Professor of English School of Foreign Service

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Ian Almond

Professor of English

School of Foreign Service

Georgetown University at Qatar


          1. Education

  1. PhD English Literature, University of Edinburgh (2000)

  1. MSc English Literature, University of Edinburgh (1996)

  2. B.A. honours English and American Literature, University of Warwick (1991)

Postcolonial Theory, Religion and Literature, South Asian literature, Representations of Islam, Theories of World Literature and World History

Professor of World Literature, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University in Qatar, 2013-

promoted to Full Professor at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA in 2011-13

Associate Professor of Postcolonial Literature at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA 2008-2010

part-time instructor at Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder, 2006-8

part-time instructor at John F. Kennedy Institut, Freie Üniversität, Berlin 2006

Assistant Professor at Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey 2001-5

Research year in Bihar, India 2000

Assistant Professor of English Literature, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey 1998-2000

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Edinburgh University, Scotland 1997-8

Language tutor, Universitá di Bari, South Italy, 1991-5


A) books
1. Almond, I. (2004) Sufism and Deconstruction: A Comparative Study of Ibn ‘Arabi and Derrida. London/New York. Routledge. 166 pp.
-reviewed in International Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 38:1 (2006); Literature and Theology 20:4 (2006); Journal of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society 38:1 (2006); Monthly Review (US) 58:7 (2006); Journal of the History of Sufism 5 (2007); Heythrop Journal 50:4 (2009); Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 1:1 (Spring 2011); Philosophy East and West 62:2 (2012); Radikal Kitap (10.12.12); Radikal (6.3.2013); Yeni Safak (16.1.2013)

• translated into Arabic (Cairo: National Center for Translation, 2011), Persian (Teheran: Parseh Books, 2012) ,Turkish (Ayrinti Kitab, 2013) and Indonesian (Jakarta: Mizan Publika, 2014).

2. The New Orientalists: Postmodern Representations of Islam From Foucault to Baudrillard. (2007) London/New York. I.B. Tauris. 228pp.
-reviewed in Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 9:3 (Fall 2008 – by Carl Raschke); Mostar Dergisi 54 (2008); Lebanon Daily Star (15/10/07); Ansamed (Oct2007); Weekendavise (15/10/07); Abstracta Iranica 31 (2008) ; Prilozi za orijentalnu filologiju vol. 59 (2010); Yearbook of Muslims in Europe vol.3 (2011); Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization 1:1 (Spring 2011); ejtimaee (28.12.12); Kitapzaman (8.12.2013); Yeni Safak (13.1.2014); Islam Arastirmalari Dergisi vol.31 (2014); Bilge Strateji Dergisi 6:11 (2014); al-mustaqbal al-‘arabi 431 (2015); Payam Aftab (16.4.16)
•translated into Arabic (Cairo: National Center for Translation, 2014) and Turkish (Pinhan Yayincilar, 2013)
3. Two Faiths , One Banner: When Christians Marched With Muslims Across Europe's Battlegrounds (2009) Harvard University Press (US) / I. B. Tauris. (UK)

-reviewed in Journal of Religion 90:1 (2010); International Journal of Baudrillard Studies 7:2 (2010); Journal of Military History 74:2 (2010); The Tablet (25/4/09); US Publishers Weekly (3/9/09); Svenska Dagbladet (19/5/09); The Australian (14/11/09); Journal of Ecumenical Studies (2010) ; Nationalities Papers 38: 4 (2010 – by Hans Köchler); Asian Affairs vol. 41 (2010); Canadian Journal of History (2011); Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations 21:4 (2010); British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 37:3 (2010); Journal of World History 22:3 (2011); World History Connected 8:1 (2011); Yearbook of Muslims in Europe vol.3 (2011); Muftah (16/5/12); Sud-ost Forschungen 69/70 (2010/11); Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 13:4 (2012); Kitap Zamani (1.3.2013); Vatankitap (15.4.2013); Religious Studies Review 39:2 (2013); al-roeya (Egypt – 9.10.2014); Washington Post (25.1.2016); The Independent (UK – 26.1.2016)

