Reading Due: Hacker, 6a, 6b 46a

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Calendar of Assignments Writing II, English 111.02/.04 Spring 2002
Week 1 M 04-Mar Course Introduction

T 05-Mar In-Class Essay

R 07-Mar Learning to Read: Annotating

Reading Due: Hacker, 6a, 6b (46a, 46b)

"In What Sense Are Terrorists Cowards?"

F 08-Mar Learning to Analyze: More Than A Summary

Assignment Due: Revised and extended annotations of "In What Sense …?"

Especially pay attention to the final paragraph.

Week 2 M 11-Mar "In What Sense Are Terrorists Cowards?"

Assignment Due: Typed outline of Noah’s article. (See 6b (46b))

The Three Citations: Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation

Reading Due: Hacker, 48b, 50b (51c, 54b)

T 12-Mar Integrating & Documenting Citations: In-Text and Works Cited

Reading Due: Hacker, 50, 51, 37f (54, 55, 37f)

Reading Due: Hacker, 6c (46c) Summarizing

Assignment Due: Using the proper MLA conventions, write a 35-45 word summary of the final paragraph of “In What Sense…?”

R 14-Mar Grammar Lesson 1—What is a Sentence?

Reading Due: Hacker: Sentence Patterns

5th 58: 745-755

6th 62: 784-795

Hacker: Sentence Types

5th 60: 768-772

6th 64: 810-813

Assignment Due: Hacker: Sentence Patterns (Exercises 1-5 only)

5th 58-1: 748 Subjects

6th 62-1: 787 Subjects

Hacker: Sentence Types (Exercises 1-5 only; identify the sentence

types, but do not classify the subordinate clauses)

6th 64-1: 813

5th 60-1: 771-772

F 15-Mar Reading Due: Hacker, 6d (46d) Analyzing

Assignment Due: Brief Essay #1 Draft 1 Due—Global Revision
Week 3 M 18-Mar In-class peer revision

T 19-Mar Brief Essay #1 Draft 2 Due—Global Revision

In-Text Citations & Works Cited

R 21-Mar Reading Due: Hacker: Fragments

5th & 6th 19

Assignment Due: Hacker: Fragments

5th & 6th 19-1 (1-5), 19-2

Brief Essay #1 Draft 3 Due—Editing

F 22-Mar Brief Essay #1 Due

Begin discussion of fairy tales

Week 4 M 25-Mar Begin discussion of definitional arguments: X is /is not Y.

Bring to class 1-2 sources that deal with the definition of a fairy tale.

Assignment Due: Revised exercises: Hacker: Fragments

5th & 6th 19-1 (1-5), 19-2

T 26-Mar Inclement weather—No class

R 28-Mar Continue discussion of definitional arguments.

What criteria does Tolkien use to define fairy tales?

Reading Due: J.R.R. Tolkien’s “On Fairy-Stories”: Bring Tolkien’s essay to class.

Skim the entire essay. Then read carefully the following passages:

¶s 1-3: Introduction

¶ 4 (bottom, p. 38) – just before the final ¶ on p. 47: Definition

You will need to read these passages more than once to understand them. The annotating techniques you used on Noah’s article will help you identify the following:

  • Tolkien’s purpose,

  • the three questions he wishes to address,

  • his definition of fairy within his larger definition of fairy-story,

  • the nature of Faërie or the “Perilous Realm,”

  • the role of magic in fairy tales, and

  • the two “primordial human desires” that are satisfied by that magic.

Expect a quiz on pages 38-47 of Tolkien’s essay.

F 29-Mar Good Friday—No Class
Week 5 M 01-Apr Easter Monday—No Class

T 02-Apr Reading Due: Hacker: 20: Run-On Sentences

Understand the difference between fused and comma spliced.

Understand the four ways to repair run-ons:

1. comma plus coordinating conjunction

2. other punctuation (semi-colon, colon, dash)

3. separate sentences

4. subordinate one clause

Assignment Due: Hacker: 20: Run-On Sentences

5th 20-1 (Numbers 2-5 and 7)

6th 20-1 (Numbers 1-5)

5th 20-2 (Numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9)

6th 20-2 (Numbers 1-5)

R 04-Apr Assignment Due: 1. Revise 20-1 and 20-2 (only those numbers assigned for Tues.).

