Reflective Essay Relating to Educational Goals and the bls degree

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Reflective Essay Relating to Educational Goals and the BLS Degree
A Proposal on How and Why, Singularly, the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) Degree Will Satisfy Educational, Employment, Career, Professional, and Personal Goals
Think about your life. Think about the attached “Characteristics and Capabilities of Graduates.” Think about the Liberal Studies Program and its expectations. Think about the BLS curriculum parameters. Think about the Senior Assignment and integrate your project concept into the proposal, addressing all the information on this page as well as including your projected selection of courses, and present it to the Director for the Bachelor of Liberal Studies program two weeks prior to completing the educational contract and declaring your major.
Respond to the following Bachelor of Liberal Studies Program Expectations:

  • Students are expected to pursue broad-based education in liberal arts and sciences.

  • Students are expected to develop an individualized program of study with an interdisciplinary focus.

  • Students are expected to be certain that their educational goals cannot be fully met with specific curricula.

  • Students are expected to integrate abilities to plan and develop a program appropriate to interests.

In writing your essay and proposal, it is expected that you will take the opportunity for self-reflection, observation on your college experience, and formulation of your goals at SIUE. Your proposal will be reviewed to determine if it has an interdisciplinary focus and whether or not your educational goals can be satisfied by any other major that SIUE offers. If your proposal is determined not to have an interdisciplinary focus and/or if your educational goals are determined to be able to be met by any other major, your application for admission to the BLS degree will be denied.

In addition to the above, your essay might include, yet is not limited to, some of the following ideas:

  1. Personal History

    • Likes / Dislikes / Desires / Interests / Concerns / Ambitions / Hopes / Goals / etc.

    • Employment or other variations of work experiences

    • Usual and/or unusual education experiences

2. History of educational experiences:

  • Institutions of higher education attended

  • Previous majors and/or areas of academic interest

  • Why previous majors became unsatisfactory

  • How you learned about the BLS degree and why it came to be one of your choices to satisfy educational goals

3. Reasons involved in selecting the BLS degree, for example:

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