan " which is said to be sweetest in Camiguin. Highlights of the festival include an agri­fair, streetdancing contest displaying traditional dances and ethnic costumes.


29 September, Iligan City

This feast is held to honor, the city's patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel.The feast has three parts:

1) Pagpakanaug, held every 20th of Sept at 8 a.m.This is the ritual transfer of the statue of St. Michael from the main altar to the side altar for his bath and change of clothes.

2) Its dance parade called Kasadya Festival, a dance parade usually held on the 27th of September.

3) Comedia de San Miguel or Yawa-yawa,the Iliganon term for this indigenous stage play said to date back to 1890.This play focuses on the conflict between St. Michael the Archangel and Lucifer.
SAGAYAN FESTIVAL, Tubod, Lanao del Norte

July 4,Tubod: Started in 1992 and held during the Araw ng Lanao del Norte and participated in by all mu­nicipalities of the province. A cultural centerpiece is a colorful and spectacu­lar Maranao war dance depicting the Maranao - Maguindanao epic "Daran­gen"(Datu Bantugan and BaeLawanen).


Tangub City, Misamis Occidental

The whole month of December sees a colorful display of huge Christmas lanterns in this city. People from far places come to witness this unique lantern festival.

Pasalubong Shopping
There is a wide array of choices for pasalubong available in the region.

Try the various hams Cagayan de Oro is known for: Pines (Montalban St.), Oro Ham (Corrales St.) or SLERS (Velez cor del Pilar Sts.).

Or visit Vjandep Bakeshop (Tiano St.) which sells its famous pastel of Camiguin, a soft dough coffee bun, which comes in various flavors like "yema,"durian, mango, and

pineapple. Also available in this store are products of Iligan like Ched­ing's greaseless peanuts and Iligan's famous "Pinakurat"vinegar of different flavors, from sweet to spicy and cashew nuts of Lumbia and Soling's Piniato, peanut brittle made of high-grade peanut, honey and sugar.

Salay handmade paper is available in a shop along Pabayo St., Cagayan de Oro, contact (088) 858-7517.

In Cogon market in Cagayan de Oro or in Jolo Barter Trade in Iligan City, one can buy Muslim wears widely used in Mindanao, such as "tubao"or headcloth and the"malong"ortubeskirt. A"malong"may be used for everyday wear or for ceremonial and gala occasions (e.g., the "landap"and the "andon" which are intricately designed). The malong and tubao usually come in colorful, checkered or geo­metric design.

In various malls such as Gaisano Mall (Corrales St.), Lumad shop in Ororama (Lapasan), Limketkai Mall (Limketkai Center) and SM Mall (Masterson's Ave.) in Cagayan e Oro, one can buy t-shirts, bags, caps and shorts and other souvenir items.

At the fruit stand, one can buy varied fruits of the sea­son like mangoes,"rambutan,"durian,"marang,"mangosteen, sweet lanzones from Camiguin.

In Bukidnon,ZetaTrading sells local handicrafts.

In Misamis Occidental, especially in Tangub, as well as in Lanao del Norte, crabs are aplenty and people usually bring home pails of this as pasalubong. Seafood, like dried fish-is also widely available in public markets.

Also, a popular choice is the lechon, of the wild boar type Iligan or just the regular type but just as popular from Cagayan de Oro, like Anon's, Poldo's to name only two.

From Camiguin, bring home packs of Maestrado Tablea, a uniquely-shaped cocoa tablet molded out of freshly-ground cocoa beans (contact Pura M. Maano at (088) 87003) and La Salud Turrones de Mani, homemade peanut candies wrapped.

Tour Packages

Tour Code: CCT






inclusions: Roundtrip a/c transfers, ent. fees, tour guide, lunch

Duration: half-day; pick-up: 8 a.m.

cost/person: P3,000 (2-3); P2,500 (4 and up)


Tour Code: IDT





Inclusions: Roundtrip a/c transfers, entrance fees, tour guide, lunch

Duration: full day; pick-up: 9 a.m.

Cost/person: P3,000 (2-3); P2,500 (4 and up)



Tour Code: BDT




Inclusions: Roundtrip a/c transfers, entrance fees, tour guide, lunch

Duration: full day; pick-up: 8 a.m.

Cost/person: P3,500 (2-3); P3,000 (4 and up)

swim, sunbathe, feed the fishes, snorkel!

Tour Code: SDT

Roundtrip a/c transfers from Cgy de Oro, entrance fees, tour guide, lunch

Duration: full day; pick-up: 8 a.m.

