President’s Counterpart Session 7/26/15

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President’s Counterpart Session – 7/26/15

Present at meeting – Buffalo, Rockland, North Shore, Oswego, Poughkeepsie, Jamestown, A-G-J

Summer Programs/Meetings of branches?

No. Shore – essay contest, Victorian Tea

A-G-J – no programs but program planning meeting and tabled at a festival –this lead to a discussion of the value of having tables at community events

Jamestown – `Summer Dining Divas’

Poughkeepsie – interest groups met; program planning meeting; planning for fall open house

Oswego – program planning

Rockland – held `Mimi Korb’ fundraiser

Buffalo – several program planning meetings, kick-off event of the year is in Sept. and features local celebrities

New Leadership Models – are monthly programs effective/good use of resources and capacity?

AGJ – board meets every 2/3 months and has 3 to 4 events during the year, has allowed them to focus efforts and energy effectively and efficiently

This lead to a discussion of programs as membership drives and membership drives in general –

Book sales were discussed as effective vehicles – Buffalo discussed its book sale, potential for membership drives, and the special preview event they do for their book sale

Fine Arts and Humanities are still important!

Some frustration was expressed at the focus on STEM to the exclusion of the fine arts and humanities. How can we make sure they remain a part of our programming?

Suggestions include:

Incorporating music/art in fundraisers, events, and as honorees

Also, re-start the tradition of have music/art as a part of the state convention

Also – STEAM workshop at the state convention

Take away for Edwina – reach out to former State Board C/U Director Angela Clark Taylor and discuss if the “Finding Your Passion” workshop she did for the Student Track can be converted to a program in a box

Suggested Assistance from State Board: create a sample `Donor Card’ that can be placed in the membership section of the website

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