•translated into Arabic (Beirut: Dar al-‘arabiya ‘alam nashrun, 2014), Turkish (Dogan Kitaplar, 2013) and Korean (Mizah books, 2010)
4. History of Islam in German Thought From Leibniz to Nietzsche (London/New York: Routledge, 2009)
-reviewed in Monatshefte 102:4 (2010); Literature and Theology 24:4 (2010); German History (Routledge) 28:2 (2010); Pregled (University of Sarajevo journal November 2009); Glasnik no. 11-12(2009); Reviews in History 880 (2010); Sophia 50:3 (2011); Yearbook of Muslims in Europe vol.3 (2011); Journal of Islamic Studies 23:2 (2012); Inceeleyen 11 (19.6.2012); The Modern Language Review 107:3 (2012); European History Quarterly 44.1 (2014)
•to be translated into Arabic (Madarata: 2013), German (Frank & Time: 2017) and Bosnian/Serbo-Croat

5. The Thought of Nirad C. Chaudhuri: Islam, Empire and Loss (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

B) articles in journals and chapters in books
45. “Decentering World Literature: The Ghost Story in Mexican, Turkish and Bengali fiction” in The Comparatist (forthcoming)
44. “Sufism, Secularism and Communism in Modern Turkish Poetry: The Persistence of the Mystical in the work of Nazim Hikmet and Orhan Veli.” in Journal of Turkish Literature (April 2015)
43. “Five Ways of Deconstructing Europe” in Journal of European Studies 44:1 (March 2014)

  • translated into Bosnian/Serbo-Croat as “Pet nacina dekonstruisanja Evrope”, Forum Bosnae, 61-62/13(2013): 54-74.

  • Translated into Russian as “пять способов деконструкции Европу /pyat' sposobov dekonstruktsii Yevropu” in 19.2.2014

  • reprinted in Belgrade Journal for Media and Communication 2:3 (2013)

42. “Messianic Themes in South Asian Literature: Reading Bibhutibhushan Banerji in the light of Agamben” in Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory 12.3 (2013)

41. “British and Israeli Assistance to U.S. Strategies of Torture and Counter-insurgency in Central and Latin America 1967-96” in Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies 6:2013

-translated into Russian “Как либеральные демократии создавали эскадроны смерти/ Kak liberal’nye demokratii sozdavali èskadrony smerti” in 10.10.2013

-reprinted in English in Journal of Eurasian Affairs 1:1 (2013)

-translated into Portuguese as “Assistência Britânica e Israelense às Estratégias Americanas de Tortura e Contra-Insurgência na América Latina” in 18.6.2015

40. “Anti-Capitalist Objections to the Postcolonial: Some Conciliatory Remarks on Zizek and Context” in Ariel 43.1 (2012)

39. “Four Ways of Reading the Work of Nirad C. Chaudhuri: A Case Study of a Postcolonial Conservative” in Orbis Litterarum 66:6 (2011)

38. “Deconstructing Luther’s Islam: The Turk as Curse or Cure?” in Yearbook of Muslims in Europe vol.3 (E.J. Brill, 2011)

-translated into Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Predstavljanja Islama U Zapadnjackoj Misli (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp17-52

-reprinted in English in Representations of Islam in Western Thought (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp19-65

-translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

37. “Melancholy, Ghostliness and Economy in the Short Fiction of Amit Chaudhuri” in Journal of Postcolonial Writing 46: 2(2010).

36. “Two Versions of Islam and the Apocalypse: The Persistence of Eschatology in Schlegel, Baudrillard and Zizek.” in Routledge Journal of Cultural Studies 2009 13:3/4

-reprinted in A. Bradley (ed), The Messianic Now: Philosophy, Religion, Culture (Routledge, 2011)

-translated into Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Sarajevo Notebooks

-translated a 2nd time in Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Predstavljanja Islama U Zapadnjackoj Misli (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp185-203

- translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

35. "Kipling's Islam and its Problems" in A.F. Mathew (ed), Some Essays on Postmodernism, Globalization and the Media (Ahmedabad: MICA Press, 2008)

34. Terrible Turks, Bedouin Poets and Prussian Prophets: The Shifting Place of Islam in Herder's Thought. PMLA 2008 (January 123:1) pp57-75

