President, Southern Slavic Conference, 2001-2002 President, Early Slavic Studies Association, 2009-2111 Foreign Languages Reading

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Professor David M. Goldfrank (1942 -- ) Scholarly Vita

(Books, Scholarly Aids, Articles, Invited Chapters, Published Reviews)
Family Status: Married with one five children; two grandchildren; three dogs.
Residence: 2120 Reynolds St, Falls Church, VA 22042-1610; 703-237-9267
Office and Contacts:

Department of History

Georgetown University

Washington, DC 20057

202-687-6190 (Department: 202-687-6061; Fax: 202-687-7245)

1964 B.A. in History, Oberlin College

1965 M.A. in History, Harvard University

1970 Ph.D. in History, University of Washington, Seattle
University Positions

Assistant Professor, History, Georgetown University, 1970-1976

Associate Professor, History, Georgetown University, 1976-1994

Director, Russian Area Studies at Georgetown, 1976-1980

Director, Russian Area Studies at US Army Russian Institute (Bavaria), 1982-1985

Full Professor, History, Georgetown University, since 1994

Convener for Russian History, since 1990

Director of Medieval Studies since 2012

University Faculty Senate since 1990

Main Campus Executive Faculty, since 1992

Honor: Senior Scholar Award, Southern Slavic Conference, March 2006.
Organizational Leadership (Top: served other posts in these associations as well):

President, Southern Slavic Conference, 2001-2002

President, Early Slavic Studies Association, 2009-2111
Foreign Languages - Reading (in the Scholarly Field – English is Native):

Russian: Excellent

Old Russian/Slavic: Excellent

French: Excellent

German: Excellent (slightly more need for lexicon)

Scriptural/Patristic Greek: Adequate with Lexicon

Modern Greek: Adequate with Lexicon

Scriptural/Patristic Latin: Adequate with Lexicon

Other Slavic: Adequate with Lexicon (Ukrainian is quite good)

Other Romance: Adequate with Lexicon (Italian and Spanish are quite good)

Other Germanic: Adequate with Lexicon (Swedish is not bad)

Scriptural Hebrew: Most Rudimentary with Lexicon (of use for lexical research)

A) Books

The Monastic Rule of Iosif Volotsky .Cistercian Studies No. 36. Kalamazoo. First edition, 1983; Revised, expanded edition, 2000.

The Origins of the Crimean War – Origins of Modern Wars Series - Longman, 1993.

A History of Russia: People, Legends, Events, Forces - (single authored the first eight chapters, through 1613), full text, co-authored with Catherine Evtuhov, Lindsey Hughes, Richard Stites. Boston/New York: Houghton-Mifflin Co., 2003.

Nil Sorsky – The Authentic Writings. Cistercian Studies, No. 221, 2008).
†Richard Stites Passion and Perception, Essays on Russian Culture by Richard Stites, ed. and intro., David Goldfrank (Washington: New Academia, 2010).

Singly Edited: Double volume for Russian History 39.1-2 (2012) on Russian Monasticism, covering ca. 1470-Present, including a Goldfrank Introduction and a separate contribution.

Co-editor (with Pavel Lyssakov of St. Petersburg) with Introduction, Cultural Cabaret: Russian-American Essays for Richard Stites (Washington: New Academia, 2012).

Assisting the Editor, plus the Introduction: Triple volume, Beyond Revolutionary Dreams for Canadian-American Slavic Studies, a memorial volume in honor of Richard Stites, by his PhD students, ed. Sandra Pujals (expected 2012-14, three vols. over three years).
(Current Book Research Project)

Prosvetitel’: Middle Muscovy’s Summa Contra Haereticos (Monographic analysis cum translation – the text is longer than the other Iosif and Nil translation texts combined)
(Old, Incomplete Manuscript, Awaiting Something or Nothing in the Future)

A History of Russia’s Foreign Policy and Wars to 1917

B) Teaching and Study Aids

A Syllabus and Self-Study Guide for The USSR and Eastern Europe (co-author, Joseph Schiebel), Washington, D.C., Foreign Service Institute, 1974).

Chapter I, Area Study Handbook for the USSR (co-author, Zenon Kohut, Library of Congress, GPO, 1991, pp. 1-53); reissued in Area Study Handbook for Russia (GPO, 1998, pp1-53).

“Russia as Part of the West” (Yes and No sections), History in Dispute, vol. 17, Twentieth-century Social and Political Movements (ed., Paul du Quenoy; Detroit: St. James, 2004), 222-228.

