Quant analysis of written products Purpose of task within the course

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Quant analysis of written products

Purpose of task within the course:

To show what kinds of quantitative information can be obtained from written products (product: data analysis/scoring)

Research context:

We have a composition by Ahmad a student on a presessional course prior to study at a UK university. Often one records/gathers/observes language production, transcribes the data from tape (if spoken), then carefully goes through it to count up occurrences of things one had decided in advance to measure (Classical approach). Here we imagine we are a presessional teacher / researcher who has no real research questions in advance, or variables that he/she plans to measure, but wants to be guided by what appears in compositions like this, written by his/her students... (Ethnographic research). OR maybe we are a teacher looking for problems to form the basis for an intervention later to help students improve their writing (Action research).

The title given was 'Computers are more and more common in our lives today, but do you think this is beneficial or harmful for children?'

The task:

  • What kinds of things suggest themselves as things that could usefully be counted/measured to interestingly reflect the features of this and other essays by similar students?

  • What scoring system or set of categories would you use for each?

  • Could any of those be counted automatically by a computer?

  • Are there any interesting features that you think do not lend themselves to counting anything?

  • Both for research and pedagogical purposes often the quality of written products is scored not by counting anything (which is very time consuming if not able to be done by computer, and may miss things that are hard to count) but by scorer judgment, as a rating. The simplest form of this is giving a global rating as a 'mark out of 10' or whatever for a composition as a whole. What are the weaknesses of this?

  • How could one develop the scorer rating idea so as to give quantitative information more reliably and validly?

Many people in our society have computer. Computer now days is something essential. As for children, computers have negative and positive effects. I’m going to outline some of them in my essay.

Now day’s technology has a powerful role in learning process. Computer specially plays an important role. We can see now that almost every school has a computer. Computers can make children learn in a vary entertainment way. Computers can save time, money and efforts. Children can learn and have fun at the same time. Modern learning is all about fun learning. For example playing games and bazels. Another important benefit, computers can create a suitable atmosphere for learning.

On the other hand, computers have a negative said. Children can be addicted to completers which can effect their social live. Children how spend a lot of time using computers usually are anti-social. According to parents’ they notice that after they brought a computer to children they don’t want to go out said and play as they use to do. In addition, computer has said effect to human health. Doctors say that playing or using the computers for many hours can affect eye sight.

To sum up, although using computer have said effect I think it is something essential. Working as an English teacher for children in the past gave me an advantage to judge using computer in teaching them. And I think that computer is a powerful tool in the learning process. It is just how we use it.

Think you

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