33. "Suffering in Silence - or in English: A Review of Amin Malak's Muslim Narratives and the Discourse of English and Ramu Nagappan's Speaking Havoc: Social Suffering and South Asian Narratives" (review essay) in Modern Fiction Studies 53:3 (2007)

32. Leibniz, Historicism and the Plague of Islam. Eighteenth Century Studies 39:4 (2006)

- translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

31. Rogues of Modernity: Picaresque Variations in the Postcolonial Genre of the Enlightenment Missionary. Orbis Litterarum. 61:2 (2006).

30. Dissolving Indianness (Or, How Europeans Read Indian Fiction). Orbis Litterarum 60:2(2005)

29. The Madness of Islam: Foucault’s Occident and the Revolution in Iran. Radical Philosophy 128 (December 2004)

-translated into Indonesian in Nietzsche berdamai dengan Islam,29-64

28. The Darker Islam within the American Gothic: Sufi Motifs in the Stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Zeitschrift fur Anglistik und Amerikanistik 3:3(2004)

- translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

-translated into Portugese as “O Islã das trevas no gótico americano” in the Brazilian journal Circulo de Giz 1:1 (June 2015)

27. ‘All Bright and Glittering in the Smokeless Air’: Wordsworthian Comparisons of the City with Augustine’s Civitas Dei in V. Tinkler (ed), Babylon or New Jerusalem? Perceptions of the City in Literature, Rodopi Press, Atlanta (US) and Amsterdam, 2004.
26. On Re-Orientalizing the Indian Novel: A Case Study of Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance in Orbis Litterarum 59:3(2004)
25. Borges the Post-Orientalist: Images of Islam from the Edge of the West in Modern Fiction Studies 50:2 (2004)
24. The Imbalance of Islam: Muslims and Unhappiness in Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy. Journal of Commonwealth Literature 39:1, (2004)43-53

-reprinted in Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy: An Anthology of Recent Criticism, ed. M. Prasad (New Delhi: Pencraft International, 2005)

-translated into Serbo-Croat as "Neravnoteza islama u romanu Prikladan momak" and broadcast on Croatian Radio1

- translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

23. Experimenting with Islam: Nietzschean Reflections on Bowles’ Araplaina. Philosophy and Literature 28, (2004)98-112

-reprinted in W. Chang (ed), Beats Meets East (Sizchuan University Press: Chengdu, China, 2006)

- translated into Turkish in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)
22. Postcolonial Melancholy: An Examination of Sadness in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines. Orbis Litterarum 59:2, (2004)90-99

-reprinted in M. Prasad (ed), Amitav Ghosh's The Shadow Lines (New Delhi: Pencraft International, 2008)

-reprinted a second time in B. Choudhury (ed), Amitav Ghosh Critical Essays (New Delhi: PHI Learning, 2009)

21.The Meaning of Infinity in Sufi and Deconstructive Hermeneutics: When Is An Empty Text an Infinite One? Journal of the American Academy of Religion 72:1, (2004) 97-117

20. Derrida and the Secret of the Non-Secret: On Re-Spiritualizing the Profane. Literature and Theology 17:4, (2003)457-471
19. Religious Echoes of the Errant Text: Darker Shades of Derrida’s Pathless Way. The Heythrop Journal 44:3, (2003) 294-304
18. The Shackles of Reason: Sufi/Deconstructive Opposition to Rational Thought. Philosophy East and West 53:1,(2003) 22-31
17. Mullahs, Mystics, Moderates and Moghuls: The Many Islams of Salman Rushdie. ELH 70:4, (2003)1137-1151

-reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism vol. 191 (2004)

16. Islam, Melancholy and Sad, Concrete Minarets: The Futility of Narratives in Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book. New Literary History 34:1, (2003)75-90

- reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism (Gale Group) vol. 185

15. Nietzsche’s Peace With Islam: My Enemy’s Enemy Is My Friend. German Life and Letters 55:1,(2003) 43-55

-translated into Turkish in Dogu Bati 7:25

-reprinted in Turkish in Dinbilimler 31:5

-reprinted in English in Representations of Islam in Western Thought (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp67-88