“Introduction” to: The Crimean War, 1853-1856: from the holdings of the Russian State Military History Archive, Woodbridge, CT: Primary Source Microfilm, 2004/2005.

“Visualizing and Illustrating Early Rus Housing,” Visual Documents Reader (ed V. Kivelson, J. Neuberger, Yale Univ. Press, 2008), 17-20, Plates 3.1-2.)

C) 29+4 Articles and Invited Chapters on the Pre-Modern Russian Church and Culture
“Old and New Perspectives on Iosif Volotsky's Monastic Rule,” Slavic Review, 34, no. 2 (June 1975): 279-301.

"Pre-Enlightenment Utopianism in Russian History," Russian History/Histoire russe, 11.2-3 (Summer-Fall 1984): 123-47.

“L'Utopisme dans la Russie d'Ivan le Terrible," Revue des études slaves, 54.4 (1984): 591-98.

“The Lithuanian Prince-Monk Vojselk: A Study of Competing Legends,” Harvard Ukrainian Studies XI.1/2 (1987): 44-76.

“Orthodoxy and Catholicism in the Lithuanian-Belorussian Chronicles,” Le origini e lo sviluppo della christianità slavo-bizantina: il battesimo del 988 nella lunga durata (Nuovi studi storici 17, Rome 1992), pp. 343-353.

"Theocratic Imperatives, the Transcendent, the Worldly, and Political Justice in Russia's Early Inquisitions," Religious and Secular Forces in Late Tsarist Russia, (ed. Charles E. Timberlake, University of Washington Press, 1992), pp. 30-47, 287-297.

"Who Put the Snake on the Icon and the Tollbooths on the Snake? -- A Problem of East Slavic Last Judgment Iconography," Harvard Ukrainian Studies, 19 (1995): 180-99.

"The Ferapontov Last Judgment Frescos and the Spirituality of Northern Monasticism" (in both Russian and English in Religiia i tserkov' v kul'turno-istoricheskom razvitii russkogo severa, 2 vols., Kirov, 1996), 2:213-22.

"Burn, Baby, Burn: Popular Culture and Heresy in Late Medieval Russia," Journal of Popular Culture, 31.4 (Spring 1998): 17-32

“Some Observations Concerning the Galician-Volynian Chronicle and its Lithuanian Entries for the 1260s,” Russian History/Histoire russe, 25.1-2 (1998): 51-63. (Also published in "Nekotorye nabliudeniia nad galitsko-volynskoi letopis'iu i eë litovskimi izvestiami 1260-kk godov," in a Festschrift for the late A.A. Zimin.)

"The Role and Image of Athos in Muscovite Monastic Life of the Late 15th and early Early 16th Centuries," Monastic Traditions. Selected Proceedings of the Fourth International Hilandar Conference (Slavic Publications, 2003), pp. 114-28.

“The Deep Origins of Tsar-Muchitel’. A Nagging Problem of Muscovite Political Theory,” Russian History,32.3-4 (Winter 2005): 341-54.

“The Hilandarski Tipik, Byzantine Monastic Reform, and Late Medieval Russia,” Love of Learning and Devotion to God in Orthodox Monasteries, vol. 1. Selected Proceedings of the Fifth International Hilandar Conference (Beograd/Columbus, 2006), pp. 221-28.

“The Literary Nil Sorskii,” Harvard Ukrainian Studies, 28.1-4 (2006, nominally; really 2009): 429-40.

“Nil Sorskii and Nikon of the Black Mountain”. Russian History/Histoire russe 33:2-3-4 (2006): 365-405.

“Sisterhood Just Might Be Powerful: The Testament-Rule of Elena Devochkina.” Russian History/Histoire russe 34.1-4 (2007): 189-205.

“Recentering Nil Sorskii: The Evidence from the Sources,” Russian Review 66.3 (July 2007): 359-376. Republication in Russia in Chelovek v prostranstranstve i vremeni kul'tury. Sbornik statei po materialam vserossiiskoi nauchnoi konferentsii s mezhdunarodnym uchastiem “Chelovek i mir cheloveka,” ed. E. K. Romodanovskaia, S. K. Sevast'ianova, M. B. Krasil'nikova (Barnaul-Rybtsovsk: Izdatel'stvo Altaiisk. gos. universiteta, 2008), 89-105.

