Psychology 1301: Introduction to Psychology Syllabus, psyc1301. 706/707, Spring 2018 Basic Information – Schedule on Pages 13-14

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Psychology 1301:

Introduction to Psychology

Syllabus, PSYC1301.706/707, Spring 2018

Basic Information – Schedule on Pages 13-14

Valerie Fannin
Location: This course is a Web Course and is conducted within Canvas. You can access Technical Support by using the button on the course menu or calling the 24/7 Help Desk at 1-866-437-0867.

Office Hours: I have no official office hours at UTPB, as I do not have an office on campus. However, you may send me an e-mail and we can set up an in-person appointment if needed. Since this is an online course, know that you can e-mail me at any time. I check my e-mails several times a day and will respond as quickly as possible.

E-Mail: All UTPB students are provided email accounts through the university server. Every student must use the university email for student-instructor interaction. Access your UTPB email account and find more information about Outlook 365 at

I can be reached at There are important "e-mail manners" that are to be used in an academic online course. It is true that we often write to friends via e-mail and use all sorts of abbreviations, lack of punctuation and other short-cuts to casually chat -- similar to text messaging.

The communications via email for this class should:

  • Use correct punctuation and capitalization. No "texting" language.

  • Always be signed.

  • Contain the name of the class for easy identification in the "Subject" line.

  • Identify the exact assignment number if there is a question concerning an assignment.

It will be necessary for me to delete, before reading, all e-mails that are not signed. E-mail is a vital communication medium in online learning. It is important that you use your UTPB e-mail address to receive communications from your advisor, instructors, and classmates.

Classroom Chat: This will be an area where you chat with each other. The conversations do not have to be concerning any of the course work. You can talk about current events or tell everyone something great that just happened to you. This will be a casual conversation area just for students, but it will be expected that everyone will be treated with politeness at all times.

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