Present: Mindy, Whit, Jackie, Marquerite, Cannie, Kathleen, Eileen, Alison, Sally, Crissy, Paulette, Courtney, Betsy, Jeremy

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February 27, 2006- DE Curriculum Meeting

Present: Mindy, Whit, Jackie, Marquerite, Cannie, Kathleen, Eileen, Alison, Sally, Crissy, Paulette, Courtney, Betsy, Jeremy

Social Studies:
LSM- 2nd grade


Basic Categories- Culture Chart

American Indians

Celebrations- by all for Thanksgiving except American Indians- see Crissy’s list


Africa with Culture Chart

Focus on one of three countries- Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe

Continent not a country

Geographic work and biographies for individual reports on African-Americans

Research Skills

Presentation Skills


St. Patrick’s Day

Bridge to immigrants in third grade



Rookie Biography on Rachel Carson, Muir, Cousea



Use literature, not textbooks

Variety of books- series


1. Individual and Group projects for each unit of study

Class Book- groups of 4 do a page for book

African American Bios- Flexible with book project

flip book, accordion book, scrap book

Trying to build research skills with variety of modalities, including

internet, books

Devote time in Jan and Feb to researching skills

2. Africa Map challenge= voluntary- develop the devices to remember

3. Art work- bulletin board materials

4. Jeopardy games
Formal and informal projects- but cannot fit a massive assessment into every project

Sally has lost 5 periods since 1982- choir, drama, computers, music

LSD- 2nd- sounds very similar


Our community and housing

Native American- not the 5 major groups- focus on Plains and Woodland

American Indians


African American Bios into Feb- changes each year


Africa- focus on one country (Kenya) not a country but a continent
Japan- try to do with Merion and Devon

This year may do Great Barrier Reef and Aborigines

Storypath is book base

Short answer questions

Multiple choice questions

Difficult skill- work on all year


Projects, most informal, some formal

LSM- 3rd- Similar to LSD


Geography- map skills- USA challenge (100%)- learn as many as they can

Native Americans and William Penn

Pennsbury Manor- PA Yesterday and Today= William Penn
October- November

PA research report- very teacher guided

PA in Words and Pictures, Hello USA

Four facts on tablet- every child has every fact in same way due to tablet

Also compose paragraphs together- work on topic sentences together, etc.

Tablet helps with organization and editing, copying

Final good draft of report
End of November- December

Colonial Times- Trades person to study

Multiple Books

Colonial Fair as tradesperson

*Craft Fair- 6 to 8 crafts with parent volunteers- new this year

Diary Entry is final project

Ben Franklin and Ben Banneker

Invention Convention- two week prep- posters of invention-family project


Harlem Renaissance for Crissy until 2006

Martin Luther King, JR- biography

Journal Writing, discussion

Harriet Tubman and Underground Railroad

Biography & If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad

Big question- is it right to take away freedom, when should/can you punish

Drama Piece- has not happened yet


Ancestor research- one family member, family tree- pick a family member to research with life size puppet

through art

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

May include Yang the Youngest, etc



Ellis Island trip with Devon

Study country of origin

Books, internet, library, public library, almanacs

Less guided than PA report, but still guided

Culminates with International Festival- showcase puppets, reports, research

Much original writing

Have students write as an historical character- child chooses someone regardless

of race, gender, culture

Handwriting- all LA skills are used during this
LSD- 3rd-



Pennsylvania- use same book as LSM

Research Project
Colonial Times

Jamestown- farm and village

Colonial Tradesman- set up colonial village and do a presentation for parents
December- both Bens

Usually have invention convention (at end of year)


If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution

Secret Soldier

Harriet Tubman- poetry




Ancestors- family research

Country of heritage


All about me

Paragraph writing on family


International Dessert and parade of ancestors


Study of Amish and adding invention convention

Researching Penn
Project and field trip oriented- very connected to LA

Plain Girl

Journal- create and escaped slave story

Vocabulary work

Quizzes and tests- social studies and reading material

Study sheet, jeopardy game or test of facts, vocabulary, or meaningful short essay,

multiple choice, true/false

Essay writing

Jeremy uses tablet

Language Arts
Eileen changes based on population

Does some pull out of students

Two periods in each class each rotation

Conscience- they do not know how to write a newspaper article

Strategies that Work

Test taking strategies- Book and the Brain

Activities around writing

Readers’ Theater

Por Quio Tales- can we write one?

