Press Release domotex 2015 (17 to 20 January) Trendspots – Innovations in brief Exploring new horizons – shipbuilding methods inspire Hi-Tech from Parchettificio Garbelotto

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17 January 2015

Press Release

DOMOTEX 2015 (17 to 20 January)

Trendspots – Innovations in brief
Exploring new horizons – shipbuilding methods inspire Hi-Tech from Parchettificio Garbelotto

Wood is the most universal material there is – and, when handled properly, it is also one of the most resilient. The elegant teak decks created by yacht builders constantly demonstrate just how wood can withstand even the harsh conditions on the high seas. The techniques used to lay these decks are the inspiration behind the new product “Hi-Tech” from Italian parquet specialist Parchettificio Garbelotto srl., which will be on show as part of Innovations@DOMOTEX in Hannover, Germany.

“Hi-Tech” is an innovative black PVC mix that, when combined with suitable profiles, makes it easy to lay wooden floors in next to no time – even in moisture-prone areas. It provides a less laborious method of creating solid flooring and walls for indoor and outdoor environments without having to join together the individual sections separately.

Parchettificio Garbelotto srl. (31012 Cappella Maggiore, Italy), Hall 8,

Stand B20, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Discover the secret garden of Michelle Evans

The Carpet Design Awards are the most coveted international awards for hand-made carpets. In this, the tenth year of the competition, the awards will be presented as part of Innovations@DOMOTEX for the first time. Like last year, the nominations for this year’s Design Awards include an exhibit by Michelle Evans from London. The creative head of Akya Design likes to imbue her designs with a strong artistic quality; they are made with the same care and attention needed to create a valuable painting.

Michelle Evans’ greatest source of inspiration is the natural world. That’s reflected in her masterpiece “My Secret Garden”, one of the pieces nominated in the “Best Studio Artist Design” category. Although surrounded by abstract shapes in blue, green, ochre, and pink, the realistic depiction of a butterfly really draws the observer into the natural environment, producing a beautifully imaginative combination with an intensity of color enhanced by the use of twice-dyed yarn.

Ayka Design Ltd. (London N19, U.K.), Hall 17, Stand D34, Innovations@DOMOTEX
The march of progress – the new groover from Janser

Progress often goes virtually unnoticed, moving forward step by small step. However, if we take a moment to reflect and take stock, we are often astonished to discover just how much easier things are today. That’s a feeling that will be shared by anyone trying out the brand new “Beetle” groover being unveiled for the first time by Janser at this year’s DOMOTEX in Hannover.

With a name inspired by its ergonomic design, the wheeled “Beetle” groover is suitable for handling all types of small- to medium-sized surfaces. There are two special features that set it apart from its less highly-developed predecessors. The blades on each side can be adjusted separately, meaning the groover can be used on areas that extend right up to walls or door thresholds, and the tool is also able to work on curved surfaces.

Janser GmbH (71139 Ehningen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand A25, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Check out what Li&Co AG can do with concrete!

When the German cement industry introduced a new slogan in the 1970s in an effort to boost the popularity of their material, not even the biggest optimist could have imagined what it would lead to around forty years later. The cutting-edge visual impact of rough concrete surfaces is now undoubtedly one of the foremost trends in interior design. It’s a trend reflected in the innovative “Lico Beton” flooring made by Swiss company Li&Co AG. However, because it is not real concrete, this floor covering avoids the product’s typical drawbacks, such as its heavy weight.

Instead, this on-trend flooring – which is being presented exclusively at DOMOTEX – consists of mineral-filled, synthetic resin surfaces with different backings to suit different subfloors. The material has the same attractive look and even feel of a real concrete surface and is available in three different versions – as a tile to glue version, with HDF base plate and with waterproof synthetic base plate.

Li&Co. AG (7537 Müstair, Switzerland), Hall 9, Stand A19, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Technology with real traction – underlays made from recycled truck tires

What makes the perfect underlay? The answer often depends on what type of flooring is to be laid on top of it. The continuing popularity of vinyl flooring is accompanied by a trend for the “loose-lay” technique. Instead of creating a permanent, extremely strong bond with the subfloor, the loose-lay technique offers a flexible alternative in which the panels are simply pressed into place and can be lifted again without being damaged.