Cost/person: P3,000 (2-3); P2,500 (4 and up)

Tour Code. GT-101 (Min. 10)
This is a specially designed tour for those who want to experience firsthand the different cultures of Northern Mindanao, visiting ALL FIVE provinces in the region, seeing the spectular sights, tasting the people's local cuisine, and interacting with the local people.
CAMIGUIN ..."the island of your imagination"

Tour Code. CIT







Inclusions: Two nights aircon accom. in an "AA"resort, roundtrip (rt) land & sea transfers from Cagayan de Oro, (rt) land transfers to resort from Camiguin port, daily breakfast, CAMIGUIN Tour w/ lunch, inclusive of transfers, local guide, entrance fees, government taxes and barangay fees. Plus, HOP to WHITE ISLAND wl 1 roundtrip boat transfers.
Go for Pure Adventure

White Water Rafting + Canopy Walk

Tour Code: PAD
Inclusions: Two nights aircon accom., roundtrip airport transfers, daily breakfast, White Water Rafting Adventure with lunch with jeepney transfers, safety gears and equipment, river guides, and bgy fees + Canopy Walk Adventure with lunch, van transfers, harness and other safety equipment, mountain guides, bgy fees. Assemble at pick-up point for WWR: Plaza Divisoria, in front of McDonalds, approx. 7:30-8a.m. Pick-up at hotel for Canopy Walk Adventure. Important: MUST arrive Cagayan by 7 a.m. or add one night.
Canopy Walk is a high adventure that includes a forest trek ... a "swing for life"... and a walk through a hanging bridge about 100 feet high ...
The COTA and AQUAFUN Plus!

Tour code: OAT
Inclusions: Roundtrip land and sea transfers from Cagayan De Oro, two (2) nights hotel accommodation, daily breakfast, historical and pilgrimage tour with seafood lunch, a day tour at the marine park with lunch, services of a guide and entrance fees.

Cost/person : P9,950 (min. 2-3) P8,950 (min. 4-up) Option: Dapitan+DakakTour




Accommodation, Dining, & Others
AJIS RENT-A-CAR 40 Upper Zone 5, Bulua (08822) 737785

(088) 8584843

Barkadahan Grill (088) 8568484

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Café Laguna Limketkai Center (088) 8582999

Cagayan Pakview Hotel Tirso-Neri St. (08822) 726656

Cagayan River View Inn Vamenta Blvd., Carmen (08822) 729039

Casa Crystalla Pabayo – Chavez Sts. (08822) 722465

Casa Luciana Guest House Sgt. A. Velez St., Mabulay Subd. (088) 8561580

Chali Beach Resort and Conference Center Old Road, Cugman (088) 8552108

Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Resort Baloy (088) 8552702

Coffee Wats Limketkai Center (088) 8562240

Consuelo Steakhouse Corrales Avenue, (088) 8561353

Country Village Hotel Villarin Sts., Carmen (088) 8583004

Countryside Steakhouse Limketkai Center (08822) 728953

Covadongga Retreat House Upper Macasandig (08822) 724324

Cucina de Oro Limketkai Drive, Lapasan

DEAR MANOK Tiano – Akut St. (088) 8564914

De Luxe Hotel Capt. Vicente Roa St. (08822) 726527

Demiren Hotel Tiano – Kalambaguhan St. (088) 8561398

Discovery Hotel and Restaurant Osmena-Florentino St., Limketkai Dr. (08822) 727814

Dynasty Court Hotel Tiano Bros. cor. Hayes Sts. (08822) 724516

FEM’S VINES PENSION HOUSE Aguinaldo St., cor. Yacapin St. (08822) 724582

Fiesta sa Balsa Sugbahan Akut – Tiano Bros. St. (088) 8565149

Fort santiago Pension House 2nd-19th St., Nazareth (08822) 729606

Gardenia Guest House Biasong Tinib Road, Macasandig (088) 8572157

Gardens of Malasag Eco-tourism Village Malasag, Cugman (088) 8556183

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Goodnews Traveller’s Inn Capt. Vicente Roa St. (08822) 728244

Grand Caprice Restaurant Limketkai Center (08822) 726955

Grand City Hotel A. Veles St. (08822) 723551

Green Haven Vegetarian Rest. LKK Center (08822) 724862

Harbor Lights Hotel & Restaurant Old Road, Gusa (08822) 724878

HOTEL CONCHITA Guillermo-Yacapin Extensiopn Sts. (08822) 727355

(088) 856 3856

Hotel Koresko Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates (088) 8592299

