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Kĩ năng đọc tù 1 đến 20
Question 93: According to the writer, students today are different from those she knew in that they are .

    1. too ready for college B. not as mature

C. not so academic D. responsible for their work
Question 94: The word “handle” in parapgraph 2 mostly means .
A. deal with B. gain benefits from C. lend a hand to D. point at
Question 95: According to the writer, students‟ difficulties to cope with college life are partly due to
A. the absence of parents‟ protection B. the lack of parental support
C. the over-parenting from parents D. the lack of financial support
Question 96: The phrase “on medication” in paragraph 3 is similar in meaning to .
A. studying medicine at college B. doing medical research
C. receiving medical treatment D. suffering anxiety from depression
Question 97: Which of the following is NOT TRUE according to the passage?

  1. College faculty and staff are required to help in the parenting of problematic students.

  2. The college experience itself is more intense today than that of the past 10 years.

  3. Our world is more stressful because of the current economic and political situation.

  4. Our society certainly doesn‟t want our children to experience unpleasant things.

Question 98: Students who are not well – prepared to be young “adults” with all the responsibilities of life will need .

  1. to be assigned more housework from adults

  2. to be given more social responsibilities

  3. to be encouraged to meet challenges

  4. daily coaching from their teachers

Question 99: According to the writer, failure in life and less support from parents will .

  1. help students to learn to stand on their own feet

  2. allow students to learn the first lesson in their lives

  3. defeat students from the very beginning

  4. discourage students and let them down forever

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