The “InstaLay” underlays exhibited by InstaFloor at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover take this technique to the next level. Made from recycled truck tires, InstaLay is the perfect underlay for virtually any type of flooring, whether carpet, carpet tiles, wood, woven vinyl or LVT. The self-adhesive material not only halves installation times, but is also virtually indestructible and completely recyclable. What’s more, it also provides acoustic and thermal insulation.

InstaFloor (Wokingham RG40 4PZ, U.K.), Hall 6, Stand H16, Innovations@DOMOTEX
These hearts will go on...

The Carpet Design Awards are regarded as the most important international competition for hand-made carpets. This year, they are being presented as part of Innovations@DOMOTEX for the first time. Of the 25 nominations in eight categories, four are for hand-made carpets from RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns. In the category “Best Modern Design Deluxe – Original, contemporary design and an optimal use of materials”, the panel of judges was impressed by a design by Katja Juhas, designer and key account manager at the Berlin-based company.

“Heart No. 1” offers a more philosophical perspective on design. As a central element of the concept “God is Abstract”, the heart reflects the search for love as one of the most important aspects of life, represented through geometric motifs. The materials used in the piece are no less ambitious – “Heart No. 1” consists of 60 percent silk and 40 percent wool from the Tibetan highlands.

RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns (10178 Berlin, Germany), Hall 17, Stand D54, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Say it with flowers! Innovative parquet flooring from Lieverdink incorporates the mathematical sophistication of flowers

The Fibonacci sequence – named after Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who used it in 1202 to illustrate the growth of a rabbit population – is an endless sequence of numbers. However, Fibonacci sequences can be found in flora as well as fauna. The developers of the new parquet flooring made by Dutch company Lieverdink drew inspiration from the golden angles evident in the curving pattern made by the seeds in a sunflower.

On show at Innovations@DOMOTEX in Hannover, the parquet is created in such a way that the curve, dimensions and ratio can be altered without affecting the filling characteristics of the pattern. This exciting concept produces a strong design, with its unique features ensuring a truly exclusive finish. The product line is so extensive that it can be adapted to suit almost any requirements. The panels are also available in special editions with tapered edges.

Parketfabriek Lieverdink B.V. (7007 CJ Doetinchem, Netherlands), Hall 9,

Stand D04, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Born in the USA! Innovative design project creates “all-American” carpet flooring

Glance at a map of the United States of America and you’d struggle to see anything to connect Nashville in the center of the country with Philadelphia in the east or Seattle in the far north-west. However, it is precisely this geographical spread that is lending a unique slant to an extraordinary design project – and producing breathtaking results.

Mannington Mills Inc. issued a challenge to a total of eighteen interior designers from these three parts of the U.S. – to collect ideas and develop joint design concepts! This innovative approach for designing new carpet flooring concluded with a public online vote. The final product will be presented exclusively at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover.

Mannington Mills, Inc. (Calhoun, GA 30701, U.S.), Hall 6, Stand E40,

Mini silos are passé – now it’s all about cutting-edge container solutions like the MAPEBox from Mapei

Depending on the building project, some traditional solutions prove to be too big, too cumbersome or simply the wrong shape. Having realized this some time ago, visionary engineers are now able to offer the right solutions for any project. For example, if an interchangeable silo is not a viable option due to prohibitive logistics costs, an innovative new container solution from Mapei could be just what is needed. The “MAPEBox” on show at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover is a technologically optimized alternative to the mini silo that is also economical and ecologically sound.

The compact “MAPEBox” integrates every stage of the process required to produce priming material. When using this cutting-edge container system, the priming material can be unloaded directly and without creating dust, so that there is no need to waste time and effort mixing together sacks of materials on the construction site itself. The powerful pumps and constant material flow ensure far better ground coverage, while the automatic pump discharge technology is so efficient that it is suitable for areas from as little as 130 square meters.

Mapei GmbH (63906 Erlenbach, Germany), Hall 7, Stand A28, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Century Art” breathes new life into the poetry of past treasures

It’s not unusual for the renovation of historic buildings to reveal old treasures that were painted over or covered up at some point in the distant past. This is the inspiration behind the extraordinary carpet collection “Century Art” from Schwarzach-based MAKALU DESIGN. Each piece in this collection is reminiscent of collages made of fragmented images, creating a poetic glimpse into the past.

