Publications for Grant Bollmer 2017

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Publications for Grant Bollmer

Publications for Grant Bollmer


Bollmer, G. (2017). Empathy machines. Media International Australia, 165(1), 63-76. [More Information]

Bollmer, G., Guinness, K. (2017). Phenomenology for the Selfie. Cultural Politics, 13(2), 156-176. [More Information]

Bollmer, G., Rodley, C. (2017). Speculations on the Sociality of Socialbots. In Robert W. Gehl and Maria P. Bakardjieva (Eds.), Socialbots and Their Friends: Digital Media and the Automation of Sociality, (pp. 147-163). New York: Routledge. [More Information]


Bollmer, G. (2016). Infrastructural Temporalities: Facebook and the Differential Time of Data Management. Continuum, 30(1), 20-31. [More Information]

Bollmer, G. (2016). Inhuman Networks: Social Media and the Archaeology of Connection. New York: Bloomsbury. [More Information]


Bollmer, G. (2015). Fragile Storage, Digital Futures. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, 2(1), 66-72. [More Information]

Guinness, K., Bollmer, G. (2015). Marina Abramović Doesn't Feel Like You. Feral Feminisms, 3(Winter), 40-55. [More Information]

Bollmer, G. (2015). Technobiological Traffic: Networks, Bodies, and the Management of Vitality. In Marion Naser-Lather, Christoph Neubert (Eds.), Traffic: Media as Infrastructures and Cultural Practices, (pp. 117-135). Leiden: Brill. [More Information]

Bollmer, G. (2015). Technological Materiality and Assumptions about 'Active' Human Agency. Digital Culture and Society, 1(1), 95-110. [More Information]


Bollmer, G. (2014). Big Data, Small Media. Cultural Studies Review, 20(2), 266-277.

Bollmer, G. (2014). Pathologies of Affect: The 'New Wounded' and the Politics of Ontology. Cultural Studies, 28(2), 299-326. [More Information]


Bollmer, G. (2013). Millions Now Living Will Never Die: Cultural Anxieties About the Afterlife of Information. The Information Society, 29(3), 142-151. [More Information]

Bollmer, G. (2013). Review of: McKenzie "Wark's Telesthesia: Communication, Culture & Class". Media International Australia, 147, 177.


Bollmer, G. (2012). Demanding Connectivity: The Performance of 'True' Identity and the Politics of Social Media. JOMEC Journal, Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, 1, 1-13.


Bollmer, G. (2011). Community as a Financial Network: Mortgages, Citizenship, and Connectivity. Democratic Communique, 24, 39-56.

Bollmer, G. (2011). Virtuality in Systems of Memory: Toward an Ontology of Collective Memory, Ritual, and the

Technological. Memory Studies, 4(4), 450-464. [More Information]


Bollmer, G. (2010). Review Essay: Not Understanding the Network? A Review of Four Contemporary Works. The Communication Review, 13(3), 243-260.

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