2. Do 20-3 using the following format: Number and type each run-

on, 1-9. Under each run-on, type your correction.

3. Brainstorm a list of possible criteria that make something a fairy-

tale. Use Tolkien's list and your other sources as a starting point,

but you may include criteria that your sources haven't considered

or exclude criteria they find necessary.

F 05-Apr Assignment Due: 500+-word prose brainstorm on Essay #2
Week 6 M 08-Apr Assignment Due: 500+-word response to classmate’s brainstorm

T 09-Apr Reading Due: Lieberman: “Some Day My Prince Will Come”: Female Acculturation

Through the Fairy Tale, 383 – end of 1st ¶ on 385

Bettelheim: Introduction: The Struggle for Meaning, 3 – break on 6

Hacker: 21: Subject-Verb Agreement

Assignment Due: 700+-word draft of Essay #2

Hacker: 21: Subject-Verb Agreement

5th 21-1 (Numbers 1-3, 7, and 8)

6th 21-1 (Numbers 1-5)

5th 21-2 (Numbers 1-4, and 7)

6th 21-2 (Numbers 1-5)

R 11-Apr Assignment Due: 800+-word draft of Essay #2

F 12-Apr Assignment Due: 800+-word revised draft of Essay #2
Week 7 M 15-Apr Brief Essay #2 Due, 800-1200 words

Return and discuss grammar homework.

T 16-Apr Reading Due: Hacker: 22: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Assignment Due: Hacker: 22: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

5th 22-1 (Numbers 1-10)

6th 22-1 (Handout of above exercises)

R 18-Apr Revised and corrected draft of Essay #1, if submitting for a new grade.

Reading Due: Lieberman: “’Some Day My Prince Will Come’: Female Acculturation

Through the Fairy Tale”—Entire article.

F 19-Apr Reading Due: Bettelheim: “The Struggle for Meaning”—Entire introduction.
Week 8 M 22-Apr Elements of fiction: what to consider when analyzing your fairy tales.

T 23-Apr Analysis of fairy tales, con’t. What are some elements that Bettelheim feels are fruitful?

Are these or similar elements relevant in your tale? Group work to focus on one specific

message/lesson conveyed by your fairy tale and the elements that communicate this idea.

Reading Due: Select and read your fairy tale. Begin reading Bettelheim’s chapter.

Grammar: Clear Pronoun Reference

Reading Due: Hacker: 23: Clear Pronoun Reference

Assignment Due: Hacker: 23: Clear Pronoun Reference—be prepared to turn this in.

5th 23-1 (Numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7)

6th 23-1 (Numbers 1-5)

R 25-Apr 800-word freewrite on significant elements in your fairy-tale.

What might these elements teach young readers?

F 26-Apr 900-word revised, re-focused draft that illustrates how elements of the tale work together

to convey the lesson you have identified.

Week 9 M 29-Apr 1200-word revised, polished draft that further develops the points made in earlier drafts.

If time, begin discussion of pronoun cases.

T 30-Apr Discussion of pronoun cases; in-class editing of essay.

1400-word revised, polished draft that further develops the points made in earlier drafts.

Reading Due: Hacker: 24 & 25: Pronoun Case

Assignment Due: Hacker: 24 & 25: Pronoun Case

5th 24-1 (Numbers 1-3, 5, and 7)

6th 24-1 (Numbers 1-5)

5th 25-1 (Numbers 1-5)

6th 25-1 (Numbers 1-5)

R 02-May Mid-Length Essay #1 Due: 1200-1600 words

Begin discussing the match portion of a definitional argument.

F 03-May Freewrite due
Week 10 M 06-May Draft #1 due.

T 07-May Draft #2 due.

Grammar revision.

R 09-May Draft #3 due.

F 10-May Mid-Length Essay #2 Due
Week 11 M 13-May Final Exam: 7:00-9:00pm, Wilson Art Building, Room 115

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