Special mention must go to the piece with the rather technocratic title of “012 M191 LS”. The carpet is one of the three nominees in the “Best Modern Design Superior” category of this year’s Carpet Design Awards. Regarded as the most important international competition for hand-made carpets and now in its tenth year, the awards are being presented as part of Innovations@DOMOTEX for the first time.

MAKALU DESIGN by Paulig Teppichweberei GmbH (97359 Schwarzach, Germany),

Hall 17, Stand D54/1, Innovations@DOMOTEX
A colorful Danish revolution – carpeting for areas where hygiene is key

There are certain areas that make exceptional demands on flooring. In particular, these include educational institutes, retail premises, hotels and restaurants and, above all, the healthcare sector. Bringing the pleasant qualities of textile floor coverings to these challenging environments requires a pretty special material – such as the ECONOMIX range of carpet flooring that danfloor is exhibiting at this year’s DOMOTEX in Hannover.

The carpets in the ECONOMIX range are made from high-performance nylon fibers consisting of 100 percent recycled polyamide. Designed to reflect the latest color trends, ECONOMIX helps to create impressive interiors that also meet the very highest hygiene standards. Thanks to the textiles’ waterproof backing, the flooring can be given a wet deep-clean without any risk of the moisture penetrating into the subfloor. In addition, the surfaces feature an anti-microbial treatment and stay totally colorfast, even when subjected to strong cleaning materials.

danfloor a/s (6933 Kibæk, Denmark), Hall 6, Stand A35, Innovations@DOMOTEX

Keeping tradition alive – classic carpet design from the New World

Carpets are a lot like architecture – old, classic buildings appeal to virtually everyone, but there’s almost no one still working in that style. And if they try to, the end result is often dangerously close to pure kitsch. Carpet design has also moved on and is constantly reinventing itself in an endless variety. Now, Iranian-born Jack Simantob is bringing a stylized version of classic Old World design to us straight from the New World. His “Art Resources” collection swims against the prevailing tide.

That quality was also recognized by the panel of judges for this year’s Carpet Design Awards, which will be presented as part of Innovations@DOMOTEX. Consequently, this successful reinterpretation of a carpet design from the 16th century has earned a nomination in the “Best Traditional Design” category. With symbolic animal motifs in red and yellow, the carpet is knotted from 100 percent silk. Its glorious color, detail and imagery make it worthy of display as a precious original in a museum.

Art Resources (Los Angeles, CA 90034, U.S.), Hall 17, Stand B30, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Wood or laminate? Enjoy the best of both worlds!

A clear choice often has to be made between real wood and laminate flooring. A new option offered by the experts at Decospan from Menen, Belgium, and on show at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover is Par-ky – parquet boards veneered with a thin surface layer of real wood.

Unlike conventional laminate, Decospan’s clever algorithm technique lends each of the 0.6mm thick genuine wood veneers its own unique structural finish. The designers of Par-ky say that mounting the wood veneers on ultra-stable HDF boards (high-density fiberboards) and then sealing them with no less than eight thick layers of lacquer creates a far more impact-resistant floor than either solid wood parquet or ready-made parquet with a thicker top layer. What’s more, the cork layer embedded in Par-ky also dampens sound.

Decospan NV (8930 Menen, Belgium), Hall 9, Stand C05, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Natural cosmetic enhancement for solid wood

It is the unique features of solid wood that make it so desirable. While these can have downsides in the form of cracks, knots and other minor imperfections, it is precisely these natural flaws that give wood its extra vitality and robustness and turn it into something really special. What was needed, therefore, was a way to smooth out these minor cosmetic imperfections that was in keeping with the quality of the raw wood and the effort involved. Once again, the Swiss specialists came up trumps, and Novoryt AG presents its unique natural cosmetic treatment for solid wood floors at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover.

NOVORYT Forte is an innovative ecological filler for effortlessly smoothing out any cracks or other defects in wooden parquet flooring. The thermoplastic material comes in a range of wood tones, is totally free from solvents or harmful substances, and yet still hardens very quickly. What’s more, it bonds well with the adhesive layer. NOVORYT Forte can also be used on HDF- or MDF-based flooring – even in furniture manufacturing and restoration. The treated areas finish up with a fade-resistant surface that closely resembles the wood’s very own features.

