Reading Guide (completed at home) Write a full page essay on the article by Victoria Schofield entitled The World in 1492

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Essay on the World in 1492 Article

Assignment: Using your completed Reading Guides and Word Splash worksheets (issued in class) and your Reading Guide (completed at home) Write a full page essay on the article by Victoria Schofield entitled The World in 1492.
Requirements: Your essay should answer the following questions: What is the basic point that the author is making about the eurocentrism that occurs in the historical accounts of this period as well as in the present-day teaching of those historical accounts? Does the author of the article make a valid point, or not? Why, or why not? Did the author convince you that her point was a good one? Why? How?
Use the stylistic guidelines for history essays to write this essay (AP DD CC SS)

Opening Paragraph


Answer the Prompt/Questions - In a well crafted opening paragraph, introduce the article that you will be discussing and mention in a very general way the essential claims you will making in the body of your essay.

Supporting Paragraphs


Data and Details

In the next few paragraphs, discuss in detail the particular points the author makes in the article. Provide lots of specific examples and details to backup each claim that you discuss.


Commentary & Connection

This is the real meat of your essay! Along with the data and details, explain exactly how these details serve as evidence that support the essay’s claims. This part is where the relevance and importance of the data and details gets clearly spelled out. It is critical that you thoroughly explain the significance of your supporting examples with regard to how these examples help to make your case (prove your claim.)

Concluding Paragraph


Short & Strong

Briefly reference your thesis and highlight the major points in your argument. Conclude with a couple of succinct yet strong, sentences that vividly restate your claim in a new way.


a. You must include an introductory paragraph which correctly introduces the author’s point and establishes your overall claim about the importance of the author’s point. (AP)

b. You must provide some of the key examples and comparisons that the author uses to challenge the typical eurocentric version of 15th century history. (DD)

c. Explain the importance of these examples to the author’s claim about eurocentrism. (CC)

d. Be sure to make it clear that you understand the meaning of the term “eurocentrism.” (CC)

e. Explain why Schoefield thinks it’s important that students understand what else was going on in the world in 1492. (CC)

f. You should conclude by reiterating your assessment of the author’s argument. What in particular was most persuasive to you about her argument? (SS)

Reminders: Be sure that when you are quoting from the article, you use the appropriate quotation marks. Points will be taken off if you fail to do so. Your essay should not rely totally on quotes from the article—most of what you say should be in your own words! Be sure to proofread and use spell check and grammar check.

All essays must have an original title.

Download 11.33 Kb.

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