Hotel Ramon T.Neri – Burgos St. (08822) 724738

Inilog Grill Veles St. (08822) 724846

King William Inn Cruz Taal cor. Burgos Sts. (08822) 712888

Kagay-anon Restaurant Limketkai Center (088) 8563843

La Mar Inn J.R. Borja cor. Don A Veles Sts. (08822) 723474

La Tegula Cucina 80 Hayes St. (088) 8572137

Lexis Grill Tiano-Makahambus St. (08822) 714406 Mallberry Suites Florentino St. (08822) 724999

Marco Hotel Alwana Business Park, Cugman (088) 8552198

MASS-SPECC Hostel Tiano-Pacana St. (088) 8562340

Maxandrea Hotel J.R. Borja cor. Aguinaldo st. (08822) 721029

Middleton Apartelle Max Suniel St., Carmen (08822) 723665

MINDY’S CDO Yacapin cor. A. Veles St. (08822) 720698

Mountain Suite Business Apartelle Kimwa Compound, Baloy (088) 8551724

Nature’s Pensionne T. Chaves St. (088) 8572274

Oriental Garden Restaurant A. Veles- Makahambus St. (088) 8561813

Oro Renaissance Kauswagan Nat’l H’way (08822) 724851

Park Café Plaza Divisoria (088) 8564444

Pearlmont Inn Limketkai Drive (08822) 728913

Philtown Hotel A. Veles-Makahambus Sts. (08822) 726295

Pizza d’ Amore Limketkai Center (088) 8567333

Pips and Soy Diner 25 Tiano-Nacalaban St. (08822) 723161

Pjoe’s Diner Limketkai Center (088) 8565555

Pryce Plaza Hotel Carmen Hill (08822) 722791

Queensland 7 Kauswagan National Highway, (08822) 738122

Ramen Tei LKK Center (088) 8566222

Reyna del Rio Floating Restaurant Burgos-Chaves Sts. (08822) 714264

Ridgeview Chalets Airport Rd, Xavier Estates, Up. Balulang (088) 8587930

Sentro Veles st. (08822) 721850

Southwinds Hotel Capt. Vicente Roa Ext. (08822) 727623

Sunshine Christian Guest House Mabulay subd. (08822) 723053

Tapsi Time & Charlie Chan A. Velez-Makahambus St. (08822) 723551

The Bam Rizal-Hayes St. (088) 8575009

TOURMAKERS PHILS., INC. 57 R.N. Abejuela St., Plaza Divisoria (08822) 710185

(088) 8581448

VIP Hotel Apolinar Velez cor. Pacana Sts. (08822) 726082

Vienna Kaffehaus Don Apolinar Velez St. (088) 8576171

Victoria’s Grill Pride Rock Business Park, Gusa (088) 8585169

Young Men Christian Asso. (YMCA) Julio Pacana St. (088) 8569624


Accommodation & Dining
A & E RESTAURANT R.BaolSt.,Gingoog City (08842)7275

ARTURO S. LUGOD GYMNASIUM Dugenio.St.,Gingoog City (08842)7260

CENTURY PENSION HOUSE CV Lugod St., Gingoog City (08842)7834

CITY HALL PENTHOUSE City Hall, Gingoog City (08842)7260

CORRE'S APARTELLE Paz Village, Gingoog City (08842)7244

D’NEW DEBONAIRE Rizal-Condeza Sts.,Gingoog City (08842)7724

Eastland Restaurant Mountain air Hotel Gingoog City (08842) 7999

GINGOOG MOUNTAIN AIR HOTEL Dona GraciaSt.,GingoogCity (08842) 7999

GRAHE SIDEWALK GRILL Guanzon-Condez Sts.,Gingoog City (088) 8611080

LARRY'S National Highway, Gingoog City (08842)7296

LITTLE MANSION LODGE Lugod St., Gingoog City (08842) 7409

MANSION BY THE SEA Rodriguez-Lugod Sts., Gingoog City (08842) 7409

New Lane Restaurant Nat’l Highway (08842) 7246

ONWARD INN Nat’l Highway, Gingoog City (08842)7773

Sentro Music Lounge Nat’l Highway (08842)7527

Accommodation & Dining
BASAMANGGAS RESORT Kimaya,Jasaan (08822)760564

Duka Bay Resort and Restaurant Medina (08822)722528

Lauremar Hotel Opol (08822)735411

LIYANG BEACH Jasaan (0921)7477333

LIYANG HEIGHTS Jasaan (0921)7477333


Tabing Dagat Restaurant Opol (08822)724488

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