Be careful about expecting the students to act like middle school students in 2nd grade


Marguerite- wants to do readers’ theater and went to workshop, isn’t using much

Flexible groupings- change as year progresses

Goes twice per week in 2nd grade- groups of 9- do repeated reading and have a longer

time to practice reading, able to avoid popcorn reading and round robin reading

using textbook

Scott Foresman-

Use workbooks- phonics, practice book, writing in TE book

Try to interject trade books for the children to use also

Next Spring in Oriole- was hard, MDS idea- difficult vocab

Skills, Sequential- although do skip stories- map out what they will use in anthology

Phonics and graphic organizers- war over phonics- early on (k to 2) need to decode

Once per week pulls out

Flip flops with homeroom teachers
1st grade- MDS takes strugglers and teachers keep good readers

Uses systematic instruction

By third grade those without decoding are struggling readers

90% love to read- others do need help

4th and 5th- Lisa Hurda uses Scott Foresman

Use the writing with the program

Jeremy used with Mindy- good repetition, good grouping
LSM- 2nd

Learned how to read- now they are reading to learn

Come as readers and writers at different levels, make them comfortable at level and help

them grow

Use trade books- new titles but same subjects

Reading Journal- questions with each chapter of the book- grammar, sentence structure, punctuation on chalkboard for Joan

Answer questions together at first, then answer on own

Books coordinate at times with social studies

The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo

Molly’s Pilgrim

Helen Keller

Jackie Robinson

Sarah Plain and Tall

The Chalkbox Kid

Open Court readers to supplement- follows second grade social studies

Connect text to what students already know- lots of writing- save to do with Eileen

Write in some fashion every day-

PLN- Book Log- Joan does every other week because she writes back

Readers‘ Theater

Lots of stories, poetry, Sally has each child write own book, mother’s day books (bare books)

Write Away- Great Source

Zaner Bloser Spelling/Phonics

Word Walls used in 2nd grades- Four Blocks- Patricia Cunningham, Lucy Caulkins

Multiple copies of certain books, but also on particular topics

Guided reading

Handwriting Without Tears

When do we introduce handwriting? 2nd or 3rd

What handwriting do we use? Without Tears or Zaner-Bloser
LSD- 2nd-

Scotts Foresman grammar, phonics- more in depth than spelling, practice

Wordly Wise- vocabulary- challenging

Spelling- Zaner Bloser

Use some trade books but still do Anthology for Comprehension Questions

Analogy book in 2nd grade

Some open writing

Writers’ Workshop and published piece- once per month

Genre Journal- Betsy does go in,

Personal Journal- Betsy does not go into

Can select which journal to read from

Read-a-loud: Visualizing, author’s purpose

Edit statements, Daily sentence/Mug Shots
Josephina’s Quilt


A Certain Small Shepard

Second grade would like to look at trade books together

Scott Foresman is great for the assessment piece
LSD- 3rd

Vampires Don’t Polka Dots


The Chocolate Touch

The Starting Time

What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin

What Are You Figuring Now?

If You Traveled on the Underground Railroad

The Drinking Gourd (also used in second grade)

Harriet Tubman

If You Lived When There was Slavery in America

100 Dresses

Lily and Miss Liberty

Plain Girl


Yang the Youngest and his Terrible Ear
Handwriting without Tears

Spelling Connections

Supplement to address weaknesses

Scott Foresman- grammar, practice- has everything= main idea etc., phonics masters

Use trade books for discussion, spring board for writing

Wordly Wise- 3000

Crissy has the document with all this information
LSM- 3rd

Did share a lot of the books

Last summer Courtney and Crissy researched new books

Crissy asked for recommendations from CBW informally- took home a handful of books and split with Courtney- called ANK and JLH

Read all the books and chose those with best fit without giving up genres, protagonists, culture
*Yang the Youngest and

*Donavan’s Word Jar- instead of Muggie Maggie

*Riding Freedom

*Dear Austin, Letters for the Underground Railroad (instead of Dear Mr. Henshaw- did as book club)

Chocolate Touch

Round Robin- divided by reading level and genre- book club- discussion based

The Year of Miss Agnes

The Fish in Room 11

Esperanza’s Rising

Birdbrain Amos- 2nd grade
Reading Level
Wrap-up/To Do for Language Arts

  • How many trade books can we use that we share?

  • Summer work to decide between two campuses about shared materials, skills

  • Two or three months to diary before mapping

  • Mindy- please convey to Ham the impact of the schedule on teaching time, in particular at Merion

  • Role of reading specialist differs between campuses

Meet at grade level to discuss scope and sequence and review materials.

Compile reading lists before ordering in April.

Social Studies:

Aligned- 3rd and 4th

Similar- 2nd and 5th

Where do we want 4th and 5th grade to be in social studies?

  • Reading to learn

  • When is a text book introduced?

  • Content

  • Skills

Skills categories

  • Needs to be in a grid

  • Needs to go to report card meeting

Wrap-up/To Do for Social Studies


  • 5th grade will flip flop government and culture to go in chronological order- Rome, Middle Ages, US government

  • Look at text and trade books, materials, “We the people”

  • Expectations for student work

  • Incorporating the skills categories into report cards

  • Skills categories need to go into a grid

Report Card Review?

Need skills sets

Away from narrative if possible

Anne Marie Borneman- Learning Specialist, Pyschologist

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