Reaction Essay "What do My Classmates Think of Me?"

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Reaction Essay

"What do My Classmates Think of Me?"
My teacher asked my classmates to write an observation about me. After that my teacher sent a list that short comments about me, he sent that list to me. When I read them, just shocked that my classmate wrote a list that is a very positive thing about me. My classmates wrote the comment that is the positive about me is that I am working hard to break old grammar habits, have a good attitude and improving every day on my essay writing.
From what my classmates commented about me that they are right about one thing is that I am very work hard to break my old grammar habits. I can see that I am very improve very much than in the past. For example, my teacher picked my old habits grammar that he always mentioned about it. I always write the sentence that both are verbs same time, for instance " she was made a cake." Which it is not correct, I should have said, " She made a cake." When I am done with my essay and I gave my draft essay to my teacher, he tends use that "S.O.H" which it is stand for "Same Old Habits." When I receive the draft essay feedback. I see the less of "S.O.H." that made me feel much better but I am still work on my essay to become good grammar.
My classmates' comments are right about other thing is that I have a good attitude. I am very motivation to learn something new every day. When I do not understand, I tend to ask my teachers a lot of questions to make sure that I understand. My mom taught me how to be great student by the good attitude. For example, when I told my mom about that I am very frustrated and get angry easy for no reason. She told me that I need to learn how to have some respect for other and be patience, and if I have good patience and willing to learn something new then I show my great attitude. Other students and teachers will know that I do really want to learn something new and willing work with me in somehow.
Last, my classmates were right that I did improving every day on my essay writing. I tend to type then check feedback myself on my essay. I always accept and listen other people's comment about my essay. My classmate tends give me the feedback about my essay and I can see myself the errors that I need to change it. For example, when I show my classmates about my essay what it will talk about. They are wiling to give me with the feedback that I need to work on and what need to some adjust in the essay. At first, I do not want to hear any comments from my classmates but later I realize that there no way I can improving my essay if I do not willing to listen any comment from my classmates which that great.
My classmates do know a few things about me that I would never expect to hear or to see that. I know that my classmates is very good students and know what to say about me. I am happy that they are my classmates. I am willing to work with them as help them feedback about their essay. I do feel good about it.

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