Novoryt AG (4462 Rickenbach, Switzerland), Hall 7, Stand A20/1, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Contemporary classics from Iran

Category 5 in the Carpet Design Awards at DOMOTEX 2015 for ‘Best Transitional Design’ will be won by the most successful modern interpretation of traditional style elements. The nomination of the Massal rug from EDELGRUND GmbH came as no surprise, since the Hamburg company successfully combines innovative design culture with the traditional Iranian craft of hand knotting.

The use of three different weaving techniques – kordi, gilaki and Azeri Turki – from northern Iran really makes Massal stand out from the crowd. A range of different fibers are woven together on narrow looms to produce small individual pieces with a very unusual feel that are sewn together to produce the larger, patchwork Massal carpet.

EDELGRUND GmbH (20457 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 15, Stand B12, Innovations@DOMOTEX
There’s more to Belgium than excellent fries – its floor coverings are also world-class!

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles – this contemporary form evolved from earlier synthetic resin and PVC floor coverings. Unlike their predecessors, however, LVTs are now produced in a similar way to laminate flooring rather than in the several-meter-wide rolls so familiar in the past. Their advantages over natural materials – such as their greater resistance to moisture and impact, ease of maintenance and lower cost – have made the LVT the floor covering of choice.

At this year’s DOMOTEX in Hannover, the Belgian Beaulieu International Group presents an entirely new generation of LVT click flooring that finally combines the advantages of LVT and laminate flooring in a single system. The unique 360° Dreamloc connecting system opens up new dimensions in creativity, allowing you to conjure any design you like by simply linking your individual tiles of choice. What’s more, the astonishingly thin Pure-Click LVT flooring can be laid quite easily over many existing floor types, making it the perfect solution for renovation projects. One of its most outstanding features is the special acoustic top layer that dampens footfall and produces a soft, warm surface.

Beaulieu International Group NV (8790 Waregem, Belgium), Hall 6, Stand F12,

Fewer chemicals – more bog oak!

UAB Grigo from Lithuania is renowned for its exceptional and sustainable interior design, specializing in the manufacture of flooring, furniture and other interior design elements made from a very special material – bog oak. The Baltic designers are exhibiting their GRIGO STUDIO ready-to-lay parquet made from this very rare and unique wood at DOMOTEX 2015.

Their Time Shift floorboards feature a natural color characteristic whose ultimate effect only emerges with the passing of considerable time. As the bog oak flooring naturally darkens from continuous wear, color nuances appear in areas that are walked on frequently, while the lesser-used areas remain a lighter shade, thus creating varied aesthetic shading that would otherwise normally require special chemical treatments to achieve.

UAB Grigo (46372 Kaunas, Lithuania), Hall 9, Stand G06, Innovations@DOMOTEX
An ice-scape fashioned from pure silk

More than 250 designers’ creations from 23 countries have been entered for the Carpet Design Awards, the most important international accolade for hand-finished carpets that is being awarded under the banner of Innovations@DOMOTEX for the first time this year. One of the works nominated in the ‘Best Studio Artist Design Carpets’ category for original, contemporary and limited-edition designs from a studio artist or designer is Frozen by Beate von Harten.

Vienna-based von Harten and her creative team fashioned a carpet made from pure silk with a strikingly cool aura reminiscent of an icy landscape. The extraordinary interplay of colors is reinforced by the work’s exciting texture, in which partially uncut pile threads accentuate the unique character of the concept.

beate von harten, Atelier für Textildesign, Restaurierung, Konservierung (1070 Vienna, Austria), Carpet Design Awards / Innovations@DOMOTEX
I used to be a fishing net!” Textile floor covering made from waste products helps protect the environment

Back in the days of throw-away culture, the tinplate industry in Germany had to launch a snappy advertising campaign with talking objects to remind everyone that its products could easily be recycled and given a new lease of life. Today, of course, the recycling industry is a high-profile and continuously expanding economic sector in its own right. Yet, despite the concerted enlightenment drive in the media, there’s still plenty of scope to astonish people with what can be created from old materials.

