Prepositions movement and direction

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Some prepositions are used exclusively to indicate movement or direction.
Some examples are:
into out of toward away from up down off
She’s going into the pool.
He’s putting the pizza into the oven
out of
She’s walking out of the house
She’s taking the dish out of the oven.
toward: in the direction of away from: in the opposite direction of
The pricess is walking toward the castle.
He is running away from the dogs
up and down
The jeep is going up the hill.
The kayak is going down the river
off: when the contact between two things is removed.
She’s taking off her shoes
The poor man just fell off his horse.

Other prepositions can indicate movement and direction or position depending on the situation.
Some examples are:
along across around over under
The pretty geisha is walking along the street.
The stripes are along the legs.
The Beatles are walking across the street.
There is a light blue stripe across the front of the shirt.
They are running around the track.
She has a LEGO belt around her waist.
above/over and under
The plane is flying above/over the clouds.
She’s walking under a ladder.

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