-translated into Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Sarajevo Notebooks

-translated a second time in Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Predstavljanja Islama U Zapadnjackoj Misli (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp67-89

-translated into Indonesian as "Nietzsche Berdamai dengan Islam" in Nietzsche berdamai dengan Islam, 1-28

14. The Honesty of the Perplexed: Derrida and Ibn ‘Arabi on Confusion. Journal of the American Academy of Religion 70:3, (2002)515-538

-translated into Arabic for (October 2009)

-republished in (27.2.2012)

13. The Appalling Richness of Reticence: Silence in the Work of Natalia Ginzburg. Italian Quarterly 39: 151/2, (2002) 27-34
12. Different fragments, Different Vases: A Neoplatonic Commentary on Benjamin’s ‘The Task of the Translator’”. The Heythrop Journal 43:2, (2002) 185-198
11. Lessons from Kipling and Rao: How To Re-Appropriate Another Culture. Orbis Litterarum 57:4, (2002) 275-287
10. Dreams of Arabia, Tales of Buddha: Joyce and Images of the East. Orbis Litterarum 57:1,(2002) 18-30

-translated into Turkish in Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi 15: 2003

-translated in Bosnian/Serbo-Croat in Predstavljanja Islama U Zapadnjackoj Misli (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp89-96

-reprinted in English in Representations of Islam in Western Thought (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) pp89-100

- translated into Turkish a 2nd time in Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2013)

9. Divine Needs, Divine Illusions: Preliminary Remarks Towards A Comparative Study of Ibn ‘Arabi and Meister Eckhart. Medieval Philosophy and Theology 10,(2001) 263-282

-reprinted in Journal of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society (2009)
8. Darker Shades of Malgudi: Solitary Figures of Modernity in the Stories of R.K. Narayan. Journal of Commonwealth Literature 36:2, (2001) 107-116
7. Chekhovian Overtones in Early Joyce: Some Brief Remarks on ‘Araby’ and ‘The Kiss’. Orbis Litterarum 56:5,(2001) 367-377
6. “Larkin and the Mundane: Mystic without a Mystery” in New Larkins for Old , ed. James Booth (London: Macmillan, 2000 and New York: St Martin’s Press, 2000)
5. How Not To Deconstruct A Dominican: Derrida on God and ‘Hyper-Truth’. Journal of the American Academy of Religion 68:2, (2000) 329-343

4. Absorbed into the Other: A Neoplatonic Reading of The Birthday Party. Literature & Theology 14:2, (2000)174-187

3. Doing Violence Upon God: Nonviolent Alterities and their Medieval Precedents. The Harvard Theological Review 92:3, (1999) 325-347
2. Derrida and Negative Theology: A Poststructuralist Reading of Meister Eckhart. The Heythrop Journal 40:2, (1999)150-165
1. Tlön, Pilgrimages and Postmodern Banality. The Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 75:2, 229-240 (1998)

C: Selected Writings Re-Printed/Translated in Other Volumes:
1.Ian Almond, Representations of Islam in Western Thought (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) – selected essays reprinted in English.
2.Ian Almond, Predstavljanja Islama U Zapadnjackoj Misli (CNS: Sarajevo, 2011) – Selected essays translated into Bosnian/Serbo-Croat.

3. Ian Almond, Nietzsche berdamai dengan Islam, (Kepik Ungu: Depok, 2011) – selected essays translated into Indonesian.

4. Ian Almond, Islam ve Batili Düsünürler üzerine Yazilar (Nirengi Kitap: Ankara, 2014) – selected essays translated into Turkish

Book Reviews
-Nergis Erturk’s Grammatology and Literary Modernity in Turkey (Oxford University Press, 2011) in SCTIW Review, July 28, 2015.