“Etapy i itogi poluvekovoi istorii issledovanii o Nile Sorskom i perevodov ego sochinenii,”in Nil Sorskii v kul’ture i knizhnosti Drevnei Rusi. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoi nauchnoi konferentsii (St. Petersburg, 2008), pp. 9-19.

“The Sermon in Russia before the Influence of the Ruthenian Baroque,” Kyïvs’ka akademiia, 6 (2008) Materialy Mizhnarodnoï kyïvs’koï konferentsiï “Etika ottiv u kyiv’skij bogoslovs’kij dumtsi epokhy Reformy (kinets’ XVI - pochatok XVIII st.),” Kyïv 20-23 veresnia 2007 r., 5-18.

“Nil Sorskii and Prosvetitel’” in Rude and Barbarous Kingdom Revisted, ed., C.S.L. Dunning, R. Martin, D. Rowland (Bloomington: Slavica, 2008), 215-30.

Review Article on Tom Dykstra, Russian Monastic Culture (2006), and N.K. Nikol’skii, Kirillo-Belozerskii Monastyr’ i ego ustroistvo, Vol. 2 (posthumous, 2006), Kritik,a 10.1 (Winter 2009): 169-75.

“Nil Sorskii’s Following among the Iosifo-Volokolamsk Elders,” in Valerie Kivelson, Karen Petrone, Nancy Shieds Kollmann, Michel Flier, eds., The New Muscovite Cultural History. A Collection in Honor of Daniel B. Rowland (Bloomington IN: Slavica, 2009), 207-22.

“Essential Glue: Muscovy’s Republic of Sacred Letters” in Forschungen zur osteuropäischen Geschichte, 76 (2010): 333-60.

“Necrologue:: Fairy von Lilienfeld (6 October 1917-12 November 2009)” Revue des études Slaves 81.1, (2010): 161-63.

“Iosif, Nil, or Both: Iosiflianstvo and Hesychasm in the Stepennaia kniga,” in The Book of Royal Degrees and the Genesis of Russian Historical Consciousness, ed. Gail Lenhoff, Ann Kleimola) = UCLA Slavic Studies, n.s. vol. 7 (Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2011), pp. 315-32.

“Akakii Baladin of Volotovo-Uspenskii and Solovetskii Monasteries (1526-1595),” in Donald Ostrowski and Marshall Poe, ed., Portraits of Old Russia. Imagined Lives of Ordinary People (Armonk: M.E. Sharpe, 2011), 165-76.

“Nil’s and Iosif’s Rhetoric of Starchestvo,” in Essays in Russian Monasticism, ed. D. Goldfrank = Russian History, 39, vo. 1-2 (2012): 42-76.

“Adversus Haeriticos Novgorodensos: Iosif Volotskii’s Rhetorical Syllogisms,” In Dubitando: Studies in History and Culture in Honor of Donald Ostrowski (Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2012, 245-74.

“New on the Piety of Yore” {Review article on David Miller, Saint Sergius of Radnexh, his Trinity Monatery and the Formation of the Russian Identity (Northern Illinois University Press, 2010) and A. I. Alekseev, Sochineniia Iosifa Volostkogo v kontekste polemiki 1480-1510-kh gg.(SPb., Ross. Nat. Bib., 2010)}, Kritika 14.3 (Sept 2013 expected)

(Presently Awaiting or under Minor Revision for Publication)

“The Evergetian Motif in Russian Monastic Reform” (forthcoming festschrift for Prof. Theo Stavrou).

“Round up the Usuals and a Few Other: Glimpses into the Knowledge, Role, and Use of Church Fathers in Rus’ and Russian Monasticism, Late 11th to Early 16th Centuries” (forthcoming collective volume on the Eastern Church, to be issued by Ohio State Univ. Press).

“Muscovy/Northeastern Rus” in David Wallace, ed., Europe: A Literary History, 1348-1418 (2 vols., Oxford University Press, maybe 2014).
(Current Essay Projects Underway)

Litigious, Pedagogical, Redemptive, Deadly: Iosif Volotskii’s Calculated Insults” (intended for peer-reviewed publication)

D) 4 Articles and Invited Chapters on Russia’s Pre-Modern State and Society

“Paradoxes(?) of Seventeenth-Century Muscovy,” Forschungen zur osteuropäischen Geschichte, 56 (2000): 157-66.

“Muscovy and the Mongols: What's What and What's Maybe,” Kritika, NS, 1.2 (Spring 2000): 259-68.

“Aristotle, Bodin, and Montesquieu to the Rescue: Making Sense of the Despotism Issue,” Forschungen zur osteuopäischen Geschichte, 58 (2001): 41-52.