One of the latest marvels of this kind has come from Dutch carpet weavers Robusta Carpets and is on show at this year’s DOMOTEX in Hannover. The company, which originally specialized in natural floor coverings made from pure sisal, is showcasing a carpet flooring made entirely from waste products. The surface consists of materials such as old clothing, ropes and fishing nets. And the latex backing contains neither styrenes nor butadienes. What’s more, the cutting-edge weaving technology used in the creation of the Bouclé Flame series successfully combines the resilience of hard floor surfaces with the benefits of textile finishes.

Robusta B.V. Robusta Carpets (8281 BM Genemuiden, Netherlands), Hall 5,

Stand C50, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Advertising hoardings” made from wool and silk

The number of entries for this year’s Carpet Design Awards has been so huge that only one in ten submissions even made it onto the shortlists in the top international awards for hand-finished carpets. One of the finalists in the category ‘Best Modern Collection’ is Jan Kath from Bochum with his innovative carpet design entitled Billboards.

It was a very close look at freshly cleaned metallic advertising hoardings in Bangkok that gave Kath the inspiration for this collection. He has used exquisite highland wool and luxury silk to craft his entry to the competition, which is being exhibited at Innovations@DOMOTEX and replicates the appearance of old advertisements peeking through from below – an effect achieved by the finest nuances of color implemented with pixel-sharp accuracy.

Jan Kath Design GmbH (44789 Bochum, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B44/1, Innovations@DOMOTEX
The beauty of newly unearthed minimalists

One of the major events at this year’s DOMOTEX is the 2015 Carpet Design Awards. An international panel of five expert designers and carpet makers has already drawn up the shortlists from more than 250 entries for the preeminent international awards for hand-finished carpets and selected the top three designs for each of the eight categories. The finalists’ work will be lavishly showcased in the Innovations@DOMOTEX Area in Hall 17, where it will be judged by designers, industry experts and international interior designers according to its aesthetic appeal, product design, material quality and innovation.

One of the nominees for the ‘Best Traditional Collection’ is Swiss company Zollanvari AG with its Modernist Kilim Collection. The inspiration for the design was drawn from the kilims from the Iranian province of Māzandarān, which are depicted in the book “Undiscovered Minimalism”. The flatweave rugs of the nomads feature striking colored patterns and are made from naturally-dyed wool that is spun and carded by hand.

Zollanvari AG (8424 Embrach, Switzerland), Hall 17, Stand E43, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Even the experts are floored!

Even the die-hard skeptics who will never accept anything but an original have to look twice. Is it authentic wood and real stone – or in fact utterly convincing reproductions on laminate or vinyl? Innovative Moduleo Impress designer flooring from the International Vinyl Company (IVC) based in Avelgem, Belgium, promises to make it a whole lot harder to tell for sure. The flooring boasts a surface structure that almost perfectly matches the printed design. The knot you can see also feels like one, too.

At the same time, Moduleo Impress possesses all the positive characteristics that set the previous Moduleo series apart from the crowd. The double glass fibers embedded in the vinyl lend the tiles supreme dimensional stability, and the use of approx. 40-percent recycled materials and subsequent reusability of the tiles ensure outstanding ecological credentials – as does the renewable energy that the company’s three wind turbines feed into its production process. The Moduleo Impress collection on show at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover currently offers a range of 22 different wood effects.

International Vinyl Company N.V. (8580 Avelgem, Belgium), Hall 6, Stand C30,

Diamonds are a floor layer’s best friend

Before you can embark upon the joys of laying a new floor, more often than not renovation procedures call for laborious, annoying and time-consuming preparation of the underlying surface. Some people get stuck in by hand, while others bring in special machinery for the job – but the new master stroke is delivered by the innovative Greyline Superprep series from HTC Floor Systems.

The floor preparation tools HTC is showcasing at this year’s DOMOTEX in Hannover make use of the superior cutting properties of diamonds. Unlike the milling technique used by most machinery, Greyline Superprep tools grind and strip away old layers of adhesive, fillers and the like in a horizontal planing motion. This method not only preserves the underlying surface – it also saves material, time, energy and above all money.
HTC Floor Systems GmbH (71069 Sindelfingen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand B12,


Its strength lies in its durability and easy-clean surface

Apparently, there are people who love cleaning floors – they find the job therapeutic and relaxing. However, the vast majority detest this chore and want to get it over and done with as quickly and hassle-free as possible. This is particularly true when it comes to public buildings and commercial premises. Tisca Tiara, the Swiss specialist in extra-heavy-duty floor surfaces, is exhibiting its even further improved Tisca Forte Extreme flooring – successor to the popular, tried-and-tested Tisca Forte – at DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover.