-Ranjan Ghosh’s Globalizing Dissent: Essays on Arundhati Roy (Routledge, 2009) in Ariel (forthcoming)

-Denys Turner's The Darkness of God: Negativity in Christian Mysticism (Cambridge University Press, 1995) in World Studies in Christianity (1999)

-Arthur Bradley's Negative Theology and Modern French Thought (Routledge, 2004) in Journal of the American Academy of Religion September (2005)


- “The Ferry Crossing” in The Compilation: Student Short Story Competition (London: Futures Publications, 1991)

  1. “The Petrol Pump Attendant” in Ibid, Issue 5 (Edinburgh, 1997)

-my work has been translated into ten languages (Arabic, German, Korean, Indonesian, Bosnian/Serbo-Croat, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Persian, Turkish)

-the Arabic translation of my book Sufism and Deconstruction was shortlisted (one of 7) for the largest literary prize in existence, the Sheikh Zayed Book Prize (2011 – the first prize is worth $200,000)

-the Korean translation of my book Two Faiths One Banner won the Book of the Month award (Korean Ministry of Sport and Entertainment, 2011)

- over twenty expenses-paid invitations to lecture in Europe/the US/the Middle East/India (see below)

-$5,000 summer research award from Georgia State University in 2009

- $4,000 K. Blundell Trust award in 2007 for book project from the Society of Authors

- $40,000 US dollars in research awards during the period 2001-2005 from the Bosphorus/Bogaziçi University Research Trust

-Faculty prize two years running (2002/3) for coming first in the entire faculty's publications evaluation (Bosphorus University)

-Edinburgh University Teaching Fellowship award during second year of my PhD ($5000)

-Cowan House Fellowship from Edinburgh University 1996-8 (free University accommodation for two years)

-Warwick University Exchange Scholarship for the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana for my second undergraduate year (1989)

-Edinburgh University Lewis Edwards Award for Creative Writing (won twice 1997, 1998, amounting to 2500 US dollars)

Organisations/Official Affiliations
-I have worked in Washington with the British Council, the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the Prince AlWaleed Bin Talal Center in as a member of the Common Ground initiative (2011)

-I have also worked with the British Council in the former Yugoslavia (Slovenia and Bosnia) on lecture tours and consciousness raising in Sarajevo (2011)

-I have worked as a consultant and guest lecturer for the Prime Minister’s Office of the Turkish Government (2012)

-I have been involved with major research institutes like the Open University (UK) and the Wissenschaftskolleg (Berlin)

Professional Activities
-I have served as a referee for manuscript proposals to publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Routledge, Ashgate, Continuum, Palgrave, Bloomsbury Press, SUNY Press and Syracuse University Press

-I have served as a referee for articles submitted to PMLA, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Sophia, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, Journal of Postcolonial Writing, Journal of Religion, Journal of American Cultural Studies, The Heythrop Journal, Journal of Comparative Literature, Ariel, Political Theology , Philosophy East and West

-I have also evaluated research proposals for HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area)

-I have been invited as an external referee for PhD/tenure candidates in Babson College (Boston, US), Lancaster University (UK), Monash University (Australia), SOAS (London) and Sabanci University (Istanbul)

Conferences\Guest Lectures:
Invited (flight/accomodation/expenses paid):
-invited to give keynote speech at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, Oman November 3-5th 2016
-invited to give a talk on “Islam in Latin America” at Williams College, Massachusetts, 27th February 2015
-invited to give keynote lecture at Bosnia Media Forum, Mostar , Bosnia 30th July 2013
-invited to give a series of video lectures on Islam at Hijaz College, Nuneaton, Birmingham UK 5th June 2013
-invited to give a talk on “Five Ways of Deconstructing Europe” to the Georgetown University in Qatar at Doha, Qatar 1st February 2013
-invited to participate in symposium on “Cultural Eschatology” organized by the Department of English at Lancaster University UK Sept 21-22 2012

-invited to give a talk on “British and Israeli torture in Latin America 1963-1997” by Amnesty International at Berry College, Rome, Georgia 15th November 2011