“Appreciating The Growth of Law in Medieval Russia,” in Everyday Life in Russian History: Quotidian Studies in Honor of Daniel Kaiser, ed. Gary Marker, et. al., (Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2010), pp. 377-90.
E) 5 + 1 Articles and Invited Chapters Connected to Imperial Russian Foreign Policy

“Policy Traditions and the Menshikov Mission of 1853,” in Hugh Ragsdale and Valery Ponomarev, eds., Imperial Russian Foreign Policy (Kennan Institute/Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993), pp. 119-59.

“The Holy Sepulcher and The Origin of the Crimean War,” in Eric Lohr and Marshall Poe., eds., The Military and Society in Russia, 1450-1917, Leiden: Brill, 2002), pp. 491-506.

“The Ottoman Empire and the Origin of the Crimean War: Sources and Strategies”, in Türkler 12 /The Turks 4 (in both Turkish and English: Ankara, 2002 – English version): 4:233-44.

Review Article: (Kirill Evgen’evich Cherevko, Zarozhdenie russko-iaponskikh otnoshenii XVII-XIX veka and David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, Toward the Rising Sun: Russian Ideologies of Empire and the Path to War with Japan.), Kritika, 5.2 (Spring, 2004): 401-13.

“Crimea Redux? On the Origins of the War,” in J.W. Steinberg, B.W. Menning, D, Schimmelpenninck van der Oye,, D Wolff, Shinji Okote eds., The Russo-Japanese War in Global Perspective. ed., (Leiden: Brill, 2005), pp. 87-101.
(Current Essay Project Underway)

“20 Years after The Origins of the Crimean War: What Needs Revision,” intended for a peer reviewed journal.
F) Single Book Reviews of General Studies

Richard Wortman, Scenarios of Power vol I (Princeton: Princeton Univ Press, 1994), Russian History/Histoire russe, 24.3 (1997), 335-37.

Geoffrey Hosking. Russia and the Russians. A History (Cambridge, MA: Belknap/Harvard Univ. Press, 2001: International History Review, 24.2 (2002), 393-94.

Konstantin Sheiko, Nationalist Imaginings of the Russian Past. Anatolii Fomenko and the Rise of Alternative History in Post-Communist Russia. = Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society, Vol. 86. in collaboration with Stephen Brown, with a forward by Donald Ostrowski). Stuttgart. 2009, in Slavic Review, 69:4 (Winter 2010): 1019-20,

G) Single Book Reviews of Pre-Modern Russian Religion and Culture

Yaroslav N. Shchapov, State and Church in Early Russia (Vic Sneerson, transl.; New Rochelle-Athens-Moscow: Cartatzas, 1993), Slavicn Review, 53.2 (1994): 586-87.

William A. Veder, Anatolij Turilov, The Edificatory Prose of Kievan Rus (Cambridge MA.: Harvard Univ. Pr., 1994): Slavic Review, 55.3 (Fall 1996): 475-76.

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Das Speisungsbuch von Volokolamsk/Kormovaja kniga Iosifo-Volokolamskogo monastyrja. Eine Quelle zur Sozialgeschichte russischer Klöster im 16. Jahrhundert. Herausgegeben und übersetzt von Ludwig Steindorff unter Mitarbeit von Rüdiger Koke, Elena Kondraškina, Ulrich Lang und Nadja Pohlmann. Bausteine zur slavische Philologie und Kulturgeschichte. N.F. Reihe B, Editionen, N.F., B. 12. (Köln, Weimar, Wien: Böhlau Verlag, 1998), Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas, 48.2 (2000), 300.

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Irina Paert, Spiritual Elders: Charisma and Tradition in Russian Orthodoxy (DeKalb: Northern Illinois University Press, 201), In, H-RUSSIA, 7 August 2012.

H) Single Book Reviews of Other Pre-Modern Russian Studies

Hartmut Rüss, Adel und Adelsoppositionen in Moskauer Staat (Wiesbaden: Steiner, 1975), Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas, 25.4 (1975): 576-78.

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I) Single Book Reviews of Russian Diplomatic, Military and Related International History

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J) Other Imperial Russian History

L. G. Zakharov, S. V. Mironenko, eds., Perepiska cesareviča Aleksandra Nikolaeviča s imperatorom Nikolaem I. 1839–1839 (Moscow: Iz-dat. Rosspen, 2008), Jahrbücher für Gschichte Osteuropas, 38.3 (2010), 426-427.

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