Reflective Essay: Failure Steps to the Reflective Essay

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Reflective Essay: Failure

Steps to the Reflective Essay:

  1. Read the essay on failure.

  2. Develop a STANCE on that topic. (Your position, belief, or assertion written in the form of defensible statement.) This is your thesis.

  3. Find a personal experience that illustrates the truth of your stance (supports/proves it.)

  4. In your retelling of the personal experience, include:

    • Sensory imagery (what you saw, heard, felt, smelled, etc.)

    • Vivid action verbs

    • Similes/metaphors

    • Interior monologue (thoughts going through your head at the time)

    • Dialogue (if appropriate)

    • Concrete details (specifics)

    • Sophisticated vocabulary

  1. Write about a second example that supports or shows the truth of your stance. You can use an example from:

    • Current events

    • History

    • Literature

    • The arts

    • Sports

    • Science

    • Film

  1. Formulate a universal reflection that incorporates “we” “us” “our.” Your universal reflection shows how what was true for you, and what was true for your second example, is true for us all. Explain how your stance is a universal truth. You MUST have a universal reflection with the appropriate pronouns, or you will earn an “F” on this essay.

Sample Outline:

  1. Introduction (attention-getter, Henry David Thoreau, stance)

  2. Personal Experience

  3. 2nd Example

  4. Universal Reflection

Your essay must be typed, double-spaced, and printed in black ink on one side of the paper only. (Sonora’s library is up and running, so there is no excuse not to type your essay.) Follow the conventions of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Give your essay a title. Make sure your essay is at least 4 paragraphs in length and carefully follows the steps to the reflective essay.
You must BOLD FACE the pronouns “we” “us” and “our” in your universal reflection.

Due date:_______________

Points possible: 200
Download 6.82 Kb.

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