-invited to give a lecture on Islam and Europe by the Turkish Prime Minister's Office in Istanbul, Turkey, May 8th 2012 - I gave this talk at Istanbul Sehir University, Middle East Technical University (Ankara) and Erciyes University (Kayseri)
-invited to hold a seminar on my book The New Orientalists at The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) February 8th-10th 2012
-invited to give a talk on “Zizek, Postcolonial thought and Anti-Capitalism” at the University of North Bengal, Siliguri, India 18th July 2011
-invited by the British Council (USA) to give a talk at the symposium “Deconstructing the Clash of Civilizations” Georgetown University, Washington 21st May 2011
-invited by George Mason University (Washington) to participate in History workshop 7th May 2011
-invited to give a lecture on Two Faiths, One Banner at the English Dept of Aarhus University, Denmark, 23rd November 2010
-invited by the British Council to give a week’s series of lectures on representations of Islam in the West at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and the University of Ljubjlana, Slovenia 23rd-30th May, 2010
-invited to give a talk on Nazim Hikmet and Orhan Veli at Bilge University, Istanbul, 14th -18th September 2009
-invited to give a talk on Hegel and Islam at the Islam and Modernity workshop, Theology Faculty, University of Copenhagen, 23-25th September 2008
-invited to give a paper on "Meister Eckhart and Ibn 'Arabi" at the Ibn 'Arabi Symposium, Worcester College, Oxford, March 28th, 2008
-invited to present a paper "Keeping the Turks Out of Islam: Goethe's Ottoman Plan" at a workshop organised by the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, June 18-20th, 2007
-invited to give a talk on "Schlegel, Islam and Apocalyptic Time" at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA, October 15th, 2007

and also presented this talk at a conference on Messianism at Lancaster University, UK (July 3-5th, 2007).
-invited to give a talk on "Iraq and the Hegelian Legacy of Zizek's Islam" at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia, USA 20th January 2006.
and presented this talk again to the English Department at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey 28th September 2006
-invited to give a talk on "Narratives and the Postmodern" at the MICA Institute for Communications, Ahmedabad, India, March 15th 2005
Normal (non-honorarium/own expenses) presentations:
-presented “The Ghost Story and Social Mobility in Mexican Literature” in 23rd Annual Conference of Mexicanistas at UC-Irvine 5th-7th May 2016, Irvine, California, USA
-presented “The Ecstatic Emptiness of Islam: Baudrillard’s Last Hope Against the New World Order” at the Diversity Conference in the University of California at Los Angeles, LA 7th-10th July, 2004
and presented this paper again this time at the conference “The Postmodern Challenge” at Kogaukin University, Tokyo March 11th -13th 2004
-presented “Experimenting with Islam: Nietzschean Reflections on Bowles’ Araplaina” at the Beat Meets East conference held by Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, June 2-5 2004
-presented “Derrida and Islam: The Peoples of the Book” at the MLA conference in New York, USA on the 27 December 2003
-presented “Wordsworthian Comparisons of the City with Augustine’s Civitas Dei” at the conference The City in Literature, held at the University of Leiden, Holland in September 1997

Courses Designed and Taught

Georgetown University (Qatar)
WRIT 014 Mexico: Culture, History, Politics

ENGL 380 Mexico, Turkey and Bengal: Parallel Literatures, Parallel Modernities

HUMW 13 Latin American Culture, History, Politics

ENGL 043 Introduction to Critical Theory

CULP 349 Honors Thesis Writing
Over 5 years at Georgia State University, my average teaching evaluation from students for fifteen courses has been 4.6 out of a possible 5 (department average 4.5; university average 4.1)
Georgia State University
ENGL 2110 World Literature (a course I taught every other semester for 5 years)

ENGL 3940 British Literature 1900-45

ENGL 3720 20th Century British Poetry

ENGL 3040 Introduction to Critical Theory

ENGL 4200 Anti-capitalism in Film, Faith and Literature

ENGL 8050 Postcolonial Theory

ENGL 8900 South Asian Literature

ENGL 9000 Zizek

Centre for Languages at the Europa-Universität Viadrina (Frankfurt Oder)
SS O7 Introduction to Migration Theory (taught in conjunction with Prof. Schiffauer - texts by Bourdieu, Butler, Spivak and Said)

India: Its People, Languages, Cultures (general introduction for undergrads - Ghosh, Rushdie, Naipaul, Narayan)