The yarn used in this textile-based hard floor covering is pigment-dyed and additionally entwined with a high-density yarn that makes it exceptionally resistant to wear and tear, fading and ingrained dirt, and ensures low maintenance requirements. This makes it very well suited for use even in rail vehicles and ski lodges and means it can be conveniently hosed down. Available in 140 plain colors (block or flecked) and a range of pixel patterns, Tisca Forte Extreme is a flooring that is very pleasing to the eye, too.

TISCA - TIARA Tischhauser & Co. AG (9055 Bühler, Switzerland), Hall 6, Stand D12,

Roll over, Don Juan... Clip Juan has laid more than half a million square meters of decking!

“Anyone can get in – but only we can get back out!” This is the slogan used by ASTECH GmbH & Co. KG from Lübbecke to advertise the global innovation it is exhibiting at this year’s DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover – the rail system for its tried-and-tested fixing clip Juan, which has already been used to lay more than half a million square meters of decking.

When using this innovative rail system, decking boards are laid on an aluminum substructure without the need for any screws at all and can be removed and replaced anywhere, at any time, with the aid of a special key. As a result, Clip Juan can build a portable stage of its own that any Don Juan opera star would undoubtedly covet.

ASTECH GmbH & Co. KG (32312 Lübbecke, Germany), Hall 8, Stand B39, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Carpets as contemporary skins

If there is one name that is dominating this year’s Carpet Design Awards at Innovations@DOMOTEX in Hannover, it is Jürgen Dahlmanns. His RUG STAR creations appear no less than four times on the shortlist of 25 finalists. For example, the designers from Dahlmanns’ Berlin atelier submitted their Skin of Civilization in the category ‘Best Modern Collection’ for contemporary and modern traditional designs.

The design of this collection of carpets leaves room for a broad range of interpretations and focuses on issues of modern civilization. Are they walls, bridges or factories? This is a very deliberate essay in the subjective interpretation of “beauty”. The collection of hand-knotted carpets is a blend of 70 percent silk and 30 percent luxury Bikaner wool.

RUG STAR by Jürgen Dahlmanns (10178 Berlin, Germany), Hall 17, Stand D54, Innovations@DOMOTEX

Vinyl is back in fashion – and not just among hi-fi purists

Vinyl floor coverings are enjoying a new level of popularity. Their benefits include superior hygienic properties, extensive design freedom and also good value for money. This explains why one particularly special type of vinyl flooring from South Korea is counted among the Innovations@DOMOTEX – the best innovations at the world’s premier trade fair for floor coverings.

The Nox Corporation from Seoul is bringing its Loom+ luxury vinyl textile-look flooring to Hannover. It is washable, mite-, bacteria- and fungi-repellent and can be laid to form a stable floor covering without the need for adhesive. And if you still think that vinyl floors always use harmful substances, check out the Greenguard and Öko-Tex certificates that Loom+ has been awarded in recognition of its impressive environmental credentials.

NOX Corporation (137-865 Seoul, South Korea), Hall 6, Stand G30, Innovations@DOMOTEX
Six basic shapes and endless possibilities – this carpet tile collection strikes a personal note

Innovative manufacturers of consumer goods that can often seem pretty boring have always worked with creative minds to lend their products that extra individual touch above and beyond their basic function. Vorwerk has a long track record in this area and has been associated with names including Gerhard Richter, David Hockney and Roy Liechtenstein. It comes as no great surprise, then, that the Hamlyn carpet makers have announced a new creative partnership for DOMOTEX 2015 in Hannover to revitalize the well-trodden path of floor design.

Hot on the heels of Hadi Teherani, who collaborated most recently with Vorwerk on the ‘FreeScale’ collection, follows Werner Aisslinger, the Berlin master of collage and weaving. His design for the Elementary Shapes carpet tiles collection consists of six basic geometric shapes and different colors and materials that can be combined to produce endless exciting new collages guaranteed to add a personal touch to any room.

Vorwerk & Co. Teppichwerke GmbH & Co. KG (31785 Hamlyn, Germany),

Hall 6, Stands E12 & E20, topic: Innovations@DOMOTEX

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