At the John F. Kennedy Institut/ Freie Universität in Berlin
SS 06 - Islam in American Literature (from Emerson to the Beats)
At Bogaziçi University (Istanbul)

CCS 511 Cultural and Critical Theory – Foucault, Zizek, Kristeva, Baudrillard

EL 509 Postcolonial Indian Fiction

EL 580 Images of Islam in Western Literature - with emphasis on 19th century British/French


PHIL 416 Derrida – undergrad course covering mainly early Derrida

PHIL 496 Islam in Western Thought – undergrad course covering images of Islam from Leibniz and Kant to Foucault and Nietzsche

LIT 406 James Joyce

LIT 495 Islam in Modern Indian Fiction (Raja Rao, Tagore, Ghosh, Seth)

LIT 494 Modern Italian Fiction (Pavese, Svevo, Pirandello, Calvino)

EL 409 Late English Romantics

LIT 211 Chaucer

CL 220 Classical Civilization (Greek tragedy, comedy, Latin poetry)

EL 112 Western Civilizations (undergrad history course)

At Erciyes University (Kayseri, Turkey)
EL 212 Modern English Novel (Conrad, Stevenson, Woolf, Greene)

EL 315 History of Criticism (Aristotle to Twentieth Century)

At Georgetown University (Qatar)

-Curriculum Committee, Research Grant Committee, Strategic Vision Committee, Research Colloquim Committee, Merit Evaluation Committee

at Georgia State University:

-Graduate Committee, Evaluation of the Chair Committee (08/09), Research Enhancement Committee, Executive Committee, Promotion and Tenure Committee

at College level

-Bye-Laws Committee

at Senate level

-Committee for Sustainable Development, Committee for Library Services

in Germany at the Sprachezenturm, Europa-Universität Viadrina (Frankfurt Oder):

-participated in exam construction and course design committees for Intermediate and Advanced level English courses

-worked on committee to design inter-disciplinary language course on Immigration studies with Prof. Werner Schiffauer

-at Alice Salomon Fachhochschule fur Sozialarbeit, worked on committee to construct new English course for social studies students – with particular attention to linguistic needs of sociology and social work contexts

-assisted on various committees to arrange the marking and evaluation of university language exams
in Turkey:

-re-designed Masters in Cultural Studies courses for Bosphorus University in my last year (2005)

-supervised over seventy undergraduate theses at same university (2001-2005) and advised on a number of Masters/PhD theses

-at both Bosphorus University and Erciyes University, I assisted in a number of conferences, including the Oya Basak Shakespeare Conference, the PALA Challenging the Boundaries

conference, the 5th Annual Seminar on American Literature.

-Editor for the Social Sciences Institute (Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu) at Bosphorus/Bogaziçi University, 2001-5 – in charge of the proofreading of English-language Phd and Masters theses

Languages Spoken:

Fluent: German, Italian, Turkish

Strong Intermediate: Spanish, French and Hindi

Weak Intermediate: Bengali and Arabic

Can read in over twelve languages, including Latin and Greek.

Voluntary Activities in Free Time

-worked as a live-in volunteer in the Catholic Worker House For Homeless Families, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois during the summer of 1989

-worked on a regular basis as a helper and personnel organiser at the Homeless Shelter of the Order of Mother Theresa, Bari, South Italy 1992-4

-taught English on a voluntary basis at the Madonna English High School in Darbhanga, Bihar, India and at various other places in 2001

-taught English for free at a socialist co-operative learning centre (run by a Turkish-Kurdish student group) in the 1 Mayis Mahallesi, Umraniye, Istanbul during the summer of 2005

-worked as a volunteer at the Peachtree/Pine Shelter (Task force for the Homeless) in Atlanta, USA (2008-2012)

-taught English for free to cleaning workers as part of HELP program at Georgetown University-Qatar (2013)
Professor Randy Malamud ,

English Dept,

Georgia State University

PO Box 3970

Atlanta GA 30302


tel: 404 4135805

Dr Arthur Bradley

Department of English,

Lancaster University

Lancaster UK

Tel: 01524 594761
Dr Vincent W. Lloyd,

Department of Religion,

501 Hall of Languages,

Syracuse University,

Syracuse NY 13244


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